A new week bring us new episodes of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and episode 3 came out as funny as we could expect but also digging a bit deeper in the mystery the story also offers. Are you ready to recap it with me and see the colourful gif-set I made this time?

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 3

     We start where we left off, with the double wrist grab and Gook Doo determined to take Bong Soon back home, after all no matter what kind of job she does for Min Hyuk, he can't force her to stay. Because Bong Soon doesn't seem to be in her right mind, the detective calls her mother who is a hundred percent team Let's-Marry-My-Daughter-to-a-CEO, so she only is delighted and then encourages her daughter to seal the deal. Aigo, that woman.

With his plan ruined by Bong Soon's mother, Gook Doo pushes a bit more to find out what kind of job Bong Soon does, bringing up how she's a witness and she needs to be protected, and the fact the police protecting her got stabbed around Min Hyuk makes him suspicious. Just to get him off of his back, Min Hyuk agrees to be interviewed the next morning and that's enough for the day. Obviously, our CEO makes sure to tease Gook Doo making it sound like he's going to bed with Bong Soon and lamenting that the detective won't stay with them, then flirtatiously touching him, which only gives further proof that the man is actually gay, at least in Bong Soon's eyes.

Before leaving, Gook Doo tries to find out more, but Bong Soon doesn't spill the beans and he has to accept it. Nevertheless, he provides her with an emergency pager in case something goes wrong, warning her to never trust a man. He's so restless, the poor baby.

With Gook Doo gone, Bong Soon follows Min Hyuk but he's nowhere to be found. Then she finds a painting on a wall, the girl in the pink hoodie from the accident, but this one soon slides taking her to the CEO's crib. All of his toys are there, it's where he is happy and safe and it's really cool!

All awkwardness aside, they get ready to sleep, Bong Soon on the sofa and Min Hyuk on a sleeping bag. When he turns off the lights, a protection of stars marvels the girl. In whispers Min Hyuk shares how he used to believe people when died became stars, which allowed him to see his mother every night. He also shares that his brothers locked him in a closet when he was a kid and although at first it was terrible, he grew to find that place comfortable and it's why now his hideout is in a closet, keeping him safe from his enemies and the police. Bong Soon points out his disdain for the police and he explains that it's because he grew up seeing his father bribing them, thus he could never trust one.

However, Bong Soon says not all policemen are the same and this point brings her to talk about Gook Doo and how they meet when they were in school, where she fell at first sight for him and keep falling more in love as they grew up. In the present she laments how when it comes to Gook Doo she's completely defenceless, he has that power over her.

Trying to cheer her up he stands up and cries out they should "do it"… which only means playing video games and guess who wins… that's right! Our Bong Soon and she refuses a rematch, immediately falling asleep after enjoying her victory. The next morning they wake up together, making the girl cry out in horror and pushing Min Hyuk to the floor. How did he even get there? And more importantly, how is that he didn't die with that push?

For breakfast, Bong Soon cooks a typical Korean meal and at Min Hyuk's expression, she thinks he's impressed and compliments herself, but just to pierce her ego, he complains that it's all carbs and not healthy enough, yet he still will eat it. Bong Soon makes a comment about his gayness and because he enjoys driving her crazy, he takes that and makes sure to go all gay over Gook Doo and his perfect bum. Our girl gets so pissed she stabs the table with a chopstick and that's as far as Min Hyuk's bravado gets.

With all that ready, they decide to go pay a visit to the motorcycle stalker as Min Hyuk got the info from the picture he took. Bong Soon wonders if he plans handing the man to the police, but the CEO refuses, so then she's the one knocking at the door and, not intentionally, knocking the man out with a light slap, and then dragging him while complaining about his weakness. Min Hyuk is shocked but helps nonetheless and then at the rooftop they show their amazing (not really) skills to deal with a kidnapped victim. Bong Soon isn't just strong, she's also clumsy and ends up hitting the man, teasing him and well, basically torturing him without meaning. Later, when they find out the man actually reported his bike stolen and he isn't behind Min Hyuk, she feels terrible and scolds him for his poor job as detective.

At the police station the detectives consider he option of the fiancee of the kidnapped woman as a suspect, but it's unlikely. Then, Min Hyuk and Bong Soon arrive for the interview. Min Hyuk assures Gook Doo the murder-and-kidnap case has nothing to do with the stabbing of the policeman, yet Gook Doo declares he'll be in charge of Bong Soon's security now. Shocked, she blurts out it was one of Min Hyuk's enemies and he shouldn't get involved, but this only works to make Gook Doo more adamant that Min Hyuk should get a proper bodyguard. When the CEO tries to tell him that Bong Soon is actually his bodyguard, she stomps on his foot to make him shut up, of course she ends up breaking his toe while she tries to reassure the detective it's all right.

Like a kid, Min Hyuk makes a fuss about his toe and Bong Soon has to take him to the hospital where he keeps dramatising about his tiny fracture, but honestly Bong Soon is not having any of it, yet she complies to his whims like a good employee. They make use of the visit and go to see Secretary Gong who tells him how all the gangsters are on the same floor and Bong Soon's twin brother works there. Same twin brother scolds Bong Soon for sending so many people to the hospital lately and she only sulks. Then Bong Ki announce she'll meet Gook Doo and his girlfriend and Bong soon tags along to see her, but gets all shy when she spots them holding hands. 

Ouch to the heart. 

Gook Do's girlfriend and Bong Ki go into the room and he examines her normally, listening to her explanation while she looks at him in a way that's not proper for a girl in a relationship. Outside that, Gook Doo schools Bong Soon for following Min Hyuk and being unprotected, and with his fiery attitude she gets hurt because, why does he care so much about her when he has a girlfriend? The outburst is overheard by Min Hyuk that comes to save her from embarrassment right when Gook Doo's girlfriend is also passing by.

After Min Hyuk teases her for being so evident, Bong Soon ends up storming out and going home, where her mother just pushes her to Min Hyuk despite everything. She just goes home annoyed yet she muses how as of lately she can't properly control her strength. 

Meanwhile at the hospital Gangster Boss has come to yell at his thugs and demand for the truth. He can't believe a girl did this and urges them to bring that girl to him, he needs seeing to believe. 

At her neighbourhood, she meets the high school thugs who come to confront her after she had a go with some the other night. Obviously, she just teaches them a lesson, leaving no room to question who's the real boss before she goes to the hospital to pick a still whining and drama queen Min Hyuk. The gangsters at the hospital now have their eyes on her.

After some bicker regarding extra hours payment and bad pronunciation, Bong Soon ends up driving Min Hyuk to a family dinner and going with him to evaluate the suspects. The dinner is awkward and gets bad when the father announces Min Hyuk will inherit the company. The middle brother is the only one who supports the idea, the other two are enraged and it ends in a show that makes anyone cringe. Min Hyuk is all gloomy on their way back while Bong Soon can only conclude his father is the prime suspect, and Min Hyuk only jumps at the absurdity of it.

After that, Bong Soon can go home and stops by the pharmacy with her mother. Somewhere else, a suspicious man follows a beautiful girl and approaches her as the designated driver once she's done hanging out with friends. The same man comes in the pharmacy but neither Bong Soon or her mother pay attention to him.

At home, while the family have chimaek (chicken and bear), Bong Ki gets a call from Gook Doo's girlfriend, asking him to have a meal as her way to repay his kindness. Okaaaaay… Bong Soon and her mother smell something fishy there, but soon the mother focuses on keeping pushing Bong Soon to Min Hyuk. 

Going back to the beautiful woman, she wakes up in the car just to realise she's been kidnapped by the Creepy Mask Man. Obviously she runs, but drunk as she is and as any female victim of a horror movie, she trips and falls and the kidnapper comes at her as if he had all the time in the world, lifting a wrench to swing it in her direction. 

Somewhere not too far away, Bong Soon is walking back home after going for more beer when she hears the scream, in her guts the feeling that the real moment for her to use her powers is to come.

Now Bring the rainbow!







  Did you enjoy this episode? I did, obviously. I find it so amusing and I always end up laughing out loud, but I also get so creeped out so it feels a bit like a rollercoaster. All puns and bickering and then boom, Creepy Mask Man in all his psycho glory. All in all, watching this episode was as enjoyable as the previous ones.

You know my favourite part of the story so far? That Min Hyuk feeds the idea in Bong Soon's mind that he's crazy and teases her with Gook Doo. Hearing him talking about the detective's bum like that had me in stitches, laughing so hard. His sense of humour is much appreciated and the dynamics he has with Bong Soon… ahhh, I adore that. The bickering is always so fun to watch.

I wonder about the original owner of the motorcycle. Did he also end up in the same hospital every other character has gone? How's that he did not report them to the police for what they did? Maybe he was too scared to do so, uh?

There's a character I don't like though, Gook Doo's girlfriend. She might be pretty but why does she look at Bong Ki like that? She has a boyfriend and sure, he doesn't live for her and he's more committed to his job, but seriously? Do you need to be that obviously smitten with the doctor? And that whole meal thing… I really don't like her.

What about you all? What are your thoughts on the show so far? Let's share on the comments and I'll see you all for the next recap.

I'm out~


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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