It's a new week, which means more Doctor Crush for us to enjoy! I was waiting eagerly, and I was not let down by episode 5. If anything, I'm just dying for the next one, so while we wait, let's recap what happened and see the rainbow I made for this episode.

Episode 5

    As expected (because it's too soon, K-dramas don't work like this) Ji Hong and Hye Jung don't kiss, they pull apart but keep the good mood. He walks her home (or what I think it's home with Soon Hee), asking her to work with him. He keeps telling her it's okay to accept help and that actually she should do that, but Hye Jung is an independent woman who needs no one. That's not going to be easy to change.

At the hospital, Seo Woo confesses to Yoon Do but of course, he rejects her. They talk about Hye Jung and he offers to make our lead get fired. Uh-oh, I'm not liking this. 

During Hye Jung's rounds to check on the gangster boss, she spots a suspicious-looking man but she doesn't spend much time on that. However, we shouldn't forget about him just yet. I find hilarious how the lackeys all bow and respect Hye Jung and ever Boss seems a bit infatuated with her. Join our club, Boss!

The opportunity to push Hye Jung I mentioned before? Yeah, that comes with a boy in stupor with an aneurism that needs surgery. Yoon Do requests Hye Jung to assist him but she refuses, saying she does not have anything to learn from him so they end up having a bargain that if she performs the surgery successfully, he'll accept her skills and do whatever she wants. He expects her to fail and get fired.

Seo Woo tells Ji Hong about this and he ends up stepping in to assist Hye Jung. The surgery has complications in the middle (and I'm screaming because I don't want to see if something goes wrong!) but luckily, with some more concentration and a deep breath, Hye Jung manages to perform the surgery successfully to everyone's relief.

Surprisingly, Yoon Do is easy to accept his mistake and apologise, which I totally didn't expect. The tension between him and Hye Jung reduces enormously to the point they smile and she teases him, and then he has this boy-with-a-crush look on his face. Hmmm…

Talking about boy with a crush, it seems it's in his family being a womaniser or someone who just can't settle down. That seems a funny arch to see develop. Anyhow, he has an uncle who guess what? It's one of Ji Hong's best friends and their relationship seems most amusing.

Talking about Ji Hong, he asks Hye Jung out! I didn't see that coming so soon, but he's very straightforward with his feelings, however we know she didn't come here for love and she's always seen him as her teacher, someone unreachable. She doesn't say yes but doesn't reject him either, so it's left in a sort of 'to be continued.' He tells her that the next time he asks she has to say yes.

Seo Woo's father is close with Yoon Do's father but there seems to be something there. Yoon Do's father hands him important papers to Seo Woo's father who then hands them and orders to get them naked. Is he trying to stab Yoon Do's appa on his back? Why is he so shady, seriously?

So, Hye Jung's purpose to come to the hospital is Grandmother's files and she's about to ask Ji Hong to get them for her but she spots the suspicious-looking man from before and her clever brain puts the pieces together, assuming he's coming for Boss. Without finishing asking for the favour, she leaves after the man but loses him. She goes to check on Boss who, inconveniently, sent all his lackeys to rest. She leaves, thinking it's all under control but the man steps in when she leaves and I'm like AISH!

Yoon Do goes around with his rounds and asks for Hye Jung, but no one can get in contact with her. My puppy Kang Soo ran into her before so he knows of her whereabouts and Yoon Do can go after her. Ji Hong can't get in touch with her either but he recalls the way she left and has a bad feeling, so he runs to her.

Hye Jung is heading to change the Boss's dressings but the suspicious-looking man is there, with a big knife and threatening him. She tries to reason with him and is almost there when Yoon Do comes in. Talk about bad timing. He clearly doesn't have the spine to face the situation but he tries and his help actually gets in the way.

Hye Jung and the man struggle for power, Boss tries to escape but falls and hits his head, which is terrible considering his surgery not long ago. That distracts Hye Jung and gives the man the chance to attack, but Yoon Do tries to stop him and makes him stumble in time Hye Jung turns around, their bodies colliding. She cries out in pain and they fall to the floor when Ji Hong makes it in, blood spreading on the floor and Hye Jung's eyes closing as she thinks of forgiveness.

NOOOO! That's where it ends! Are you kidding me?!

Now bring the rainbow!







About the episode:

I got very nervous during this episode, with the surgery and that suspicious man. I knew he came for trouble based on the preview from Episode 4, but still, it got me on the edge of my seat the whole time. That aside and the horrid cliffhanger, I particularly enjoyed how straightforward Ji Hong was in this episode. I guess I'm used to male leads always beating around the bushes or drowning in denial, so this is refreshing and it actually makes me like him a lot. I definitely love how he makes Hye Jung flustered.

And talking about our Hye Jung, I love that even if she had a crush on him and there's clearly something there, she still is clueless about his approaching and the reason why he insists so much on helping her. I love that romance isn't exactly something she worries about and that her priorities are straight. I definitely enjoy when love isn't everything for the female lead and their complexity goes far beyond that.

Talking about romance, I didn't expect Soo Chul to show up again! I wonder if he'll have some important role further in the story. I hope so, I'm totally biased by Ji Soo.

This takes me to second lead. Yoon Do looked a lot more… clumsy? Awkward? in this episode. He wasn't just bickering with Hye Jung and she showed him her charms. We know now that he has a history with complicated women so it's likely he'll be attracted to her, which will cause trouble with Seo Woo because she'll think "Hye Jung is stealing my man again!" Someone needs to teach that girl you don't own people and people can't be stolen from you. Ugh, she really annoys me with her pettiness and inferiority complex.

The new character, Jung Pa Ran (Ji Hong's friend) seems very amusing and I find hilarious he's Yoon Do's uncle. It seem, as well, that everyone is related in that hospital *clicks tongue*.

Anyhow, what did you think of the episode and how things are going so far? I'm pretty sure the blood at the end belongs to the suspicious-looking man (typical of any story) and Hye Jung will be fine, but I'm still anxious. Luckily, next episode comes this week so we don't have to die waiting.

I hope you enjoyed the gifs and let's share our thoughts on the comment section!


Doctor Crush

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