Episode 12 of Doctor Crush lets us see the evolution of the leads' relationship and how the drama in the hospital continues after the loss of a dear character. Let's recap it together!

Episode 12     

       The episode starts with Ji Hong comforting child Ji Hong who also lost his parents, as he says goodbye to Director Hong. Then three weeks go by and we’re back at the hospital, seeing the not-really-wife still in the hospital and the man pretending to be her husband nursing her. Regarding her condition, there’s no progress.

Outside, Yoon Do gives some advice to Hye Jung who needs all the help she can get to deal with Ji Hong who is coming back. She hasn’t talked to him in these three weeks and honestly she just doesn’t know how to give comfort. Yoon Do is happy to spend time with her, even if it’s helping her with Ji Hong. That puppy doctor, seriously.

Ji Hong is back just for Grandfather Jin makes a speech in memory of Director Hong. Now they have the hospital in their hands with no one to stop them. They couldn’t be happier.

The admiration for the stalker husband continues, although the male doctors are more reluctant to accept and admit that man is great. I’m with them on this. Seemingly perfect guys give me the creeps in K-dramas.

Yoon Do receives a visit and now has to deal with Seo Woo’s mother. Even if he’s like a puppy many times, he can’t be pushed to do something he doesn’t want to and he makes sure to tell the mother he won’t get involved with Seo Woo in any way.

Myung Hoon is so happy it’s disgusting and then the doctor that helped cover up the negligence comes to suck up to him and ask to get promoted. How revolting. Then the same doctor runs into Ji Hong who states to be open to any offer the man has that could help to find out what happened that day thirteen years ago.

Hye Jung tries calling Ji Hong but he doesn’t pick up, but she doesn’t insist. Then she’s called and expectedly meets Ji Hong there, but they are even more awkward. However, something more important comes when the patient with lock-in can move her fingers, which means there’s improvement and the doctors are called. The stalker husband freaks out a bit and looks too at ease when Ji Hong tells him not to get his hopes up because she might never recover. That raises suspicions in the doctor. But he doesn't do anything. Aish!

Myung Hoon talks to Ji Hong, asking to get along and be like their parents. He’s so fake and Ji Hong knows it, but he smiles and bears with the man but he knows he’s a piece of trash.

Ji Hong and Hye Jung have to operate together and it’s still awkward and tense, although they do a good job nonetheless. Later, Hye Jung wants to talk to him but stalls outside and then In Joo runs into her, asking her to go for drinks. She does this to apologise to the younger doctor for what she did back then. They sort out all the differences and become really close, although that seems fairly easy with In Joo, she’s just so friendly.

Talking about In Joo, she gets drunk and Hye Jung has to take her home, but home is Yoon Do’s apartment. It’s so funny how they end up there and the poor doctor is just stuck with them. This is abuse of power from the uncle and as they are sunbaes of him, but it’s so funny.

Ji Hong and Hye Jung go into his place and can finally talk. She apologises and explains she doesn’t really know how to comfort, that for her being sad is something you do alone. When she asks him why he didn’t call her if he missed her, he tells her he was just waiting for her because sometimes waiting for the person you love it’s the best way to prove your love them.

They seem to sort it out and when Hye Jung is leaving, she spots the machine to grab stuffed dolls Ji Hong has and I’m impressed something so innocent can work so well as a pickup device! They get so close and relax, ultimately increasing the tension until it’s awkward again but in a different way. They clearly want to get closer, they are dying to but they are unsure how to move, where to touch and such. It’s kind of painful to watch how awkward it is but they get closer until they finally kiss.

Yas! It’s a real kiss and not a peck and it looks a lot better than their first one. Well done.

The next day is basically the same as always, with Yoon Do struggling with his uncle and In Joo (I actually love those two so much), and work at the hospital. While doing his rounds, Ji Hong finally sees the desperation and tears in the lock-in patient so when he’s out, he asks for help to get the guardian away. This is where the other interns come in.

With the excuse to need advice to buy stocks, they take the husband away and both Ji Hong and Hye Jung can come into the room. Finally they can communicate with the patient who manages to let them know there’s a problem with the husband, who comes in and they barely manage to get away from getting caught. They come up with another excuse to take her away for exams. This time they manage to spell out the problem by pointing the consonants and vowels and now they know he’s not really her guardian. They look into it and find out her parents reported her as missing and that the man isn’t her husband, he registered the marriage on his own. He’s definitely a stalker.

The police come for him but as the man sees the patient’s parents he makes a run for it and no one can’t stop him.

Later he comes back, sneakily and with a hat, using the moment the patient is alone to sneak in the room. He’s mental, he has this obsessive mentality of “If you’re not mine you won’t be anyone’s” so he’s there to kill her! But he’s an idiot, who chokes a patient while she’s being monitored? That sends the alarm and all the doctors come rushing and this time Hye Jung is there and she beats him up so the man can’t run away. But he did harm and now they have to operate on the patient again.

But Ji Hong is talented and it wasn’t that bad so with Hye Jung’s help it all works out well for the patient, she’s awake, with motor functions and thankful. I’m so relieved too.

Hye Jung asks Ji Hong to walk her home and they aren’t exactly lovey-dovey but quite close. They do have that “you leave first—no, you leave first” moment and I have to roll my eyes. She wins and when he’s walking away, Hye Jung runs after him giving him a back hug. Aw.

Now bring the rainbow!






About the episode:

Yay for the leads who finally sorted it out and seem to be doing better now. Ew for the Jin family. Hahaha for Yoon Do who is stuck with Pa Ran and In Joo. And Hooray for the patient who was saved from the stalker and the bleeding in her brain.

I’m glad that both Ji Hong and Hye Jung are working out their differences and learning to find the middle ground. It’s still awkward but it seems a huge step that she is reaching out for him, that she’s trying and taking some action. She is so clever in every aspect and learns from her mistakes and I’m so relieved Ji Hong is being patient. At first I was kind of put off with how straightforward he was and how he went over the limit in his desire to help her. He’s learning to respect and wait, to let Hye Jung make the decision and move forward. I think that’s what relationships are about: understanding the other and working together to reach the balance needed. I’m also glad they had a better kiss time this time! I knew it was coming so I was wary it would be disappointing again, but thankfully it looked more like a real kiss and not something with less passion than me eating my breakfast.

Am I the only one overly annoyed with the Jin family? Seriously, it makes the whole process of watching the K-drama a torture because they make my stomach upset with their existence. So many characters to hate in one series! I think I hadn’t despised so many characters together before.

You know what I didn’t like about the episode? That Director Hong’s death was brushed off so easily. I know Ji Hong is grieving but it didn’t look so and it’s been only three weeks. He’s changed but not that much as I expected, I thought the impact of such loss was going to be worse. I honestly thought that painful event in the plot would carry heavy burdens and conflicts, and it makes me sad, besides it means the Myung Hoon and his father now have all the power and that makes me furious.

Anyways, we’ll have to wait to see how the story progresses. Until then don’t forget to add the series to your queue or re-watch the episodes.


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