Episode 15 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is, in my opinion, the most exciting and adorable episode in the whole story so far. It teaches us how you get things done and I love it. Let's see how it went.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 15: Level Up

     While the fireworks light up the night sky after Bong Soon has recovered her strength right in time to save Min Hyuk and herself from the bomb, Jang Hyun wonders what he put in the bomb (kidding, that's what I'm wondering) and makes his escape once again without anyone stopping him. Seriously? Why is he like that?

Safe and sound, Min Hyuk and Bong Soon hold hands and leave to have some udong (우동) together. For a near death experience the pair are quite calm and acting like usual. Bong Soon throws a casual comment asking if she should stay with him instead, making Min Hyuk choke because his mind conjured something more provocative, I'm sure, but Bong Soon plays innocent. The poor CEO is flustered and has to walk to cool down. However, her words have made him actually want to stay with her for the night yet her family is waiting for her so with a pout he drives her home and try to persuade her to stay with him, but they have to part ways nonetheless.

At their respective homes, the two are restless and shocked to realise how much they care for one another. The frantic feelings from their almost death have them all over the place, especially Min Hyuk who needs to burn all that anxiety with some exercise. He tries falling asleep again but to no avail, and ultimately there's a ring at his door and Bong Soon shows up, because she wanted to see him.

Lovely and sexy times for the leads.

The next day, they are all lovey-dovey in front of everyone, becoming oblivious of the people around. In the elevator they think they are alone, until they move and we can see poor Secretary Gong third wheeling, but the couple don't notice him until later and even ignore him again quite soon. And it happens more than once.

With Jang Hyun on the run, the hunt has begun. The police have spread the flyers with his picture while Bong Soon makes a bow to catch him. She also meets with Gook Doo after the police have found out about the fireworks-bomb (seriously, what was that made of?). They have figured out Jang Hyun's target is our girl and they are worried, especially because the criminal is aware of Bong Soon's powers. Our heroine uses the chance to tell Gook Doo she got her powers back when she just desperately prayed to save Min Hyuk. Gook Doo realises the depth of the leads' love and smiles to himself, deciding to protect them and not write a report (not that anyone would've believed it). Ultimately, he's just glad she's safe and back to her old safe, and he hugs her goodbye.

At the office, Min Hyuk thinks of adding a pop-up in their games to help find Jang Hyun and yes, that's great idea. Before Secretary Gong leaves, he tells the CEO about seeing Bong Soon being hugged by Gook Doo. Min Hyuk is enraged and asks details, demanding Secretary Gong to reenact. I don't know if he's for real or just teasing the other man, but the secretary actually reenacts it right in time for Flamboyant Doppelgänger to catch them in the act. Obviously he screams and attacks, or tries to with a leg in a cast. Secretary Gong takes him bride style and drags him out of the office.

Those two are going to end up dating.

At the walnut shop, Dad has run away leaving only a note for Mom to find. He goes to the woods to camp and live happily. I'm glad he did that.

Flamboyant Doppelgänger is cursing Bong Soon, with the chopstick still around his wrist, when said girl shows up, startling him. He once again asks who she is and she gives the same motto, but before leaving she curls a spoon around his wrist to add a new accessory and scare the man. She walks out happily, snapping her fingers and making the man pass out.

Meanwhile, Min Hyuk calls Gook Doo to arrange a meeting to discuss matters. Gook Doo is all snappy so no matter what Min Hyuk can't like him. And in his now bad mood he goes to Bong Soon, wanting to scold her for the hug with Gook Doo, but she distracts him by calling his name. The CEO tries to stay strong but when she kisses him and calls him Min Min he melts, falling to his knees and completely surrendered to her cuteness. That's how she escapes and takes him to eat, where she feeds him and he continues dying inside.

I feel you, man. It happens to me while watching this show.

Later, Min Hyuk and Secretary Gong discuss female models, until Min Hyuk realises Bong Soon is giving him the dead glare so he tries to stop, but the secretary doesn't get the memo until later, and we see the horror in his face. At the same time, Bong Soon is setting up a date to meet with Gook Doo. This meeting takes place at the same time Gook Doo and Min Hyuk meet, but there's no time for jealousy because our girl proposes to catch Jang Hyun together. Jealousy doesn't think so and those two continue glaring at each other.

The men get drunk and Bong Soon has to carry them home once again, but this time she tucks Min Hyuk. Oh, how the tables have turned. The next morning, after the twins have found out of their runaway father, Bong Soon goes to see how they are doing and give them hangover food, not spicy this time. Now they can discuss how to catch Jang Hyun. Obviously they don't agree at first, but they either help her or she works alone.

With that settled, Min Hyuk makes Gangster Boss pay his debt by helping and Bong Soon gets her followers to spread Jang Hyun's face so now all the country is on the look for the man who screams and rages in annoyance for the situation. He has to leave the country and Min Hyuk suspects he'll use the cargo ships so they monitor that. Before his escape, Jang Hyun will try one more time and buys a snipper gun. Thankfully, Gangster Boss gets news of this, and other many useless new, so he warns Min Hyuk.

Expectedly, Jang Hyun calls Bong Soon to agree meeting one more time. Following his game, she agrees and goes to the agreed placed. She doesn't go alone, Min Hyuk and Gook Doo are around, but Jang Hyun is far and aiming to our girl. Without showing up, he takes aim and shoots, sending our peanut-sized Bong Soon flying. Min Hyuk runs to her while Gook Doo goes after Jang Hyun, knowing he is making a run to the port.

Min Hyuk was right and that's where Gook Doo finds him and chases after him, but Jang Hyun is fast and escapes him, or that we think until the containers start moving, caging the Bride Collector. 


And now that he's trapped, Bong Soon shows up in her majestic glory, ready to destroy. We can see through flashbacks she was wearing a bulletproof vest Min Hyuk handed her, which saved her and now she's there to get revenge. She shoots walnuts that injure Jang Hyun (how sweet). He finds an opening and tries running again, limping away. Bong Soon walks behind, promising pain in her eyes. Min Hyuk and Gook Doo are out, just waiting as our girl catches up. Before the criminal can make it far, she grabs one of those gigantic wood cages and throws it precisely, managing to capture and stop Jang Hyun who screams in rage.

Nice shot.

Now our gang can walk away like a boss while the police arrive to wrap things up. Talk about bad ass team.

Now Bring the Rainbow!






Maaaaaaaaan, wasn't that a great episode? We get so much lovey moments, cute and squealing scenes, funny and random ones too. And action! Finally, Jang Hyun was caught! Those three are the golden trio and did so well, I love them. I am so glad they worked together and managed to capture Jang Hyun. I was going to set something on fired if they didn't.

Never I thought Bong Soon would get really injured, I mean, they knew Jang Hyun had gotten his hands in a weapon, so it was the least they could do. I'm glad he aimed for the torso and not the head, though. 

And now that the main conflict is finished, we only have to wrap up the new relationships and set the character's future. I predict a overly sweet final episode, with many comical scenes that are purely Strong Woman Do Bong Soon's style. I'll see you all for the last recap.

I'm out~

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