Episode 16 of Doctor Crush brings us a twist I did not see coming and that broke my heart, trouble for Hye Jung and more into the case to expose the truth behind Grandmother's case. Ready to recap it with me?

Episode 16

The episode starts with Hye Jung on the phone regarding Grandmother's case as she continues working on it. Then an intern of General Surgery teases puppy Kang Soo who actually hits him with his head. He is so tired, looking like he's about to snap or collapse any minute. For head bumping the other intern, who actually gets babied a lot by In Joo and Pa Ran, Kang Soo has to apologise. Funnily, though, Ji Hong takes his side and tells the other intern to stop dramatising. Puppy is so happy Ji Hong took his side.

Director Jin is still gloomy after his fight with Seo Woo and tries to find support in his wife, but this doesn't and thinks it's okay that their daughter gets close to her now. I'm pretty sure that won't happen, though. Later the man tries talking to Yoon Do to ask him to keep an eye on Seo Woo and you know, the usual, get him involved in the hospital management but our doctor has his values settled and won't budge. I love him for that.

Hye Jung keeps getting called by the VIP patient, the congressman who seems to be kinda infatuated with her. She clearly isn't pleased with that.

The groom who got in an accident obviously made a choice, hoping she'll hold on enough for the baby to survive, and he's so sorry to his bride, recalling how he didn't tell her he also loved her, saving those special words for later. He actually tells Ji Hong that later which makes the surgeon realise he hasn't told that to Hye Jung and yes, death is unexpected so he shouldn't keep them to himself and regret later. So he calls Hye Jung and runs to her, blurting out when they are alone he loves her. She's happy and hugs him, yet doesn't say the words back because they are too special and she's saving them for later.

I hope nothing happens to Ji Hong that makes her regret that.

Seo Woo and Young Kook are still kind of awkward but neither of them wants to ruin their friendship, so it's still shaky ground for them.

Hye Jung goes to see the doctor again to face him revealing she knows he's accessed her Grandmother's records before these were discarded, so she assumes he still has them. The pressure works and he asks time to think about it.

Kang soo is having a hard time, having constant headaches. The poor puppy is overworked. However, Yoon Do brings the interns food  and that cheers him up, needless to say how delighted the others are. Cute Yoon Do did that because he heard Ji Hong did the same before. Why do I find so endearing how he still competes against Ji Hong?

Hye Jung cooks and the first to try it is, of course, Soon Hee. They have a girlfriend moment and gosh, they are so cute. I love their friendship, really, and I'm glad they know that they made such a big difference in each other's life.

The congressman keeps nagging Hye Jung so she brings Kang Soo along and after that she asks Seo Woo to take care of him because she'll go in to surgery. Seo Woo can't so she asks Young Kook but he's moody and tired so he asks Kang Soo. There's an emergency with the patient so he receives a call (after Hye Jung does not picks up) but right then he seems to have a seizure, he zones out and looks about to faint. When he recovers he has no recollection of the conversation he had with the nurse or that he was supposed to go see the patient. 

Because he forgot, the congressman gets worse and he actually needs surgery and as he is such an important person, things gets messy for everyone, especially Hye Jung. Director Jin is using this as the perfect excuse to discipline her and hopefully getting rid of her. He even tries to step in the surgery instead of her, but Ji Hong doesn't allow it.

Thankfully, the surgery goes well but Hye Jung still has to face the committee. Kang Soo doesn't remember the call but confirms he actually received it and talked to the nurse. Suspicious, he goes to get a CT and the results show a meningioma. It's big and he's also having headaches and absence seizures, which is even worse. Ji Hong, without knowing it's Kang Soo, advises him to tell "his friend" to get treated as soon as possible,

No! Why the puppy? Why?! He receives a call from his brother who's in the army and pretends nothing is wrong with him, even if he's crying and scared. No, puppy, please no. 

Hye Jung doesn't blame Kang Soo and actually comforts him, right before she goes to face the committee as badass as she is, brave and confident. Gosh I love her.

Now bring the rainbow!






About the episode: 

 This episode, for me, was just Kang Soo and how it broke my heart. I'm no doctor and I don't know how bad his case is, but he looked so scared and resigned I'm terrified for him, I don't want anything bad happening to him. Why is it always the good ones? He's my favourite character! After Hye Jung, of course. My poor puppy.

Also, nasty Director Jin… aish! I really hate him and his attitude makes me sick to the stomach, how he will use this case to get rid of Hye Jung. I don't look forward to that committee and how he'll use that fake concerned tone to explain how she shouldn't be in the hospital and blah blah blah. Disgusting man.

I know Hye Jung is strong and this is why I love her so much, even if she knows she's in trouble, she faces the situation head on and with her head held high. She's admirable and I trust she'll deal with this properly. I do hope the other doctor comes to her and gives her the records so she can use that against Director Jin and expose him for the negligent doctor he is. 

Ah… seriously, I can't help keep worrying about Kang Soo. He's such sweet and loving character and I'm terrified. We know it's not always a happy ending for these cases and I don't want to lose another loved character. So much death already! I hope he gets treated and doesn't lose his job or anything. I don't want him to give up on his career but I really don't know the consequences of such condition. 

Am I the only one suffering so much because of this twist in the plot? I need a hug.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Let's share our opinions on the comments below!


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