Episode 4 of Doctor Crush is out already! Now that we are in the modern day timeframe we can see how things evolve for our leads and where the story will take us. Shall we recap what happened on this latest episode?

Episode 4

The episode starts with Hye Jung thinking how success means nothing without a family to share it with, and then we get more of how she ended up doing the emergency surgery even if it meant not following the procedures. She impresses people not only with her fighting skills but also operating skills as she's fast and efficient. Yoon Do is the only one who's angry and frustrated and he wants to have a word with our Hye Jung, but she's paying a visit to someone.

SOON HEE! I'm so glad she's still in Hye Jung's life and that they are the adorable best friends they were before. 

The talk with Yoon Do doesn't go well, the guy is arrogant and rude and clearly doesn't have a good opinion of Hye Jung already, but we know she isn't the type to just take whatever anyone says to her so she fights and defends her decisions. She also runs into Seo Woo in this opportunity and this one, acting like the spoiled brat she is, tells Hye Jung to leave. Thankfully, Hye Jung refuses to and she won't share either why she decided to come to this hospital.

Now guess who will be joining the hospital and is on his way to Korea? You guessed right! Hong Ji Hong and he really knows how to make an entrance. On the plane a girl (who clearly thought he was hitting on her, ha!) has an aneurism so they need to transport her with a helicopter and operate immediately. He's a brilliant and confident doctor now so he's the one who'll lead the surgery and save the patient, with Hye Jung's assistance now that they have met again, so dramatically.

The surgery goes well but there's a rumour going on that Ji Hong got married with In Joo, although he keeps saying that didn't happen. Anyhow, he's back with his smiles and humour and taking a look around to see how things are going. He obviously looks interested in Hye Jung but she believes he's married.

About Yoon Do? Well, after the conference it is proved that Hye Jung indeed made the right choice and although they bicker, he ends up apologising to her. I still don't like him, but I'm looking forward to the tension and bickering of those two and how they'll learn from each other.

Seo Woo, cunning and spoiled and I'm really growing to dislike her, talks to Director Kim to get Hye Jung fired because she must have ulterior motives to have come to the hospital when she was doing so well already. Joke's on her, though, Director Kim clearly is disappointed in her attitude. 

Indeed Hye Jung has ulterior motives but not the type Seo Woo thinks. It's not because of Ji Hong but her grandmother. She wanted to have access to her medical files but she doesn't have yet and it's not going to be easy to get her hands on those with the position she has yet. 

When she runs into Seo Woo's father she is all smiles and charms, but once he leaves her expressions changes and here I celebrate because YAS! Her motive is revenge. I'm sure she wants to make that doctor pay for killing Grandmother. I'm with you on this, Hye Jung! Grandmother deserves justice.

Hye Jung is practising boxing to release stress, her mind consumed by Director Jin and how he didn't even recognise her, but she hasn't forgotten the man who did that to her 13 years ago.

Ji Hong, on the other hand, makes sure to get her number from Kang Soo (who I have declared the puppy of the story and I shall protect him forever) and goes to meet her to clear up that no, he is not married and she needs to stop assuming he is. They end up kind of wrestling and we all know where this is going to take them. On the floor, centimetres apart, looking at each other's lips. That's where the episode ends.

Now bring the Rainbow!







About the episode:

I enjoyed the episode quite a lot, and I'm liking almost all the new characters (I made sure to add some faces in the gif-set to get familiar with them already) and how things are playing. I'm glad to see Hye Jung is still strong and fierce, capable and the same girl we met. She clearly sorted out her life and straightened up and now she's ready to give her grandmother justice. And she has a nice car.

Perhaps it's not good but honestly, I'm with her 100%. It's so unfair how Grandmother died and the least that can happen is the Director Jin receives the punishment he deserves for such negligence, and the inhuman way he treated Hye Jung as if she wasn't nothing. I hope she succeeds.

I'm glad Ji Hong is back and that he stills seems somehow in love with Hye Jung (man, I totally understand you, I love her too). He's  gotten smoother, our girl was right about that, although he's always been cheeky. I'm sure it won't be easy for them to sort things out and get together, so I'm looking forward to see how they grow and evolve, learning from the other and becoming better versions of themselves. I want them to lean on the other. Hye Jung needs more family.

And this brings me to the thing that made me the happiest. FRIENDSHIP! I'm so glad Soon Hee is still in Hye Jung's life, that they are as close and beautiful. Their friendship reminds me so much of the one I have with my best friend friend so I guess that's why I feel so enamoured with them, because they are relatable. And I'm sure she is Hye Jung's family now. And she's so cute, too. I totally didn't miss the Twice's Cheer Up shy shy shy there. So adorable.

Do you think there's going to be a kiss for the next episode? It's super soon for it so I doubt it, but I am enjoying the tension between the leads and I hope it grows until I cannot endure it and I scream at the screen while I make the gifs. What is a romance without the tension?

Now we have to wait until next week for episode 5, but there are plenty of other series to enjoy in the meantime. For now, don't forget to add Doctor Crush to your queue so you get alerts.


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