Episode 7 of Doctor Crush is out, and in case you haven't watched it yet because you didn't have time, because let's be honest, some days are hectic, let me tell you what you missed. Also, I'll show you colorful gifs.

Episode 7

      It starts with a memory of Hye Jung in which her parents fight and she's a little girl just listening. Our girl doesn't have a good example of what is to be loved or being in a relationship, hence why she gets scared and runs away after that kiss. But Ji Hong runs after her and tells her it is him the one who'll go to her as he's the one who knows about love, not her.

Yoon Do tries to comfort Seo Woo but it's not easy and in her state, she confesses to be in love with him. Yoon Do can only reject her and when Seo Woo asks him not to like anyone else, he admits it's too late as he's already liking someone. You guessed right, Yoo Hye Jung! This is like a drop kick to Seo Woo who is later taken by Young Kook to cheer her up. They go to Soon Hee's café.

Soo Chul shows up and Seo Woo doesn't pretend not to know him, going to him and telling him about Hye Jung but he doesn't react nice.

It's been revealed or, well, leaked, that now the hospital is being handled as a business, with shares in the stock market. It's a hassle, all related with the management of the hospital but it affects all the doctors.

Hye Jung has in her hands her Grandmother's surgery report and the next day, she meets with Ji Hong and Pa Ran to get another input regarding this, but the report doesn't say much so they need the anaesthesia records. Hye Jung is thankful with Ji Hong, but she doesn't need his help all the time. And talking about grateful, she's also grateful to Yoon Do for taking her stepmother, Yoon Do is clearly trying to get closer to her. It's most adorable, really.

So, Hye Jung's stepmother will be operated by Yoon Do, and Ji Hong will treat a olympic archer with a hand tremor. For this, he'll do a conscious surgery (basically, the archer will be awake during the surgery so they can find exactly what is causing this tremor). Hye Jung is most excited about this and in her jealousy, Seo Woo wants to be in the OR too. That's how Yoon Do and Ji Hong get to the agreement to switch fellow doctors (Seo Woo and Hye Jung) depending the procedure in order to learn more.

Soo Chul does recognise Soon Hee and goes to see Hye Jung. At first, the other nurses and doctors thinks he's here for trouble, but once Hye Jung sees him she's all smiles and so happy to meet again. She treats him as a friend and it's funny because both Ji Hong and Yoon Do get jealous. Soo Chul and Hye Jung are cute, he's adorable now and he's relieved that even as a surgeon now, Hye Jung treats him the same. It encourages him to do his best for his son. Baby had a son!

Hye Jung meets with her father and even if he tries to fix their relationship, Hye Jung doesn't want to and doesn't feel like she should as she doesn't need him. I actually feel really bad for Abeoji, simply because I don't like when old people suffer and he looks already quite old so yeah, sad.

The day of Hye Jung's stepmother's surgery come and it all goes really well. Yoo Na comes to see Hye Jung and although awkward, it's not that terrible and she comes to drop a certificate to show the two girls are actually related. Still, Hye Jung doesn't want to change anything regarding her family.

Later, Yoon Do asks Hye Jung out, but she mostly teases him about it. Then Ji Hong calls both Seo Woo and Hye Jung to inform them the surgery to the archer will take place so they better get ready. It's awkward for Seo Woo as Ji Hong is anything but subtle.

Soo Chul calls Hye Jung to tell her he's leaving Seoul so they need to meet once before that happens. His treat. The next morning he's there with his motorcycle and they are so cute, a beautiful friendship. She follows him in her car and they smile at each other as they drive to the hospital. Ji Hong calls her and is talking to Hye Jung as the scene progresses but it feels ominous and indeed something bad happens. Soo Chul collides against another oncoming car, flying in the air and landing unconscious on the ground. Hye Jung screams as loud as I do and that's where the episode ends, with Hye Jung thinking how love makes us fear to lose the people we care about. I AGREE!

Now bring the rainbow!







About the episode:

WHY?! I mean, why that cliffhanger? I'm biased when it comes to Ji Soo so my heart is still screaming, Thank goodness episode 8 is already out so guess what I'm watching tonight.

Aside from the horrid cliffhanger, I don't feel much happened on this episode. I'm surprised Yoon Do is aware of his crush and I keep finding him so cute I can't even. Seriously, he is stealing my heart and I didn't think this would happen as I didn't like him at first. Crazy how things change, don't you think? So far, I think I like him more than Ji Hong. What about you?

I know the whole hospital management with the higher ups is actually important for the plot of the K-drama, but like I can't be bothered with it. For me, it's the most irrelevant part of the story and I kind of forget everything about it. I only keep the fact they are being shady, only worrying about money and it will blow up in the future. I think that's enough, though.

I hope, I pray and I am already warning everyone that Soo Chul better not die because otherwise I'm going to sob tears of blood. It's enough with Grandmother, you don't need to take away from me another character I'm so fond of. 

That said, let's go watch episode 8!


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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