Behold, people. Episode 10 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon came to give us a heart attack in many ways. Are you ready to see what happened before the new episode comes out? 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 10: Finding the Hidden Heart

At the police station Bong Soon insists they got the wrong person, Gook Doo supports her, but the man they got admits to the latest kidnap so they technically aren't wrong. This man is also claiming he did the other abductions which make the real Bride Collector extremely angry.

Bong Soon goes back to the hospital, even if Goo Doo would prefer if she didn't. There, Min Hyuk shows his jealousy in the most egocentric way, claiming Bong Soon must like him but think he's too perfect for her. Ha. She finally asks him about his sexual preferences and Min Hyuk confesses that he didn't have time to date before, and the rumours were good marketing, but actually he's crazy about woman. Yes, we all knew.

Bong Soon wants to find the culprit and asks Min Hyuk if he could help, but he prefers to protect her so she has to do it on her own. She asks to go home and he allows her, only if she doesn't wander around the neighbourhood. Before she goes, he asks her for help because walking hurts so she has to wrap his arm around her shoulders and he grins in the most adorable way. Man, he finds every excuse to be near.

Gook Doo is angry the case has been wrapped up when he knows the real culprit is out and promises he'll catch him, even if he loses his badge. So he goes to see the junkyard owner and confronts him, demanding to know where the women are. The detective loses his patience and ends up hitting the other man, reaching for the shoes he saw before but the Bride Collector cries out for help. Gook Doo confirms the shoe size but the whole confrontation was caught in footage so it'll be a huge problem for Gook Doo. But the guy knows it and before he's told to quit, he hands in his badge and walks out.

Min Hyuk is worried about Bong Soon and that she might go after the Bride Collector, so he decides to finally let her join the development team and tells Secretary Gong to make the arrangements and tell her. The girl is delighted to hear the news, and when she calls Min Hyuk to thank her (he was actually waiting for that) she manages to escape having to go to the hospital. But worry not, the man won't be alone, Bong Soon Mamma is on her way to look after her son-in-law. HA!

Meanwhile, Gook Doo goes again to the junkyard to get the women, but violence is not the way and other officers come to stop him, telling him to work together or they'll never catch the culprit. They manage to persuade the young man and he goes to meet with their leader who really gets to Gook Doo. Aw, things are okay now with the team and I trust they'll catch the real culprit.

Bong Soon has another Romeo and Juliet dream, this time Romeo is Korean and he's crazy about girls, so he goes for the kiss! But she wakes up right then. I agree with Kyung Sim, she's totally in love.

She goes happily to work, getting a celebratory welcome with flowers and bubbles! But soon she's disappointed when she realises the team she's joined only includes her, Min Hyuk and Secretary Gong. She will stay in Min Hyuk's office! Poor girl. 

Oh, but the torture doesn't end there because Toothless Thug's doppelgänger shows up, extremely flamboyant and clearly jealous Bong Soon is so close to their CEO. That jealousy makes him bully her, or try to because after a while Bong Soon can't take much of it and just literally traps him between the table and the window. Oh, a new victim of her powers. He can join Secretary Gong and cry together.

Bong Soon can't get rid of Min Hyuk bullying, he even takes it to opera bullying! I swear I love him to death. He suggest a welcome party but our girl rejects that, fed up with him. She is so angry she doesn't even want to see him and ask Secretary Gong to tell the CEO her feelings, just like kids fighting! Awww.

Later, when Bong Soon comes back she eavesdrop when Secretary Gong is asking him why he took the blow for Bong Soon. The man doesn't answer and walks out, running into the girl but not saying anything. He goes to the library and Bong Soon follows him, reflecting on her attitude and promising to have the welcoming party, once he gets the stitches removed. All the while he looks at her so intently even my heart is racing!

Bong Soon takes Min Hyuk home and before she leaves, he stops her and makes her sit to rest his head on her lap, asking her to stay for a bit. She does, until he falls asleep and then walks around, finding the painting of the pink hoodie girl, realising it's her. She still leaves the house after receiving a text from Gook Doo, asking her to meet the next day.

At home, Grandmother has come to share the notebooks with all the history the women in her family have shared, saying it's her duty to write her part now. Grandmother tells her she ought to use her powers to catch the culprit so Bong Soon takes the journals with her, which glow once put together.

At his home, Min Hyuk wakes up but can't find Bong Soon, only a note asking him to take care of his stitches. He goes to bed but he can't really fall asleep, so he ends up leaving his bed and going to see Bong Soon in the middle of the night. She's confused and asks what he's doing there. It looks like a confession, but he then says he's sick, he's hurting. Buuuh.

But wait! He then grabs her hand and presses it against his chest, saying that's where it's hurting, because of her. He asks her then to end her one-side love with Gook Doo because he thinks he likes her.


Now Bring the Rainbow!






Be still my heart! I can't with everything Min Hyuk does. He is a little... and he lives to bully Bong Soon in the most loving way, which is super odd. But he's so protective just not in the obvious way, and lets her rant and finds that cute. He knows exactly who she is and he loves her and I love him for that. This episode was terrible in the way he stared at her, it gave me both cavities and a serious case of jealousy because I also want to be loved like that.

Where can I find my own Min Hyuk? I'll be happy with a Romeo like him, I'd give up my name for him.

Anyhow... I am glad the detective team are still after the criminal and are aware who's the real responsible. You go team, catch the evil one! I trust you all.

Gook Doo hasn't really confessed yet and I just hope Bong Soon won't be swayed too much. Man, I wish I could get confessions from such man. I don't need two, just one is enough for me. But alas, I am not the lead female of a drama, I just write the recaps. Sad life.

Anyhow, I can't wait for episode 12! Luckily it comes out today so it's almost here! Whoop whoop! Until then.

I'm out~


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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