Episode 13 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon came to save us from such a horrid cliffhanger, but my friends, the climax of this story is just knocking at the door, so brace yourselves for more. Let's see how this went.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 13: Nevertheless

    We start with Bong Soon coming to Min Hyuk for help and also someone to hold her whilst her world is shattering. Our CEO does his best to calm her down and listen to the story, and he is adamant that Bong Soon should never ever go alone to find Kyung Sim. He promises to help and tries reassuring his girlfriend the best he can, yet he still fears she'll venture out there alone so he gives her the necklace that he modified to become a tracking device. He promises that necklace will keep her protected and I believe him.

The next day, after almost no sleeping at all, Bong Soon gathers all her courage and watches the video again, paying attention to the background noises and recognising them from the junkyard. Not only super strength has our Bong Soon, but also super hearing. On the other hand, Min Hyuk has been running a program, I assume it's to help him find where Jang Hyun has the brides. Meanwhile, at the police station the team has done a background check on the culprit, realising that aside form his psycho personality, his employee has be on it with him so they know where to strike for now.

The gangsters continue with their parodic existence that works only as comic relief when there's such tension in the episode. 

Sure of where to find her friend, Bong Soon ventures to the junkyard, alone (of course she does). In a wonderful display of her strength, she starts flipping cards around, looking for the entrance. Jang Hyun watches her and for the first time he looks alarmed, knowing she'll find his brides. He can't carry them all out, so he just takes Kyung Sim away, knowing she is the one Bong Soon is looking for and the most valuable for him. He leaves the other brides behind for Bong Soon to find and free. While the culprit flees the scene, he orders his lackey to burn it all, and the minion obviously does, trapping the other three brides and Bong Soon inside. But this doesn't stop our heroine and together they manage to find an exit of the dungeon. 

In serendipity, Gook Doo is taking a look at the junkyard when he sees smoke and rushes inside, in time to help Bong Soon with the brides and arrest the minion for accomplice. Our Bong Soon is still in despair as her dearest friend isn't in the scene and the lackey won't tell anything. Like that, she has to leave as assistance comes to the scene. Min Hyuk, who tracked where she went after Bong Soon didn't show up for the game presentation and who had actually found the secret dungeon, too, arrives at the junkyard just in time to pick Bong Soon up. At first he doesn't say anything, he just opens the door for her. He takes her to a quiet place and only then he scolds her for not waiting for him when he promised he would help her.

With the brides rescued, the police can start inspecting the dungeon, but then the other team comes and is trying to take credit. Whatever with your power and internal issues, it's more important to get Jang Hyun! It's good that Gook Doo is focused on that, although he's more frustrated to see how the criminal is indeed targeting Bong Soon.

The next day Bong Soon and Gook Doo meet, and she shows him the video the criminal sent her. Obviously he gets angry and tells her she should've shown that sooner, but Bong Soon only begs for him to keep it quiet, if the police gets involved it'll be worse for Kyung Sim. She asks him to help her, only him, and discreetly. He agrees and comforts her as she cries, while Min Hyuk watches the scene.

After that meeting, Min Hyuk takes Bong Soon away, hurt she asked for Gook Doo's help and demanding to know what he means to her. He states to know he can't do much for her and that she's different, but he feels so worried that she might go fight Jang Hyun alone. She asks back what he expected when he taught her to fight and he loses it, exclaiming that back then he didn't know this would happen or that he would love her so much. 

My heart!

Seeing how much he worries and suffers for her, Bong Soon declares they can't be together, she should live as a monster and Min Hyuk as a normal person. He is shocked but our girl's mind is set and she walks away while both ache in their hearts for the other.

Gook Doo tells team captain about Bong Soon, and although the man is reluctant to believe it at first, he puts the pieces together and realises that all the crazy statements before were true. Gook Doo also tells him that Jang Hyun took Kyung sim for revenge and he knows about Bong Soon's strength too.

As police, they try to collect the victim's testimonies while dealing with the press. The women are traumatised and barely remember, but every little thing will help.

At the office Bong Soon continues in agony while Min Hyuk can only worry about her. He approaches her one more time, telling her to eat but she refuses for as long as Kyung Sim isn't eating. He insists she needs her strength if she'll fight Jang Hyun, but she says even if she doesn't eat she'll have her strength. He gets so frustrated, even threatens that he won't eat if she doesn't either, but it doesn't work. Angrily, he storms out saying he won't worry about her anymore, yet he still sits at the cafeteria, worrying about her and looking for places that would deliver spicy chicken feet for her.

Violent Crime Unit 3 are trying to interrogate Jang Hyun's lackey, but they aren't getting anything from him, the police can only figure out the culprit made the man addict in order to control him.

Bong Soon gets a call from an unknown number. Obviously it is Jang Hyun who got a stranger's phone to taunt her. Bong Soon insults him but he only laughs at her. He asks her if she'd marry him if she hands her Kyung Sim. Without hesitation, Bong Soon agrees so he tells her to meet him later and dress prettily.

Min Hyuk really got spicy chicken feet for Bong Soon and comes to leave them at her desk, wondering where she went this time. He doesn't run into her when she comes back to leave a note for him, this time she spots the delivery bag, obviously knowing it was from him. It breaks my heart, really. Later he realises the chicken feet are gone and he finds the note where she tells him she'll be absent. He left his own note on her food, saying no matter what he wouldn't stop loving her.

I want love, too.

Bong Soon receives the invitation to meet Jang Hyun so she gets ready to go after him to a different construction site. Min Hyuk is alerted she's on the move so he leaves his place and calls Gook Doo, saying he's the only policeman the CEO trusts to help. Both rush to follow Bong Soon.

She arrives at the site and through the speaker Jang Hyun laughs at her, telling her to safe Kyung Sim. The girl is tied under an oncoming elevator, with the masked man inside. Bong Soon run to stop the lift and protect her friend, using her strength to block it and then throw the cubicle away, with the man inside. Finally, she can rescue her friend who is crying and telling Bong Soon the man inside isn't really the culprit.


Bong Soon goes to check and indeed the man inside the elevator was just an innocent victim, now hurt because of her strength. And just then, Jang Hyun really shows up, knowing this is when Bong Soon loses her powers. After hitting Kyung Sim, the culprit  taunts Bong Soon who still with wobbly steps goes to him, as brave as always just that this time she has no superhuman strength. Jang Hyun is delighted and starts choking her, promising our girl her end. But right in time Min Hyuk arrives to stop him. Jang Hyun discards Bong Soon and has to deal with enraged Min Hyuk.

The fight is tight, but Min Hyuk manages to injure Jang Hyun, who now makes a run for it, just in time for Gook Doo to arrive and threaten him with his gun. That doesn't stop the criminal who still presses the gas pedal. Gook Doo fires, hitting Jang Hyun on his shoulder while Min Hyuk runs to Bong Soon. He holds her dearly and tells her it's going to be okay, but she's barely conscious and then dramatically, her body goes limp. Min Hyuk cries out in the most heartbreaking way, in horror and pain for his love.

Now Bring the Rainbow!

Dear God, wasn't that an exciting episode? My poor heart, was pulled with grief for my favourite couple and fear, so scared for our Bong Soon. She is brave and strong, but just as every superhero, she overestimates her own abilities. Going alone is reckless and arrogant, and although I know she is doing it to keep safe the people she loves, she is not being rational or strategic. If you plan things, if you think before acting, you can save everyone and yourself. It's a K-drama! Of course you can do it well if you just stop for five-seconds to think what's the most efficient way to do things!

Jang Hyun knew exactly how to defeat her and Bong Soon fell in his trap, easily. Bless the tracking necklace because that's really what saved her, alerting Min Hyuk of her whereabouts to come to her rescue.

It terrifies me what might happen to Gook Doo, he's right in front of the car and psycho Jang Hyun might just run him over to get rid of the obstacle. He was injured but I'm sure this is not his end, we have three more episodes to see our villain cause more havoc.

There's more to go and my heart is not ready. But I'll see you all for the next recap.

I'm out~


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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