Episode 14 of Doctor Crush shows us how our leads evolve together as a couple and we can see how the case of the two kids and single father progresses. Let's recap it together!

Episode 14

      It starts with Ji Hong's visit to Hye Jung's father restaurant. He has the best intentions at heart, trying to understand the problem in the family. There, he finds Yoon Do, which for some reason I find quite funny. They talk a bit and then Ji Hong leaves, with the orders of rice soup that later he offers to Hye Jung. They don't fight or argue, but she does tell him she'd prefer if he doesn't meet her father. Ultimately, she refuses to eat the soup.

With Joong Dae gone, the other doctors have more work at the hospital. Both Dal and Hae, the kids that we met the previous episode are doing fine apparently, the doctors come to check on them and make sure things are going fine. Their father is not present, he's working even more to make money but he still hasn't made payments and has someone from the hospital practically following him and insisting he pays soon.

Ji Hon and Tae Ho scored a project that will bring in money for their department, getting Director Jin off of their backs for a while. Ji Hong also starts to deal with his father's death and starts making questions, trying to find out what happened. He talks to the nurse that was with Director Hong that night and she tells him about the other man, so Ji Hong goes to talk to him. Sung Jong plays dumb and like he didn't walk out on his "friend", leaving him to die alone.

Can I choke him? 

Hye Jung's father comes to visit her, handing her a picture of her mother and talking a bit more about their situation, how his inferiority complex ruined things with her and Hye Jung thinks he wants to make amends because she's a doctor now. They don't fix the problem, clearly, but he's made more of an impact on her this time.

Hye Jung and Ji Hong are working together now to find out what happened to Grandmother. For now, Hye Jung goes alone to talk to the man and manages to get some information, like that was the only surgery taking place at the moment. She, however, gives in some information too: she's a doctor. The doctor obviously shares that information with Director Jin later on.

Yoon Do and Seo Woo treat the older kid with chemotherapy, which leaves him weak and throwing up, but he's still a strong kid. After this, Yoon Do realises why he's never felt any sparks with her and tells her it's because she could never understand or relate the pain that someone feels for not having one of their parents. That's why he's attracted to women with troubled pasts. She goes to  Young Kook for support and he ends up making a move, giving her a hug. I'm sure he's in love with her and he's getting braver and more confident every time.

Soon Hee is still dealing with Joong Dae and the fact he's hiding there. She takes pity on him and allows him to sleep at their house but right then Hye Jung decides to invite Ji Hong in so the others have to hide. Soon Hee acts all awkward and suspicious and it's most amusing. Hye Jung takes Ji Hong to her room and she teases him about being more racy. But that backfires on her face when he just pins her against the mattress. 

Dal and Hae's father is finally at the hospital, giving support to his kids but he can't stay much, he needs to make more money. Hye Jung accepted going on the show and later that airs and it seems like it's doing a good job for the hospital. Later, the younger kid is having trouble after surgery so they need to make another intervention to drain the water in his brain. They call his father to get he consent. 

With the father in the hospital, the man who keeps asking for the money is there but he still doesn't have such amount yet. In the meantime, Hye Jung helps and suggests the father to go to the welfare department to see if he can receive some help, but as he has a job it's not possible. He sees, however, that there's a program to help orphan kids, which is heartbreaking because the fact Dal and Hae have a father is keeping them from receiving this support.

The surgery goes well. Ji Hong goes to talk to Director Jin to make him reevaluate the welfare norms and regulations so things like this don't happen again. Obviously, Director Jin isn't amused but Ji Hong is pushing and showing he won't just sit and let the man put money over patient's wellbeing.

The problem with the payments continues, the kids see how his father is harassed and even cry, trying to protect him from the man. Hye Jung calls the TV show to get them to cover Hae and Dal's case, also supporting them. The father feels lost, consumed with all the debts and not knowing how to provide for his kids, so he takes the decision to end his life. Luckily, Hye Jung spots him when he's going to the rooftop and puts the pieces together when she sees the pamphlet about the orphan program and she goes to stop him. Crying, he confesses he's just tired and this is basically an excuse, but Hye Jung insists, making him think of his kids and how they'll feel when they learn he killed himself so they could receive free treatment. 

The episode ends there, with Hye Jung's words reaching the man.

Now bring the rainbow!






About the episode:

     The moment the father found that pamphlet I was scared, anxious he'd make that decision and wanting to scream that his kids would need him beyond the treatment and he couldn't abandon them now. Not willingly! I was so nervous by the end, thinking he'd trip or something. I hope that doesn't happen on the next episode, I'd cry a lot.

Medical dramas have too much death for my poor weak heart.

The kids are so adorable, so beautiful together and it's such a wonderful relationship I don't want to see them broken because their father died. Accident or suicide, I just hope it doesn't happen.

Regarding our leads, I thought it would cause more trouble that Ji Hong went to Hye Jung's father's shop, but I'm glad it didn't  and they talked about it. I'm also glad that now they are working together and Ji Hong listens to her when she tells him she wants to talk to the doctor alone. She is aware he's a card, a good card, for her game and she's being cautious. This episode shows how they are learning how to accept the other in their lives, or at least Hye Jung is doing it. I hope Ji Hong tells Hye Jung about his doubts regarding his father's death so she can also be part of his life and help him somehow. I think that'd be fair, right? And healthier.

I felt this episode was a bit more exciting in terms of plot, so far things have been pretty even, don't you think? Dal and Hae's case is breaking my heart and it's showing such a real and big problem. I hope it ends well and I don't have to sob on another episode of this drama. I'm still trying to get over Grandmother's death, I don't want to cry again. But oh well, it's a medical drama… more people are bound to die. *sobs*

What did you think of the episode? 

Let's wait for episode 15 together!


Doctor Crush

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