Good day to everyone reading this! Dramafever brought for us a new juicy and highly expected K-drama with a wonderful cast. I'm talking about Strong Woman Do Bong Soon! And I come to bring recaps for every episode, which I'll keep doing until the finale. If you watched Doctor Crush, maybe you read my Rainbow Recaps; now I'll be doing the same style for this story.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 1

The episode starts with a bus going through its normal trajectory until a tire bursts out, leading all the passengers to an imminent accident. Inside the bus there's Ahn Min Hyuk (played by Park Hyung Sik), embracing his oncoming death until out of the blue and right before they hit the fence of a bridge, the bus stops with no more chaos than people falling from their seats. Min Hyuk is the only one to look outside the back windows, seeing a girl in pink hoodie walking away. Right before she turns around and we can see her face, we are taken back to the present with Min Hyuk dreaming until his phone goes off, another call to threaten him but this doesn't seem to faze him.

Then we jump to our heroine, Do Bong Soon, (played by Park Bo Young). While eating she's enhancing her resume to apply for yet another job, and during this she tells the story of her family. Basically, being born extremely strong comes in the family, her mother was also like her, but after using her powers for other than something good, she lost them. Then she married the man who'd be her husband and got pregnant of twins, Bong Soon being the older and with inhuman strength she's had to keep secret. As someone who can't really show her true self, Bong Soon is still looking for her place in society, job included. Her dream, however, is to become a game developer, creating a game where she can be the main character, giving her the freedom she can't have in real life.

Somewhere else, Min Hyuk is just enjoying the day by the Han River when he spots someone suspicious. As he's been receiving these threatening calls he isn't jus being paranoid so he goes after this person before he goes after him. The chase proves fruitless and the suspicious man escapes. Things seem to be getting worse so it's the time to get a bodyguard.

Somewhere else, an ahjussi taking many kids in a school bus finds himself stuck when a truck is blocking the way. He tries to find someone who can help but instead he finds only gangsters that the moment they find out the ahjussi is planning to report, use violence to silence him. Perfect timing because just then Bong Soon shows up. At first she's just going to report them but another thug comes to stop her, breaking her phone. She insists he should compensate her, which is basically pointless. The thug hits her and belittles her and Bong Soon has had enough, so she ends up defending herself and her powers come to light. The kids cry out in awe while Bong Soon gives all the gangsters a lesson. All this was witnessed by Min Hyuk who is the one to actually report it to the police.

In the police station the gangsters blame it all on Bong Soon and she doesn't know how to justify herself, especially with the kids claiming the same. Her friend and one-side love, In Gook Doo (played by Ji Soo) can't really believe she beat up all those thugs and ask for the truth, but Bong Soon doesn't know what to say that won't make her look like a weirdo in front of him. She's so cute, literally looking at him with heart-eyes. Anyhow, before she can really explain herself, Min Hyuk comes to give his statement, saying the thugs fought each other and the kids aren't saying the truth. That is accepted, Bong Soon can walk away all cool and mighty. When Min Hyuk tries to get a thank from her she only reprimands him for lying and singles him out for not doing anything when she took care of the gangsters. That makes an impression on our CEO who can only claim how sexy her attitude is.

At home, Bong Soon is just scolded by her mother for still being unemployed. On the other hand, her twin brother, Bong Ki, is a doctor and at the hospital he works him and other doctors examine the X-rays of one of the thugs, impressed with what happened to him and how this could be a revelation. He only looks uncomfortable and a bit constipated, worried for his sister. Then we get a flashback of when they were still kids and had been kidnapped. Then, Bong Soon also used her superhuman strength to escape and stop the car.

In the present, Bong Ki is worried that for using her powers in front of someone again she might lose them, but she says it should be okay as she used them against bad guys. Still, she's nervous and the next day she's nervous and makes sure everything is normal, extremely relieved when she still has her powers.

At work, Min Hyuk is going over candidates for bodyguards when he remembers Bong Soon, claiming she's the perfect one for the job. When they try to get her contact information, however, Gook Doo refuses to share it. Our police is someone who abides to the rules and will never break them, doing his utmost to bring justice even if that means crossdressing. That he's like that is actually good in Min Hyuk's eyes, but it still is a headache because now he has to pull some higher up ropes. 

Regardless, Min Hyuk secretary finds Bong Soon and offers to hire her. At first she refuses, she's highly tempted when she hears the pay and perks, but only agrees when he hears the company: AinSoft.

At the family shop, Bong Soon mother is busy with her friends when a beautiful lady comes in, who turns out to be Gook Doo's mother and it's clear they don't really get along, although they keep it civilised. Then, Bong Soon's mother finds out her daughter was at the police station and has a go at her, scolding her for using her powers and reminding her of the possible consequences, like diarrheas. Bong Soon tries to ease her worries and tells her she got a job. She also tries to tell that to Gook Doo when this calls her to tell her to be careful, thinking of her as such a fragile and defenceless woman, yet he hangs up before she gets a word. 

The next day she goes to meet Min Hyuk and he wants to test her strength, getting completely humiliated and also getting Secretary Gong  to end up in the hospital. With her strength proved, they go over the details and Min Hyuk agrees to give her a chance to maybe transfer to another area if she does well, but for the meantime she'll also be his secretary. 

Going home, Bong Soon feels a presence changing her but no one shows up. Gook Doo goes to see her at home to give her a teaser, telling her to be careful and she wants to talk more, even asking for his girlfriend who just calls so he waves goodbye leaving a very disappointed Bong Soon behind. Somewhere else in the neighbourhood a young girl is also followed, just that this time she's also caught.

Why hello there creepy hoodie man.

The next day Gook Doo and his team find out the young woman was actually murdered. And now it's time for the team to start working.

At Min Hyuk's office it's time for Bong Soon to start working too, he shows her his computer, clearly attacked by a hacker. He claims to want to catch the people behind himself as he doesn't like nor trusts the police. Right then, on the news they find out about the murder in Bong Soon's neighbourhood and just then he receives another threatening call, promising that worse things are yet to come.

Now bring the rainbow!







   I don't know about you all, but I already love this K-drama. I was excited because I like all the main actors but now after the first episode it looks like it's going to be so hilarious. Yet it has that creepy touch, the mystery to keep us on our toes. Who's after Min Hyuk? Who's the murderer? 

I can tell I already love Bong Soon, she's so fun and I appreciate that, most of the time we have annoying female leads, don't you think? She's cute and so tiny, but strong. I love that. And she has great dynamics with both Min Hyuk and Gook Doo. I am no fan of love triangles, especially when Ji Soo is involved because he breaks my heart, but I am eager to find out how this one is going to roll out.

Are you excited for more of this? Hooked already? I am! And I'll see you all for the rest of the episodes.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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