First week of August brings us a new episode of Doctor Crush, with a lovely cameo that will move our hearts. Ready to recap it and see the rainbow I've made with some scenes of it? 

Episode 13

It starts with Hye Jung running to give Ji Hong a back hug as flash backs show us the sorrows they've faced as kids and then teenagers, while thoughts of what dating means are shared.

Then it's back to the hospital, busy and with very tired doctors. But our leads are being really cute together and now we know for sure it's official, they are dating. Accidentally, Hye Jung left a message in which she finally said the "definitely yes" to the question he hasn't asked again but well, it was implicit, right? They are very cute, enjoying their honey moon stage, listening to music together and such.

The interns get delivery and the delivery man (played by Namgoong Min) asks the doctors for advice as one of his kids walks with a limp. They advise him to bring him to get a proper diagnosis. He comes and Ji Hong is in charge, needing exams to make sure what's going on but his expression isn't good. The father looks anxious, clearly because he won't have enough money as he is raising both kids alone. And it gets worse because later Seo Woo runs into the other kid who laughs a lot, which is odd. She talks about it with Yoon Do who happens to walk by and they suspect there's a problem with the older kid.

Exams show that both need surgery and now the father is in a tight spot because both need it soon, so he needs to ask for money.

The hospital got in a new scandal so Director Jin needs to find a way to improve things. Luckily for him, Kang Soo is making a webtoon inspired by Hye Jung and there's a show that wants to have her. Director Jin finds out about this and demands Tae Ho to persuade her to accept as that's good publicity for them.

The problem is: Hye Jung doesn't want to.

Anyhow, Hye Jung is introduced as the official girlfriend to In Joo and Pa Ran. Then Ji Hong runs into Hye Jung's father when he's dropping by to deliver some food and asks for one of the business cards. They talk a bit, about Hye Jung and knowing Ji Hong, I'm sure he's going to meddle there.

While Hye Jung and Ji Hong go home together, Seo Woo visits Yoon Do after a bad day, needing comfort and he gives her such good advice, telling her to break free from her parents's hold and stop trying to meet their expectations. I hope she listens to him. Later he has to deal with Pa Ran and In Joo who find too much amusement in tormenting the puppy doctor.

Hye Jung opens up to Ji Hong about why she doesn't cook, how that reminds her of Grandmother and how much she still misses her. This time, Ji Hong comforts her.

The surgery comes and they operate first on the younger kid. There's a bit of complication but, ultimately, all goes well, which is a relief. After that Hye Jung meets with Tae Ho who expected a lot of reluctance from her to agree to go on the show, but for him she just accepts. Then she leaves with Ji Hong because he will cook for her. Once at home he gives her rice soup that tastes just like Grandmother's. When she asks about it he tells her he got it from her father's business and her face falls, her eyes well up and she looks actually betrayed.

Now bring the rainbow!






About the episode:

I knew about the cameo, but I still was surprised when I saw him. I adore Namgoong Min and his character pulled my heartstrings. Raising his kids, on his own, and having to face this situation, with both of them needing brain surgery to remove tumours… I just wanted to give him a hug during the whole episode and lend him money to help.

I'm glad the leads are finally dating and they seem so happy together, but I doubt Hye Jung will take Ji Hong's intrusion kindly because she already decided she didn't want to fix things with her father. She knows dating means accepting someone in her life, but she'll learn how hard it is to do that.

I keep wishing Ji Hong would actually talk more to Hye Jung instead of doing these things. I know it's not terrible or a big deal that he bought soup there, but it's an important and delicate issue for his girlfriend and he should be more tactful there.

On another note, I hope Seo Woo listens to Yoon Do this time. And regarding that family, I wonder for how long Director Jin will remain clueless regarding Hye Jung. So far he really likes her, but what will happen when he finds out why she's at the hospital?

What I liked the most was definitely Yoon Do and his struggle with In Joo and Pa Ran. Theirs is my favourite dynamic. What about yours? Favourite scene?

As episode 14 already came out, why not watching it?


Doctor Crush

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