Episode 12 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon came to give us a heart attack. Both from fear and anxiety, and from the cuteness overload. Are you ready to see what happened? 

Strong Woman Doe Bong Soon
Episode 12: Help Me

The episode starts with Bong Soon and Min Hyuk having their date, being disgustingly cute per usual. The CEO points out that now they should be calling each other by names, but our girl makes a cold comment asking why they should if they are not in that type of relationship. His counterattack comes in the same of flabbergasted and dramatic expressions that accuse her of taking advantage of him when they've done almost everything, yet they are still not dating? How horrendous!

Meanwhile, somewhere else we can see what really happened with Jang Hyun, who didn't go for Hee Ji but Kyung Sim. The police think they missed the criminal when in fact they were on the wrong place all along and now nobody knows what's happened to Bong Soon's friend because a homeless man took the left items.

The police are frustrated because who is it possible? It's like Jang Hyun is watching them… oh, Gook Doo finally realises it's like that. Meanwhile, the criminal enters the junkyard through a secret pass way with Kyung Sim, who cries and tries to get away from him, but Jang Hyun only has to scream Do Bong Soon's name to make her stop. He brought her to beg him for forgiveness and to get back at the only one who stopped him.

At home, it's a change of 180 degrees because Bong Soon is all smiles wanting to tell Kyung Sim about it, so she texts her friend but Jang Hyun is the one pretending to be the girl and replying, playing along. He manages to get Bong Soon to talk about the jinx that could cause her to lose her powers, which delights the criminal. And while Gook Doo finally finds the camera, the Bride Collector is just eager. The employee is evidently in with him and Jang Hyun keeps him by paying for his mother's hospital fees and providing drugs. Where does he make all that money though? While the employee is injecting himself, Jang Hyun claims that now the police know he's the culprit so the real game begins.

He is a psycho.

Going to Min Hyuk, he's working on the character for Bong Soon's game, obviously thinking of her so he sends her a good night video, and she scoffs at first but sends her reply giving him a nickname: Min Min (Man , I call every celebrity with Min in their name Min Min!). Just like me, Min Min ends up giggling and rolling on his bed, overcome with Bong Soon's cuteness and rewatching the video countless times, not able to fall asleep. When he does he only has a nightmare of Bong Soon losing her powers and being attacked.

Nooooo, bad dreams go away!

At the office, Bong Soon is happy to see the new design for her character and although she thinks of some alterations, Min Hyuk still makes some remarks to how pretty the real Bong Soon is and that he isn't that talented to recreate that. Disgustingly cute.

What's happening with all the gangsters, AKA our lovely comic-relief? While Gagster Boss is clearly in a journey to self-discovery, white hanbok and temple included, the high schooler thugs keep chasing after him and end up on the same bus, without realising. Even if Gagster Boss escapes right in time, the high schoolers follow him to the temple where a very-dubious-Indian monk has become Gagster Boss's master. His followers have come to see what's going on with their leader, and with the high schoolers there it's up to another fight, but the Indian-that-actually-looks-like-Korean Monk stops the fight, cleans them while cursing at them calling their bad deeds, and then feeds them. The whole story with them has me in stitches. 

Bong Soon after working for a while goes looking for Min Hyuk who seems to be hiding until she found him, dragging her in an empty room where he corners her against the wall. Finally, he asks for the answer to his confession but actually he doesn't need an answer when he can read her so easily. And his smile is the most precious thing! He melts for bong Soon's cuteness like I do at his. I am Min Hyuk, he is me, we are one.

It seems Min Hyuk will kiss Bong Soon again but, one more time, he plays with our hearts and just kisses her forehead instead.

Min Hyuk has taken Bong Soon to a workshop retreat to the beach and in his all majestic glory he shows the view. Bong Soon really thinks they came to work on the presentation and Min Hyuk is disappointed, and then also severely distracted by her, getting hot and anxious. He can't take it so he ends up going out and taking her with him. And now it's lovely date time at the beach while I cry in my singleness. Why can't I have a Min Min, too?

It's when they are playing on the beach with the waves that Min Hyuk steps aside, grabbing one of the two conveniently placed sticks to draw half a heart. He tells Bong Soon he'll stay there, she just has to come to him. So our girl grabs the other stick and draws the missing half of the heart, going to him. They step closer and closer, the mod set and finally, FINALLY! Min Hyuk kisses her in the most adorable, tender and loving way.

I'm squealing so hard right now.

Late at night, Min Hyuk drives Bong Soon home and they have all that cute and typical moment. The young man confesses how how much he wants to see her at times and I swear I'm melting, the way he stares at her. And when they part ways he already claims to miss her. I want to live! Mercy on me.

At home, Bong Soon is so happy, she overflows sweetness that even shocks Bong Ki. She always texts Kyung Sim to ask when she's coming to visit and to tell her, too, but when she does the answer that comes triggers something. Obviously, it's Jang Hyun still pretending to be the girl he kidnapped and later he realises that Kyung Sim never replies like he did.

In panic, Bong Soon calls Gook Doo to ask him to locate Kyung Sim and when they do, they find the pager on the homeless man's wrist. He confesses to have only found the things and now the police now the Bride Collector got a new bride. The captain comes to tell them to stop, they "got the culprit" and if they don't, they they'll get fired. The whole team, and even the homeless man, defy the captain and walk away, determined to catch the real criminal.

Jang Hyun tries to fix his mistake, but Bong Soon keeps texting and asks for Dol Kong. What Jang Hyun doesn't know is that Dol Kong is Kyung Sim's deceased dog, so he's been caught.

In total contrast, Min Hyuk is all dreamy thinking of Bong Soon, texting her, but she isn't in her right mind to answer.

Bong Soon goes to the junkyard to tell Gook Doo about the text messages and they walk around, trying to find the girls. Bong Soon recognises the smell and gets close to the entrance for the dungeon, but the police has to retreat and they take her with them. AISH! They'll come back again another time because for now they aren't finding anything. So close!

Bong Soon is desperate and it gets worse when "Kyung Sim" sends her a video where she's shown in the cell, saying she's fine and not to come just to be hit by Jang Hyun. Now he shows up with the creepy mask to challenge Bong Soon for what she did to him. If she wants to save Kyung Sim she needs to go there and apologise to him. He's a psycho but he has such nice abs. I'm sorry for noticing. 

Bong Soon cries in horror and desperation, not knowing what to do because he told her not to bring the police or Kyung Sim would die. I swear I feel her fear and desolation.

At his home, Min Hyuk is fixing a necklace to make it better, obviously for Bong Soon. It's later when this girl arrives, crying and desperate, asking him to help her.

Now Bring the Rainbow!





I swear I want to kill Jang Hyun. He is horrible in so many levels and his psychotic ways creep me out. He enjoys and takes pride on the things he does, and he's so resourceful. Clever criminals are the worst, and he's fooled the police way too many times. They are on his tail yet he is still two steps ahead and walking calmly.

I only fear for the future. Min Hyuk's dream was too ominous and Jang Hyun knows Bong Soon's kryptonite, so he'll use it against her. Things are bound to get horrible. I am not ready for what's to come, honestly I'm not.

This episode was so fluffy and pink, extremely lovely... and extremely creepy and angsty with the Bride Collector. It's impressive how we go from one side to the other so fast. It leaves me dizzy at times.

Are you ready for the next episodes? I fear for my heart. I'll see you all for the next recap.

I'm out~


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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