Even if we wanted to delay this, all good things come to an end and Doctor Crush can't be the exception. The finale means closure for everything and everyone, and the final episode of our beloved K-drama did not disappoint us. Let's take a last look at the rainbow and recap episode 20 together.

Episode 20

The final episode starts with memories from the past and then back to the ER with Director Jin and his family. His wife isn't pleased that Hye Jung and Ji Hong seem the be the best options to treat her husband, but Seo Woo stands for them saying they are indeed the best they could get. Director Jin has to agree Ji Hong is the best option, but he can't do the same with Hye Jung. The problem is, Ji Hong won't operate unless it's with Hye Jung as it's such a difficult surgery.

Hye Jung, on the other hand, decides to talk to her father and explain clearly that even is they can't be close, she still worries about him. She asks him why he settled and he explains he had no other option, he didn't understand and not settling was only going to benefit the hospital. In his condition, it was the best he could do. She can't have sympathy although she understands. They wrap up the conflict accepting they can't be close, she has no single good memory with him and she doesn't want to, and he finally accepts and promises not to get sick in order not to worry her. She did that so she could move on and have the family she wants to form.

Hye Jung goes to visit Director Jin and as she hasn't forgiven him and he doesn't trust her, she won't assist in the surgery, which means Ji Hong won't operate and now they need to find another talented surgeon. 

Seo Woo is in a lot of despair and Yoon Do tries his best to comfort her. Young Kook walks in and sees them being close so he later asks the tall doctor about his intentions. Yoon Do admits he only sees Seo Woo as a little sister and encourages him to act on his feelings. Yay! And young Kook does, when she comes to have a meal with him. He comforts her and holds her hand, telling her about his feelings and Seo Woo also admits that she doesn't know when it changed, but she only wants him to comfort her. Aw, aren't they cute? I'm happy for them.

Hye Jung is still uneasy about all this and tries to focus on other things, but Ji Hong can read he like a book. Regarding the surgery, they can't find another good surgeon fast enough, so they try to persuade Director Jin to agree having Hye Jung assisting. He is only annoyed. Later, he has his father visiting and only in front of him the man breaks down, bawling because he is so scared. I want to say one thing here: Karma.

Seo Woo goes to see Hye Jung, trying to persuade her to help her father. At first Hye Jung can't agree but then when she's alone she remember Grandmother's blind faith on her doctor and that makes her think. So the next day she goes to visit Director Jin and thanks him for making feel her grandmother reassured, giving her peaceful last moments, even if he was so despicable later. She is a doctor and will assist if he wants to, and she'll do her best so he survives and can thank her later, just like she did now. Director Jin agrees so now it's surgery time.

They get ready and go into the OR. They are careful and everyone is nervous about it, but aside form some bleeding and a very tense moment, they manage to successfully end the surgery without major damage to Director Jin's nerves. With the others in the department, they go to celebrate Ji Hong is back and things are okay, but during this, Hye Jung is called because the bride patient's water broke so the baby will come out. Apparently, the baby's name is Jin Jin and everyone is so invested. Hye Jung cries when she sees the baby and luckily, this is fine and healthy, but the mother doesn't have much and the father has to run to her side of her final moments, saying out loud that he loves her before she finally leaves. 

We are all crying at this point, aren't we?

There's a board meeting and Tae Ho is appointed the new Director. Yes! I trust him and I'm sure they hospital will be in the best hands. After that, former Director Jin wakes up and his motor reactions seem okay, so the family is very thankful and the doctors are at ease. Now he needs to start rehab.

Ji Hong and Hye Jung plan to go finish on the weekend but both are getting too fancy for that. Anyhow, before she meets him she gets called by former Director Jin and she goes to see him. Aside form a slight tremor in his right arm, he can move and can talk and he bows his head and thanks her for saving him. She bows in return and we finally get the closure between those two.

Now Hye Jung can go happily to Ji Hong who proposes to her. He tries to be romantic but it's them, it doesn't go exactly as planned. Hye Jung shows him how she's always has had him as "Hong Hong Hong" on her mobile because just saying out loud makes one giggle, happy. Ji Hong makes Hye Jung happy and now she can freely love. 

And that's how this story ends.

Now bring the last rainbow!







About the finale:

Okay, I loved it. Most definitely. I felt every conflict, at leat the mayor ones, were closed and with a good resolution. The characters got what they deserved and above all, learned about humility which is the best. The scene where Jin Myung Hoon thanks Hye Jung, bowing to her gave me chills. I found even better than any other revengeful and cruel thing I could've wanted. It left me at ease and that means it caused the same to her. That's what matters the most.

Hye Jung is finally happy, she is allowing herself that and has left the past behind. She even came to terms with her Grandmother, deciding to recall and hold on to the peace and confidence she felt before going into surgery instead of the unfair way she died. It's the best way to live, how to endure the pain of losing someone so precious to one.

Normally, with a K-drama finale I end up feeling so sad for the second lead, but I'm glad Yoon Do instead of just hurting appreciates and cherishes his feelings, even if they are just one-sided. I'm super glad Seo Woo ended with Young Kook, that was great.

All in all, I feel it was a very satisfying ending. I'm happy for how things ended. I'm going to miss the characters, of course. All the neurosurgery department was lovable with all the interns and nurses, the fellows and professors, I'm certainly going to miss their antics. 

It' was a very fulfilling K-drama with spectacular acting. We'll miss it, won't we? But there's always a new one to fill the void so let's wait for that.

Thank you all for reading these recaps and following the rainbow with me. I hope to see you around! I'm recapping Cinderella and The Four Knights in case you are watching that one, too.


Doctor Crush

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