This week begins with only one episode of Doctor Crush, but not for that any less painful and heart wrenching. Was it only me crying with this episode? Let's recap it and break my heart all over again.

Episode 17

    It begins showing exactly what happened during Grandmother's surgery, the mistake and how she ultimately died. Then we go to Hye Jung's audience and how she defends her case, stating she did not do anything wrong and acted as any doctor would. Director Jin, obviously, only wants to get her fired but the others board member don't agree so all what our doctor gets is a month's suspicion.

In between the audience and the verdict, Ji Hong talks to the doctor, the one who made the horrendous mistake during Grandmother's surgery, who come to actually make a deal with Ji Hong. Also, Director Jin wanted to use the past and scandal between Ji Hong and Hye Jung but Seo Woo stops him, threatening him and finally standing up. I'm not hating her anymore, especially when later she talks to Hye Jung and is surprised when the latter doesn't resent her although Seo Woo is in part responsible for what happened. It's clear Seo Woo is growing up, finally.

Puppy Kang Soo is doing his best although he is so sorry he can barely speak. With Kyung Joon's nagging, Kang Soo finally snaps but it doesn't just end in screaming, our puppy actually collapses. Like that, the other doctors find out about his condition and how delicate it is. Kang Soo could end up either losing his sight or control of his hands, or both.

With Hye Jung's month suspension, she and Ji Hong go fishing, which works to talk about what's going on and the fact that the doctor is considering to cooperate and hand in the anaesthesiology records. Ji Hong is a bit rough when he says this means she can finally get over it, which hurts her. Hye Jung leaves but he goes after her, telling her that her grandmother would've wanted her to be happy because all parents want that. He explains to her that for him tomorrow doesn't exist and she should just live today.

Kang Soo is doing much better, being the adorable puppy he is. Ji Hong calls him and offers to operate on him with a partial removal, whereas Yoon Do also offers operate on him but with total removal. The puppy is left to make the decision and consults Tae Ho.

Ji Hong goes to Soon Hee's café to hands Hye Jung the records which means, yes, she finally got Director Jin. She goes to talk to  Pa Ran who can confirm there was a wrong judgment call so that gives her the chance to go after the director. He, however, acts as if nothing has happened, he doesn't show regret or fear because he "did his best" even if he made a mistake. He apologises but those are empty words that enrage Hye Jung even more. The fact Ji Hong tells her to stop only makes it worse, she wants to take legal actions and although he doesn't agree, he helps her leading her to a lawyer. 

Regarding Kang Soo, after getting ready for surgery, shaving his hair and succumbing to the fear or maybe losing his dream, he chooses to have the surgery with Ji Hong, although he is still very much scared. Kang Soo's little brother comes to be with him and he is also a puppy, but in uniform. Why are these brothers so precious? Someone help me. 

The surgery, although incredibly long and exhausting, goes well according to the doctors. And during these twelve hours, Hye Jung has gone to different lawyers just to hear there's nothing to do, she waited too long. This's got Hye Jung frustrated and depressed, so when Ji Hong calls her to tell her the surgery went well, she is already crying. Ji Hong goes to see her and tries to comfort her, but his words don't have the best effect, she feels judged and misunderstood so he tries once again to make her understand tomorrow doesn't exist, she needs to live today and be happy instead of seeking revenge.

Now bring the rainbow!






About the episode:

 This episode got me crying, I have to admit it. I know I'm extremely biased when it comes to Kang Soo, but can you blame me? He's such a puppy and seeing him scared, hurting and crying broke my soul. I'm relieved the surgery went well and I hope he recovers quickly and well so he's bouncing around the hospital once again, bringing happiness to everyone.

I'm sad and heartbroken for Hye Jung. I understand she waited to become stronger to go against Director Jin, but it was too long. It is horrible that after ten years everything is void and there's nothing one can't do about negligence. I understand Hye Jung's frustration and I wish I could wrap her in blankets and promise her things will get better. When she said she'd kill Director Jin, I wanted to do it for her. I hate that man so much.

And because I hate Director Jin so much is that I'm so glad Seo Woo is finally standing up against him. I believe she's grown a lot in the past few episodes to the point I don't want to throw my shoe at her anymore. That's progress, right?

We won't have episode 18 until next week, so we need to be extra patient to see whether Ji Hong's words really reached Hye Jung or if she'll do something that will ruin her life in her thirst to get revenge.


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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