After getting familiarized with the characters and being introduced to the story, I'm here to recap episode 2 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and bring you colorful gifs I made. Are you ready? 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 2

      After we catch up with Min Hyuk and Bong Soon, we find out that Gook Doo's team has a very peculiar tradition to watch an old TV show called "Chief Inspector." Odd, but apparently it works for them and now they have been assigned to the murder case so they better use all their tools.

 After Min Hyuk explains the threats have been coming for 2 months, he declares the mood has been ruined and he leaves the office. Bong Soon just mutters after his oddity and follows him. Here comes the first task as bodyguard: while he hides, she has to make sure there's no bomb in the car and only then he gets in an drives away. And guess where they go? Shopping. At first he wants to pretend they are a couple, just to avoid raising suspicious (yeah riiiiight) but she refuses and just follows him.

At the neighbourhood, the ladies discuss whether it's good or not a development to make it safer again when the arrival of an apparently family friend lifts the mood.

After all that shopping, Min Hyuk goes to show Bong Soon his drone, making her giggle and cheer. Ultimately cute, isn't it? But the drone isn't just for amusement because when Min Hyuk gets his eyes on his stalker, he uses the drone to follow the man and get a photo of the motorcycle plate. After that, Min Hyuk drops Bong soon home but passing by the murder scene gives them the creeps so they take a detour. Bong Soon takes him to her family shop to get some food and there her mother cries to the heavens in sheer joy when she sees her daughter with such a man. Typical K-drama mom, already marrying off her daughter.

At home, Bong Soon greets her friend Kyung Sim and enjoys time with her, telling her about her boss who they immediately research. The misunderstanding seems to be that aside from Bodyguard, Bong Soon is the beard for the gay CEO. Later, when they are having family dinner that's what she tells her mother to stop her from marrying her off, but do you think this stops the almighty mother? Heck no. "These days there aren’t any men without a flaw like that. It’s fine. It’s fine!" God, she cracks me up.

Although Gook Doo goes to the crime scene again, it seems to still be hopeless and later the murderer strikes again, following a new young girl who screams to be saved. This time the cries are heard and the woman doesn't die, but the suspect flies. The important thing is that they save the woman, taking her to the hospital. Although there was a witness, this man can't give much description of the attacker so they are still at loss with the case. 

Walking in the neighbourhood without a worry, Bong Soon and her friend run into a group of high school thugs bullying another student, and incapable of stopping herself, she teaches them a lesson. I wonder if that will take her powers away.

A new day comes and the results of autopsy of the first victim are out, but while she was stabbed, the new victim only beaten so they have to be different cases. Or that they think until Gook Doo realises the criminal wasn't trying to kill the first victim but trying to make her faint and kidnap her. He goes to report this immediately, of course.

Bong Soon goes to visit Secretary Gong and to apologise, but the man is terrified. After that she sees Gook Doo and stays to talk with him. Meanwhile, a doctor comes in to inject the patient with something and proceed to leave next.  While Gook Doo leaves to the bathroom Bong Soon makes guard but right then the patient starts convulsing so Bong Soon calls for help and the creepy doctor from before comes to get her. In the chaos of the moment, Bong Soon only steps aside but it's later when the real doctors and Gook Doo come that they realise who that man was so our detective runs after the culprit, yet the man escapes Gook Doo by mere seconds.

The kidnapper has taken the victim to a creepy dungeon type of prison, like taken from a horror film, and he's wearing the creepiest mask while heavy breathing, only making it worse. I got the creeps, people! And there we see the kidnapper in all his disturbed glory, talking to the girl as his future bride and such. He mentions first bride, which means more are supposed to join. Talk about crazy...

Deeply apologetic, Gook Doo has to explain the situation to his team mates and Bong Soon feels responsible, and frustrated at the same time because her powers seem useless in this situation. But she remembers hearing the kidnapper's voice so at least they now have a lead. Hooray! Gook Doo makes sure to request for security for Bong Soon as now she's a witness.

The next day, Min Hyuk and Bong Soon discuss the new case and our CEO gets oddly fascinated with the case, making a great analysis and confessing that when he was a kid he actually wanted to be a criminal. I don't know if to call that cute or just disturbing. Probably the latter, yet it's funny. Anyhow, while both of them fan over Gook Doo and how he's totally Min Hyuk's type (cue to the jealousy!), said detective calls Bong Dong to inform her that she'll have a bodyguard of her own. Min Hyuk isn't amused but he can't do anything so now they are also followed by someone else, watching over Bong Soon while she watches over Min Hyuk. 

There seems to be someone suspicious but Min Hyuk tells her that the real stalker would look normal, and then realise that's exactly the case and goes back in the bathroom, just to find the police officer stabbed. Things had gotten ugly now so Min Hyuk suggests Bong Soon to quit, yet she refuses, determined to protect him and he promises to catch the stalker. Cuuuuuuute

So they better catch the stalker and among all the suspects, there's also Min Hyuk's family members as the situation there is complicated, with all of them having different mothers and fighting over who'll inherit the company. Not him though, he made his own and walked away, tired of that, which made him the nemesis of them all.

Before Min Hyuk drives Bong Soon home, we get to see a bit of the dynamics between Gook Doo and his girlfriend, which doesn't seem good because he forgot their anniversary and she doesn't seem fazed about that. And then he immediately leaves when he finds out about Mr. Cop being stabbed. Is there any love there?

 Meanwhile, Min Hyuk suggests he and Bong Soon sleep in the same house, protecting each other; but let's not get ahead of ourselves, please. They bicker about it, Bong Soon not seeing a reason why she should and he just admits to be scared and that it's her job. She agrees but he'll have to paid extra hours. Ha!

At Min Hyuk's home, the two share a pot of ramen whilst teasing each other (actually Min Hyuk teases Bong Soon) until the doorbell rings and Gook Doo marches in, determined to take Bong Soon with him, despite Min Hyuk's protests. How dare she sleep in a man's house? Is she crazy? No, she's leaving with him and here comes the double wrist grab and glaring contest between the two male leads with the heroine in the middle looking at them as if they went crazy. A classic that never fails to make my heart race.

Now bring the rainbow!







  This episode was a lot creepier than the previous one, with the kidnapper and all his craziness. Like seriously, creeeeeeepy with that mask and the bride obsession, but it makes it also cool, to have that combination between the humour of the show, the fluffiness of it and the romance and the mystery. I'm liking this so much. And I keep loving the main characters. Don't you find amusing how our CEO is just like a kid? Going shopping instead of working and such, he also has those moments with random comments that take us by surprise. It's adorable, all of his is adorable.

A lesson we got from this episode is: how not to guard a door. I mean, the criminal took the victim from under their noses. Seriously. But that aside, we just have to keep following the story to know who the murdered/kidnapper is and who's Min Hyuk's stalker. Let's again test our patience while following a K-drama.

I'll see you all for the next episode recap!

I'm out~

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