Episode 6 of Doctor Crush has come out and we can finally see how the story progresses, but we still have to wait until Monday for the next one. Therefore, in the meantime, shall we go back to what happened in the latest installment and check out the rainbow gif-set I made?

Episode 6

So no, Hye Jung doesn't die. We all knew it but now we are certain and the suspicious-looking man goes to surgery. Luckily, Gangster Boss doesn't get worse and we can breathe. I have no idea why I'm so invested with his story, perhaps because I absolutely loved the actor in Flower Boy Ramen Shop (he played the pillar husband, remember? Lee Ki Woo).

After this, Yoon Do feels really embarrassed with his, how to say it? Pitiful behaviour? He gets scolded a lot by Ji Hong, the man losing his cool with worry. So the other doctor doesn't even want to see Hye Jung's face and escapes from her. Do you think she just lets him be? Of course not. I think she already likes Yoon Do as a person so she tries to comfort him and explain it's okay, it happens she's a pro at mixed martial arts so he shouldn't be embarrassed. I don't know about you but I think it's ultimately cute.

While there's more corruption in the hospital with Seo Woo's father, Yoon Do, Pa Ran and Ji Hong have an awkward yet most amusing morning encounter, our Hye Jung decides to ask Ji Hong for help regarding her grandmother files. This doesn't go well because Ji Hong refuses to and patronisingly tells her she should leave the past behind. He fails at understanding this is important for her and she leaves disappointed and obviously hurt.

Yoon Do, conveniently, is looking for her and his presence, with his awkwardness, cheers her up a bit. However, the two hanging out makes Seo Woo petty and jealous, which doesn't suit her. Every episode I dislike her more and more. She's also really concerned with the ahjumma from the restaurant which isn't a good influence as the woman pushes and encourages Seo Woo to get what she wants to matter what. Ahjumma, no! That girl has issues and will make up who knows what lie now to screw Hye Jung over. Aish.

Soon Hee comes to visit Hye Jung and to promote her business, but not only our lovely girl is there, Hye Jung's stepmother is also at the hospital for an appointment. Guess who ends up being her doctor? Exactly, Hye Jung and no, it's not a nice encounter and that woman is still venomous. Her daughter seems nice, but the stepmother makes sure to make a scene that gets the hospital gossiping.

Hye Jung doesn't want to be the one in charge of her stepmother and tries to talk to Ji Hong, but he isn't around. So she asks Yoon Do but without explaining, he just can't change patients. It's not allowed. However, upon hearing more the situation he decides to do the surgery for Hye Jung. Seo Woo isn't pleased, of course. She keeps showing how petty she is and what a big inferiority complex she has, even if she says no.

You know what I ship? Kang Soo and Soon Hee. They are both cute puppies for me and I'm glad they will be working together for the welcome party for Hye Jung.

Between Hye Jung and stepmother, things don't go well. Stepmother doesn't want to go to another hospital but Hye Jung doesn't want to operate on her. However, Yoo Na (stepsister) gives her the card of their business, reassuring her they won't burden Hye Jung so she should drop by.

Remember the ahjumma from the restaurant, she gets so frustrated for the life she's led and jumps and just does things she shouldn't do, collapsing and ultimately dying. Seo Woo breaks down crying, too attached to the patient and I'm sure, ultimately sure, this won't be good and Seo Woo will only get nastier.

About Hye Jung visiting family, that's what she does, watching them from afar but not going in while warring the flashbacks of Grandmother. She does not look any better when she's going back, but Ji Hong, upon reflecting on what he did and how he didn't understand her before, pulled some strings to get Grandmother's files. He hands them to Hye Jung, promising to help her as much as he can if that's what will make her happy.

Then it starts raining and they run together finding shelter in a phone booth, but Ji Hong remembers a quote that talks about life and how it's all about learning to dance in the rain. Guess what he does? He gets soaking wet dancing in the rain and he pulls Hye Jung with him, dancing together, laughing and okay, being sappily cute together.

When they stop, and just like he warned her about the hug after the stabbing incident, he warns her of something he's going to do and walks up to her to press their lips together.

That's where the episode ends.

Now bring the rainbow!







About the episode:

Well, I wasn't expecting a kiss so soon, considering it's a 20 episodes K-drama, yet again can we even call it a kiss? I don't know, I just watched Another Oh Hae Young and those kisses left too high standards, and the kiss scene in this episode was more like the one in a high school drama. Don't you agree? It looked awkward and like the chemistry the leads had was all gone for those moments. I have to say, it was disappointing. I know Park Shin Hye's kissing scenes are never really good, they always feel awkward and forced, but still. I also know Hye Jung is inexperienced (or that we are led to think) but still, this is too… superficial for someone who has been in love or pining for thirteen years.

Disappointing kiss scene aside, you know who I'm actually loving a lot? Yoon Do. We started with the wrong foot but his awkward side and how child-like he acts at times got me melting. He isn't a douche all the time and although he has a temper, he's incredibly endearing with his embarrassing moments. Who knows, I might develop a second lead syndrome (yet again, it happens all the time darn it).

I'm legitimately worried about Seo Woo. I know she's going to cause trouble for Hye Jung and everyone else. Her jealousy will push her to cause mess things and I hate when we have characters like that. It's not even like she's cunning, she just plays victim and tries to turn everyone against Hye Jung.

Regarding Ji Hong… I really didn't like how he just tore the paper with Grandmother's number, mostly because I'm as invested as Hye Jung about that and I want justice! He didn't need to tear the paper, did he? So he lost brownie points there, even if then he made it up for it later.

What are your thoughts regarding the story so far? Did you expect the kiss? Do you actually ship them? The age gap doesn't bother me at all and I was more smitten with Ji Hong at first, but now not so much. I hold grudges, you see? I won't forget the piece of paper that easily.

Now let's wait for Episode 7 next week.


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