Episode 11 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon comes to show us Bong Soon being courted by two handsome men who are really stepping up their games. It's a tough decision for our heroine. Let's see how the episode went.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 11: Timing

The episode starts with a freaked out Do Bong Soon who can't even answer to her mother's questions. Our poor girl can't even fall asleep as she recalls Min Hyuk's confession. She asked him for time to think over and organise her feelings, but obviously the CEO pushes her a bit telling her to think about it quickly and deal with her feelings so then she can focus on him. 


Min Hyuk is in a daze at home, smiling like a fool to himself and thinking of Bong Soon's big eyes when he confessed. He is overcome with her cuteness just like I'm overcome with this couple. I swear!

Bong Soon has another shakespearean dream in which a new Romeo appears, this time Gook Doo, claiming to be the real Romeo. The men start bickering, demanding Bong Soon to decide which one is her Romeo, but then infatuated doppelgänger shows up, threatening to report Bong Soon and then attacking Gook Doo for being a fake Romeo.

These dreams get better every time.

At the office, like in her dream, the doppelgänger threatens to report her and pushes her to confess what she did to him in the meeting room. She tries cuteness to appease the beast but to no avail. Ultimately she just makes his coffee and nags to herself how he keeps bullying her. To get back at him she brings the ten boxes of A4 paper in one go, scaring the living days of her sunbae again.

Gook Doo and Min Hyuk are in perfect sync at their courting Bong Soon, texting her the same at the same time. She is spooked, too, and actually gets confused and sends the replies "wrong." To Min Hyuk she sends it in informal language and to Gook Doo in formal, which confuses the latter but Min Hyuk is delighted, thinking it's Bong Soon's way to get closer to him.

While Bong Soon is attacked by Min Hyuk feels, Gook Doo calls her to ask if he can go see her as she can't make it to watch a movie. He took a day off only for her and he got her a present and now he's making his move. WHY NOW? Korean dramas, they never cease to play with my heart.

Bong Soon is surprised with her childhood friend's attitude but she has other problems to take care of, like her sunbae bullying. But she's opted to torture him back by messing with him. This time she tells him she's an alien and leaves joyful as the man has a fit. 

At the office new rumours about their CEO start going around as he came out as really straight at the conference, even sharing he actually likes one of his employees. Bong Soon overhears how the female workers comment on that and gets flustered, breaking the faucet once again.

Then Min Hyuk is back and Bong Soon sees him approaching in all his SHINING GLORY! He is blinding me, I can't. And she can't either, especially when he makes it obvious he has a thing for her, holding her hand while the other employees gossip around. He takes her to eat and continues showing his favouritism so now everyone, Secretary Gong included, realise he likes Bong Soon. Our flamboyant doppelgänger throws another fit but he gets completely ignored. When he nags at Bong Soon again she gives him an accessory, curling a chopstick around his wrist and scaring him so much the man passes out while Bong Soon bounces away happily.

Cute and intimidating, I like that.

Jang Hyun is monitoring Hee Ji and how she makes planes with Bong Ki, and he also makes sure to let the police know he is aware of their plan and if they don't stop then he's going to report them. Creepy Bride Collector, I hate him.

At the office Bong Soon and the planning team discuss a game, which is about twin siblings, the girl having to rescue her brother. then Gook Doo arrives to see Bong Soon and calls her, but as he's heading all hopeful to the girl, he receives a call that Jang Hyun is targeting Hee Ji, so the detective has to decide what to do. With frustration he goes back to his car and goes to Hee Ji to warn her, also realising the person she likes is his friend Bong Ki, yet he doesn't make any remark regarding that, only focusing on his ex's safety.

Bong Soo waits but Gook Doo doesn't show up. When it's late, Min Hyuk does show up, realising she got stood up by her friend and tries to lift the mood, but at the same time he reinforces his confession and asks her to please like him. He holds his hand for her but she hesitates, so he pulls her in his arms and asks her to stay with him.

Can someone resist that?

Flustered, Bong Soon goes to get her bag and is delighted to find a projection of the universe, like in Min Hyuk's home. Did he do that for her? It's beautiful. Anyhow, they leave the office together, walking hand-in-hand and my stomach is full of flowers and butterflies. Gook Doo runs to the coffee shop, but too late. Min Hyuk drops Bong Soon home, making sure to tell her she can't back off the next day and making sure to state how he wants to be with her. I'm dying of cuteness. 

After he leaves, Kyung Sim shows up. She gets scolded for walking alone, but she says to be okay, she even has a pager in case of need.

Later that night, Gook Doo goes to see Bong Soon at her home, present in hand and ready to confess, but before he can actually say it, Bong Soon says she doesn't want to lose him as a friend. Heartbroken, Gook Doo hides the present behind his back while looks at the girl in front of him with such sad eyes. When he walks away, he sits on some stairs and recalls many of their moments together with Bong Soon, his expression a reflection of a kicked puppy. I cry for him.

Bong Soon, at home, realises that her crush has actually ended.

The next day, Hee Ji goes to the police office to get more information about Jang Hyun, but this man is listening and now aware of it. 

At the office, Min Hyuk and Bong Soon talk about the pitch for the game presentation and he asks more about the game, wondering whom her character saves. She replies a lonely prince in a tower and Min Hyuk realises that could be a representation of him and encourages this plot line.

At the hospital, after the poop wine actually healed Boss Gangster, he has deduced to change paths and look for a different life, while Bong Soon's followers decide to defend their noonim's honour and go to the hospital to beat up the gangsters that tried to stab her.

At the office, Min Hyuk "helps" Bong Soon to do research, but actually he just looks for excuses to hold her hand and get closer. And even if she complains about being obvious, he doesn't care, after all he's the CEO no one is going to scold him for that. So he takes her for dinner again, being all cute.

Can they stop? Noooooo.

Gook Doo team is ready to catch the culprit this time, in positions to protect Hee Ji while using her a decoy and a hoodie man shows up, tailing her creepily so the policemen start the chasing. Hee Ji also notices and tries to run, just for someone to jump in front of her!

Then we see the Bride Collector carrying a limp body and throwing her earbuds and pager next to the pink suitcase.

Somewhere in the neighbourhood, Bong Soon walks with Min Hyuk when she hears sirens and looks in the distance, with a bad feeling.

Now Bring the Rainbow!






It's infuriating how Jang Hyun is always ahead of the police. No matter what they do, he always surprises and deceives them. He certainly gives the creepy mood to the show, especially now that we are in such smoochy stage with our leads. Min Hyuk and Bong Soon are so adorable and I can't resist the CEO with his smiles and giggles every time he interacts with Bong Soon. He's so in love it's beautiful.

I am all for Min Hyuk team, but Gook Doo broke my heart in this episode. I love him even if I don't ship him with Bong Soon, and seeing his sad eyes hit me right in the feels. I totally blame Ji Soo for being a good actor.

Things only seem to get more intense in the future for our story. Are you all ready for that? I'll see you all for the next recap.

I'm out~


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