It's a new week, which means more Doctor Crush! Episode 9 is out, and it's time to recap it and show you the rainbow I made.

Episode 9

      It starts with our leads playing on the field and having a very cute, cuddly and romantic moment together. They really look like they are dating, don't they? No wonder Soon Hee thinks they are and I think Hye Jung is also considering it. They text and send emoticons, making plans and such. I mean, I'm no expert but K-dramas have taught me that is what dating looks like.

In the meantime Seo Woo has gotten drunk, Kang Soo ended in the hospital as a patient and Yoon Do tells Ji Hong he likes Hye Jung and is planning to butt in. Ji Hong, with all the confidence that is his trademark already, doesn't seem fazed at all and wishes the doctor who resembles a Siberian Husky (Soon Hee's words) good luck. Yoon Do is more bewildered with this reaction and feels like he's lost already. Most amusing!

The next day Hye Jung goes to the hospital where Grandmother got her surgery but as it's been 13 years they cannot give her the records. She finds out, however, where the resident who was in the surgery works now and goes to see him. He's pleasant at first but once he sees the file Hye Jung brings he's all tense and sensitive. Odd and suspicious, and Hye Jung knows it but he refuses to answer more questions.

During the same day Hye Jung goes to see Grandmother to the columbarium, crying and just letting her emotions overflow her. Seo Woo seems to give up a bit on life and just allowing her family to make her the puppet in the show. Meanwhile, Ji Hong takes Hye Jung to meet his father and fish together. Father seems to really like her and it looks like a nice date.

At the same time, however, Tax Services have come to the hospital to take evidence against Ji Hong's father. This time it's really serious and it seems the only option is for Director Hong to retire as he is the one to "blame" for this. Clearly, this makes happy the other two cunning bastards who planned it all. Everyone know someone is behind this, they just don't know who yet.

Seo Woo has decided to stop being "nice." I'm not really sure if she was ever nice, but really she has this huge inferiority complex and at the same time she deludes herself, thinking the world turns around her. She honestly thinks Hye Jung came to the hospital to steal everything from her. Seo Woo bargains with Hye Jung that if the latter tells her the real reason things could get better, but as Hye Jung can't because she's after Seo Woo's father, it looks like the ultimatum for those two. Baby Hye Jung, you're better off like this.

My lovely Boss-nim is finally discharged and all of his lackeys come for him. Like everyone else, he's been charmed by our Hye Jung and humbly accepts he now will listen to women. He also leaves a nice sport car as a present for Hye Jung who can't accept it and makes all the others young doctors and nurses crazy about the idea.

In all this car euphoria, Seo Woo goes to talk to Yoon Do, confronting him for leaning her on and slapping him. At this point the relationship between them breaks. Yoon Do throws at her the inferiority complex and how she should focus on sorting out her problems instead of his complexes. He warns her never to slap him again and Seo Woo breaks down. Do I need to say I have no sympathy for her?

The doctor whom Hye Jung went to see is at the hospital. It's evident Grandmother's case was buried and no files should come out, although Seo Woo's father doesn't seem worried that someone is digging up this, as it's been more than 10 years and after so long there isn't legal actions that anyone can take. I don't know, old man, but did you see how fond of Hye Jung our Gangster Boss is? I'd be worried.

There's a directors' meeting where Director Hong is supposed to retire, but he doesn't, he just takes the blame. Seo Woo's grandfather gets angry and lashes out at him, calling him greedy and such, even insulting Ji Hong which makes Director Hong punch the nasty old man. I didn't see that coming but I loved it.

Director Hong isn't looking well and Ji Hong convinces him to get a check up. It turns out he has relapsed and the tumour now is bigger and even more serious. Neither Tae Ho or Ji Hong can perform this surgery so it ends up in Yoon Do's and Hye Jung's hands, and as a secret from everyone else.

Ji Hong as a guardian is a mess and can't really trust Yoon Do, even if he's such a great surgeon. Yoon Do is going for a more complex procedure that ultimately is better for the patient, but riskier and that makes the others anxious. He's acting all tough and Hye Jung figures out it's because he's also scared of failing, so she gives him his full support.

The episode ends with Hye Jung saying how when a doctor becomes a guardian of someone they love, they become weak. Which is Ji Hong's case.

Now bring the rainbow!







About the episode:

I keep enjoying the show, but I'm not just extremely thrilled or obsessed as before. The pace is steady and not many exciting things happen in the episodes anymore. I can't say it's focused on the romance solely but neither is focused on the drama behind managing the hospital. Furthermore, there are too many characters I despise, which makes it hard to swallow. 

Nevertheless, there are many things I love, aside from Hye Jung and all her friendships, the cuteness of the puppy-like crush of Yoon Do, the cheekiness of Ji Hong and the adorable residents. But I can't stomach Seo Woo and her family. She gets on my nerves and this episode was so hard. I mean, come on! You can't be that dumb to think someone who avoids you and barely acknowledges you cares so much about you as to come to "take everything away from me". Seriously, I'm so fed up with her petty character. Every time she has one of these scenes I just roll my eyes wait for it to end. Same with her family.

Oh, oh oh! I really enjoyed the flashback to the time Director Hong adopted Ji Hong. That bit of their story, showing the strength of their bond was beautiful and I liked seeing this side of him, scared and out of his element. He always looks so confident and straightforward, but now he's scared and that makes him more human in my eyes, and more likeable. I feel this need to protect him and comfort him. 

Considering this complex surgery, I'm pretty sure it'll bring repercussions on every plot that the story is following, so I guess we only have to wait to see how things progress. We're just halfway through the series!

Until the next episode.


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