Episode 8 of Doctor Crush made our week, right? But yet, what if we want some more? Well, I've made a new gif-set from the latest episode, so take a look at it as well as the recap of what happened in said episode.

Episode 8

   Soo Chul flies over the car after the collision. Although shocked and scared, Hye Jung leaves the car to assist him. Thankfully, he's not dead and although it seems he broke his spine, it's not over yet. Ji Hong arrives a bit later and between the two they manage to help him and take him in an ambulance to the hospital.

Hye Jung has been at the edge and she doesn't want to operate on Soo Chul, but he wants her there, he trusts her the most so she accepts and assists during the surgery. It gets bloody at some point but thankfully, everything goes well and Soo Chul is saved. Oh thank goodness, I was holding my breath the whole time.

Relieved, Hye Jung can even tease Ji Hong a bit, getting so close and making him think she'll hug him. Ah, our little Hye Jung is adorable.

Okay, you know all the management issue with the stocks and such? Well, all that is to get Ji Hong's father out of the picture so Seo Woo's father and grandfather can control the hospital. Those cunning bastards. Ew.

So Chul is awake and looks disappointed that he can't lift his hands or legs, but Hye Jung tells him to take it slowly, just moving his finger is good now. She comforts him and it shows how beautiful their relationship is. He was there for her when she needed, without being overbearing and for that she'll always be grateful. Aw.

Then comes the conscious surgery with the Olympic Archer. It's super cool how she's totally awake and aware while they operate on her brain. At some point, her brain starts bleeding which causes the athlete to lose her sight for a moment. Hye Jung suggests to stop the bleeding while Seo Woo says to wait until this stops. Ji Hong agrees with Hye Jung but Seo Woo keeps insisting on waiting. This isn't a good attitude as it shows a division in the team. Later, Ji Hong scolds Seo Woo for her attitude and of course she takes it badly. Luckily, the procedure goes well, the tremor stops and the archer can shoot the arrows again, despite Seo Woo's attitude. Yay!

Hye Jung has a confrontation with her father who can't understand why she's so cold when all he wants is to get close. Hye Jung states they have never been close and can't just start now. They have no common ground and it's clear it still hurts her. That conversation goes nowhere.

Ji Hong finds out Soo Chul is actually married (well, divorced) so he's all smiles and kindness now that he knows the young boy isn't competition. Ha!

Then comes the welcome party! Seo Woo and Yoon Do are asked to have dinner with her family, but he's not pleased or willing to. He doesn't want to deal with management in the slightest, so all this is boring for him. He continues rejecting Seo Woo who doesn't understand about giving up, and later she gets scolded for not being able to control Yoon Do. Well, with a father like that I'm not surprised with her nasty and petty personality.

The party is fun, a lot of alcohol and laughter. Kang Soo passes out at some point, not breathing but with so many doctors around he will be all right. Yoon Do, later, joins them and tries to stay close to Hye Jung. By the way! Before the party he confessed… well, kind of. He told Hye Jung that he sees her as a woman and wants to get close and even asks her on a date (sort of). Seriously, that was so cute, he tries so hard to be cool but he's just like a smitten puppy. Anyhow, going back to the party however, he can't get much close because Ji Hong ends up taking Hye Jung away.

They go to the arcade to have a fun and lovely date. He gets her many stuffed animals (no surprise, he has a machine of those in his home!) and they laugh a lot. Finally, they end up running barefoot on a field, laughing and enjoying themselves and at some point, Hye Jung holds on to Ji Hong's hand. Hmmm, isn't that progress? That's where the episode ends.

Now bring the rainbow!







About the episode:

Oh thank goodness! I was so scared Soo Chul was going to die when he's so cute and cheeky. I really like his character so I'm glad he's safe and Hye Jung didn't have to lose someone else again. I wouldn't have endured it either. I get too emotionally attached.

During this episode I realised it's not that I like Yoon Do better for Hye Jung than Ji Hong, I just like him better in general. There's something incredibly endearing about the younger doctor, his awkwardness and odd personality. Ji Hong is nice, too, but to be honest, it's not like I actually ship Hye Jung with any of them. I guess I'm okay with either or neither. If she ends up single and just with her friends and family, I'd be equally happy. At least I don't hate any of them. In some dramas that's how I feel about the male lead. However, I'm still not completely sold with Ji Hong and Hye Jung. *hums*

I'm still very sad about her family. I wish things could get better there, just because I want Hye Jung to have a bigger and more functional family. I want her to fill that void in her heart but I'm not sure if that will be fixed or if it can be fixed. As she said, they never were close so it's not like it can change, and her stepmother is nasty, nasty, nasty. I like Yoo Na, though. She seems a nice and cute younger sister.

Seo Woo… Aish, I can't stand her. With every episode I grow to dislike her more and more. I kind of understand her family has messed her up, but still. I just don't have patience for someone with such humongous inferiority complex. She can't stop comparing herself with Hye Jung and making herself the victim, antagonising Hye Jung who doesn't even bother with Seo Woo. And Seo Woo keeps slipping so I can only guess she'll get worse. I'm not looking forward to that.

Well, I'm glad all surgeries went well, that Hye Jung looks so happy. I find myself enjoying more the other relationships than the romance in the story. What about you all?

With that said, now we can only enjoy the series and wait for the next episode.


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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