In our last week of Doctor Crush, episode 19 comes as intense as it can be. Are you ready to see how the story unfolds and the rainbow I've made out of it? Take a look, then.

Episode 19

It starts with Ji Hong reassuring Hye Jung and our girl finally learning to trust him, asking him to take care of Director Jin if he has the chance. He doesn't tell her that he already found the evidence, though. And talking about Director Jin, Seo Woo manages to make Soon Hee tell her about why Hye Jung is in the hospital. As expected, Seo Woo takes her father's side and has a hard time believing he could've been like that, making a mistake. She thinks of Grandmother and the only time she met her, the impression the woman left. It's hard for her, but Young Kook is there to comfort her. 

Director Jin and his father are at home, talking about money and such. For the first time we learn that Director's Jin mother died and his father is doing his utmost best to secure his son's life so he can meet his wife without regrets. It's regrettable they took that too far and have committed crimes to get that safe future.

The bride patient wasn't disconnected as I thought and the doctors are reviewing the case, still waiting for the baby. Tae Ho promises the whole department that things will change but it's hard because Ji Hong is afraid to go against Director Jin and his father because of what they can do to Hye Jung. 

Seo Woo talks to Hye Jung, standing for her father and saying that no doctor is safe from making a mistake, plus she doesn't have proofs… But Hye Jung has and when Seo Woo confirms that with Pa Ran, she is more lost. And because it's hard for her, after all it's her father and it's not like he did the mistake on purpose, she asks Yoon Do not to interfere anymore. The tall puppy doesn't say anything but ultimately agrees, to not hurt Seo Woo further.

Pa Ran calls Hye Jung to tell her about her father (he's not terminally sick, just a liver infection) and she can't help worry about him, although she doesn't want to. Ji Hong tells her it's impossible for her not to worry and this time she doesn't will her to get closer to her family, after all he's not close to his, but he does encourage her to solve the issues there.

Seo Woo goes to see her father and as she waits, she finds the recording. The man is so stressed and suffering terrible headaches, he also accepts to know about Hye Jung and all that. Seo Woo leaves and listens to the whole recording, she also finally hears why Hye Jung is so hung up on this issue, because Seo Woo's father never apologised, never had the empathy or good sense to mince his words. His arrogance made Hye Jung get that far and Seo Woo finally understands.

While Ji Hong has dinner with Yoon Do, practically flirting with him and making him finally give up on Hye Jung, our girl talks to Tae Ho to know if there's more Ji Hong is not telling her. He tells her about his fear about what Director Jin can do to her. She goes to see Grandmother and makes the decision to let go of the pain and ache for what happened, asking to think a bit less about her and let herself be happy with Ji Hong. And after that she goes to see him and encourages him to finally go against Director Jin because she's confident to manage whatever he does.

So Ji Hong does.

The next day, after a board meeting, the police and a prosecutor come after Board Director Jin (Seo Woo's grandfather) with an arrest warrant. He'll take all the blame for the charges, trying to spare Director Jin. With that, Director Jin is desperately looking for the recording to fight back, but Seo Woo admits she got rid of it, facing him and telling him how ashamed she is for what he did, for his lack of humanity. She spells for him what he did wrong, what his mistake was, which wasn't only the one in the OR.

God, I'm so proud of her.

Later, Seo Woo hands the recording to Hye Jung and apologises in her father's stead, but also for what she did, for not taking the chance before. On her knees, she finally takes her right choice and I'm even prouder of her.

And with the recording in Hye Jung's hands, they can rest assured about that and be all lovely-dovey with Ji Hong. He proposes, out of the blue, but she refuses because that was just so unromantic and random. They are so cute. 

Hye Jung actually finally lets go of her grudge, and closes the chapter, and makes sure to tell Director Jin that. I'm so happy for her.

Board Director Jin is released on bail and goes home, and while they celebrate they notice how Director Jin seems to have no strength so they urge him to take a physical. The results come out and it turns out he has a horrid tumour on his neck that even with surgery would have repercussions. Even Ji Hong is scared to do such a difficult surgery. Seo Woo is heartbroken and scared to death, all her family is. 

The episode ends when Director Jin comes into the ER after taking too many sleeping pills and Seo Woo's mother seeing both Ji Hong and Hye Jung entering the room.

Now bring the rainbow!






About the episode:

I have a confession. From episode 10 onwards, I was a bit bored with this K-drama. Mostly because I couldn't stand the Jin family. Still watched but I felt all the intensity from the beginning faded away. And then I'm hit with his episode. It was so intense and like so much happened, the conflicts slowly start to get wrapped up, the characters hit the climax in their evolution and I'm crying all over again because of Grandmother.

God, it was such a good episode.

I'm delighted with both Hye Jung and Seo Woo. The former finally let go of all those dark feelings and can allow herself be happy with Ji Hong, she has accepted her limitations but she is still as confident of her strengths as ever. I love her so much. And Seo Woo, I can't believe I grew to like her, that she's evolved and found her path. She still loves her father but isn't blind to his inhuman behaviour and the cruelty with which he treated Hye Jung before. I wanted her to bring her father down but this was better, how she scolded him and finally made him realise what he did wrong. How she acted was way more effective and I'm so proud of her. Especially when she apologised to Hye Jung and realised where she went wrong all along. I'm really happy for her.

The final episode is out and I'll bring the recap immediately! If you miss the K-drama already, marathon it now!


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