Episode 14 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon came to give us another thousand heart attacks but also to test the limits of Bong Soon and Min Hyuk love. Are you ready to die of cuteness and anxiety with this episode? Let's see how it went.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 14: Prelude to the Battle

We go back to the massive cliffhanger we were left off, with Bong Soon passing out in Min Hyuk arms while Gook Doo tries to stop Jang Hyun with a shot, but this does nothing to stop him and the man still makes a run for it. The detective barely makes it out of the way of the oncoming car, but soon he chases after the criminal while Min Hyuk is left to take care of Bong Soon.

Gook Doo chases the criminal who drives recklessly, especially with an injured shoulder. This causes Jang Hyun to lose control and go down the cliff, right into the lake (or river, I don't know). Gook Doo stops and immediately tries to search for the criminal, but  there's nothing to be seen in such darkness. The police arrive later to search for what they assume it's the body of Jang Hyun, to no avail.

Meanwhile, Min Hyuk takes Bong Soon to his home to look after her, calling her family to tell them she's okay with them. The CEO informs something happened but they'll find out later, for now Bong Soon is okay. At her home, Dad and Bong Ki talk about how they trust Min Hyuk as Dad has always feared for Bong Soon; the young brother shares how he dreamed to do some studies and understand Bong Soon's strength better, hoping like that he could help his sister. Both men love her so much.

In the middle of the night Bong Soon awakes on the sofa with Min Hyuk in front of her like in those first episodes, this time she doesn't push him away nor screams, she just stares longingly. She tries to touch him but stops and tries to leave, just for the man to stop her. He asks her to look at him and love him, which she accepts to do already. He worries he might not be in her heart but she assures him he is, and after staring at each other for a while, he cradles her against his chest and they hold each other.

At least something is right now.

The next morning when Mom finds out her daughter isn't home she is delighted, assuming she's with Min Hyuk. Dad confirms it but says something happened. Mom is still happy until she receives a call from Kyung Sim and finally she finds out what happened as the young girl cries over the phone.

At Min Hyuk's place Bong Soon tries to use her strength to make apple juice like before, but fails. Min Hyuk finds her like that but doesn't comment on it, instead acts normally and cuts the apple for her, making the glass of apple juice for her. He's the sweetest.

At the station Gook Doo struggles to fill the report. Jang Hyun has been declared dead but no body has been found yet. The detective is told to relax now, the case is over but he looks far from being at ease.

Kyung Sim is brought home and she is received with worried eyes, loving arms and reassuring words, a family that looks after her. Later, Min Hyuk drops Bong Soon home who runs crying for her friend. Both make sure the other is all right and Bong Soon confesses she feels weird now that she doesn't have her powers. It's later when Bong Soon is being scolded for not telling about Kyung Sim that the truth is revealed about our girl losing her powers.

Kyung Sim is escorted to her home in Busan and Bong Soon is left alone, obviously feeling lost but this time Mom takes her hands and reassures her everything will be all right. It's hard at first but she needs to continue her life and she'll get used to. She also confesses she was though on her because she felt guilty for Bong Ki who was weaker than others, but now that she doesn't have her strength Mom promises to look after her daughter the best she can.

Okay, I'm crying, at least something good can come from this tragedy.

So Bong Soon is back to her normal routine although it's hard being just an ordinary girl. Flamboyant Sunbae tries to bully her and make her do what she did before with the A4 sheet paper, just to show it to Min Hyuk. Once they see she's just normal, the CEO takes her away to comfort her. She's honest to him and tells her she's not okay, but she believes she will and that she'll try to live normally. As she is not special anymore, Min Hyuk restates he just wants her happy and he'll procure for that.  He'll be the oppa, just that he is not older and Bong Soon catches him on that, so she lowers her speech and teases him (he really loves it); they have the most adorable moment filled with normalcy and love.

At the shop, Mom and Dad keep quarrelling and I honestly don't like how abusive Mom is towards Dad, hence why I try to skip those parts. I don't find it funny or anything.

Min Hyuk and Bong Soon have their first normal date and I swear they are too sweet for me, and cheeky, both of them. Save me from the feels, please.

At home, while her parents keep fighting, Bong Soon goes to her room to mourn for her lost powers, realising she never actually wrote on the journals. But her sad expression is wiped away by a text from her boyfriend, reminding her of their picnic tomorrow.

The next day she has another cute date by the Han River with Min Hyuk, a picnic for which she prepares just to make the CEO fall even more in love with her. They are too cute for words and they are making me depressively single. It's April 14th, I'm going to go for black noddles as it's Black Day, and cry over their cuteness. Someone give me a cat, at least.

The cuteness is cut to show us Jang Hyun obviously survived and escaped, and now he's getting a self make-over to get revenge. 

Gook Doo calls to meet Bong Soon and check on her, going to AinSoft just when Jang Hyun also goes, pretending to be a reporter. Oh snap! They walk past each other and for a moment it looks like Gook Doo won't recognise him but he does, thank goodness! The detective calls Jang Hyun's name and they glare at each other, so Gook Doo jumps forward. They fight each other but the lift doors open and Jang Hyun takes a hostage to make the detective stop and flee the scene. 

Jang Hyun gets rid of the girl while Gook Doo alerts Min Hyuk. The whole company is told to evacuate and Secretary Gong tries escorting Bong Soon to safety, but Jang Hyun is unstoppable and he attacks the secretary and takes Bong Soon away while both Gook Doo and Min Hyuk try to stop the criminal.

Jang Hyun takes Bong Soon to the rooftop and scolds her for breaking her promise; she said she'd marry him. As punishment, he ties her up with chains and attaches a time-bomb. STOP BEING SUCH A PSYCHOTIC DRAMA QUEEN!

Min Hyuk knows Bong Soon has been taken after finding unconscious Secretary Gong so he uses the tracking necklace again to find her. He calls Gook Doo to tell him she's at the rooftop but the doors are locked. Jang Hyun escapes easily with no one stopping him. DEAR GOD, WHY?!

Back at the rooftop, Min Hyuk cries for her and when she hears him she tells him to leave as there's a time-bomb. The CEO will have none of it and tries to break it to her side while she keeps screaming and crying for him to leave, to save himself. Min Hyuk refuses and states he'll never leave his side. Tired and bleeding, he sticks by the doors resolute to die with her there.


Bong Soon cries desperately, crying to save her... no, to help her save him. She just wants to save him and the magic of the journals, the same magic that gives the women of her family the strength, hears her call and come to give her the strength once again to break the chains and throw the bomb away right in time. This bomb explodes in the night sky with... fireworks? What did Jang Hyun used to make it? Never mind, Min Hyuk is right by Bong Soon side, holding her dear while the explosions light up the night sky.

Now Bring the Rainbow!

This shows plays with my emotions so much and it's infuriating how no one can stop Jang Hyun for real. I want to get my own hands on him, get in the show just to end him once and for all. His twisted mind is taking out the psychopath I have inside.

But all horror works only to bound our leads even closer. Their true and loyal love reached unimaginable boundaries. My heart both broke and soared when Min Hyuk refused to leave Bong Soon to die along, and how she cried and begged just to save him. In that moment their thoughts were only for the other. That selfishness is the biggest proof of love. 

All the Romeo and Juliet dreams made me think of the play, and the whole dying together. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is like Romeo and Juliet, except Min Hyuk is more like Paris and this is as if Juliet realises Romeo just wanted her because Rosaline wanted to be a nun so he was frustrated. I mean, Gook Doo's mom and Bong Soon's hate each other, like Romeo and Juliet's families, and Min Hyuk is the one Bong Soon's family want for her, like Paris for Juliet.

Oh, why do I realise this now?

The only similarity I find to Romeo and Juliet is the dying together, but this is not for misunderstanding is just out of loyalty and pure love, not allowing the other to die alone. Is a kind of suicide, I guess, just that not because one thinks the other is dead before checking, you know?


While half of the episode is a test for my heart and health, the other half is comic relief to ease tension and familiar drama. I am a bit tired of it, to be honest. I really dislike the way Mom treats her husband, but I'm not fond of her character at all. And I'm a bit fed up with the gagsters, too. I understand the need for comic relief in a tension-filled story, but they have no other purpose. I was hoping they would be of some help for Bong Soon but there are two episodes left and I don't see that happening. Their interference in the plot is just anticlimactic by this point and I'd prefer if we don't see any of that and just get on the real story. I rather see smoochy scenes with Min Hyuk and Bong Soon that more of the gangsters pointless story-line.

But well, that's my opinion.

The new episode and the finale are coming this weekend. I am definitely not ready and the weather here in Korea doesn't look ominous. I'm sure my heart will break some more and I'll scream my lungs out, but I hope for a happy ending.

I'll see you all on the next recap!

I'm out~


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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