Monday came and brought us episode 15 of Doctor Crush. After such cliffhanger we can see how the story develops and what new case our lead will have to deal with. Ready to recap it and see the rainbow I've made for this episode?

Episode 15

Hye Jung manages to talk through and make Dal and Hae's father realise he can't kill himself and let his kids believe it was for their best. Both cry and she finds herself touched and too close for comfort with this case, so later Ji Hong has to comfort her. She realises this experience has helped her find some ease regarding her own situation with her father.

Jin Myung Hoon has finally learnt Hye Jung is the granddaughter that's been digging in his past, so now he isn't so fond of her, is he? Took you long enough, man.

The next day, Hye Jung finally finds Joong Dae at her home and drags him back to the hospital, handing him to the other interns who receive him so happily. It's such a cute scene, Kyung Joon is adorable and tries to repent for the harsh way he's treated the other intern. I love that lot.

Myung Hoon calls for Hye Jung but doesn't reveal he knows who she is, although he admits he doesn't like her to his father and wants to get rid of her, he just doesn't say why.

There's a new case with a patient who got a battery stuck in his eye. For the surgery Hye Jung needs Ji Hong but he's in a board meeting and signing the papers for the project and investment that later he'll use to put pressure against Myung Hoon and his father. And because Ji Hong is busy, Hye Jung has to ask for Yoon Do, who keeps being cute and trying to get along well despite having been rejected. He doesn't feel that bad because if he considers his opponent, his path wasn't that lowly.

After that, Hye Jung goes to visit Ji Hong, acting like a caring girlfriend and looking after him and babying him a bit. It's adorable. And she wants to continue like that, but he has plans with Tae Ho to celebrate the contract they scored and how they stood up against Director Jin. 

Seo Woo goes to Sooni Hawaii after standing up against her father to get drinks, she actually gets drunk and ends up barging in Yoon Do's flat. And the poor boy was so relieved no one was there, that he was finally alone at home and happy. And it only gets worse when In Joo and Pa Ran get there too, actually kicking the owner out! He ends up going to Ji Hong's home.

Why is this so amusing?

The next day Ji Hong and Hye Jung have breakfast together, almost like picnic and continue being overly lovey-dovey. But the calm of that moment doesn't last long because just later that day comes a new case. A couple on their way to their wedding got in an accident, the bride is pregnant and in semi-coma. Her brain suffered too much damage and it seems like operating on her would make no difference. Hye Jung thinks they should at least listen to the guardian, the groom, but Ji Hong doesn't want to do the intervention.

The leads actually have an argument, Hye Jung trying to convince Ji Hong that they should at least try and hope for a miraculous recovery. Hye Jung even attacks making him wonder what he'd do if he were the guardian and he just gets offended she does such a thing. So things become awkward and tense between them. When later another VVIP patient comes and they have to be in the same room, it's almost unbearable.

Ji Hong talks to the guardian and after hearing the desperation to even try the surgery although this might not work, he is reminded how he ignored his father's wishes and still tried to save him. That works to help him make his mind and actually perform the surgery. Aside from a slight complication it goes well so now they only have to wait to see if the bride recovers.

A week goes by and the bride is basically brain dead so the guardian has to make a decision now, whether to continue preserving her life in order for the baby to survive or let them both go.

Now bring the rainbow!






About the episode:

I'm glad the case with Hae and Dae's father turned out well, that the kids left and the father didn't die. The new cases were sad in different ways, miserable. Such a tragedy that the day they were supposed to get married and start their future together the couple got in an accident and no miracle happened. I believe the groom will request to keep the bride alive for as long as the baby needs it to grow and survive, and then they'll disconnect her. I'm pretty sure that will break my heart. 

Have you noticed how all these medical cases have such great actors that tear our hearts apart? Their sorrow, fear and desperation is almost tangible.

You know what I liked about this episode? The tension between Seo Woo and Young Kook, how he isn't just playing the role of the friend but also not allowing himself to be treated badly because he's her friend. I really like him more and more with every episode. Oh, and talking about Seo Woo... Finally I liked her in this episode, when she stood up against her father, telling him she has her own dreams and isn't his puppet. I was so proud I cheered and I'm so happy she listened to Yoon Do. Of course, it's sad she got slapped but it's progress and I'm glad she's realised she's been acting like a horrible person. I hope she can improve and become a better version of herself from now on.

My favourite part continues being Yoon Do dealing with the beagles that have taken his home hostage. I always crack up laughing.

I like that our leads have disagreements but they don't fight, it looks healthy in terms of relationship. They can talk and work through any difference of opinion until reaching middle ground, so that's really good. I don't like it when couples scream at each other when trying to stand up for their own opinions. I might not be crazy over this couple like I am for the ones in other series, but I like them a lot. They are grounding and adorable in their own way, with their awkwardness. I guess they are a mature couple and I enjoy that.

what were your thoughts regarding the episode? Share in the comments!


Doctor Crush

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