Episode 4 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon came with hilarious moments and other creepy ones, and amongst all that our leads get closer and is it just me or does it smell like our CEO has a crush? Ready to recap it with me and see this episode's gif set?

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 4

     The episode starts with Creepy Mask Man in the middle of the night and storm getting rid of the car he used to kidnap the ballerina and taking her away. 

During the same night, while Min Hyuk thinks about Bong Soon's strength, declaring that it's just not normal, our girl is at the phone with Gook Doo, who continues with his usual rant, telling her to be careful and not do silly things like staying at her boss house. To change the topic he asks her to pass his thanks to her brother for being so kind to his girlfriend, and that's where Bong Soon loses her patience, reaching her limit and talking back, saying she also has a heart and gets hurt. Gook Doo isn't completely clueless about her crush and reminds her they are just friends, which she is aware of that and makes even more hurt and angry so she ends up hanging up on him. Bong Soon muses how not only her powers are getting harder to control but also her emotions.

After that call, Min Hyuk also calls to start inappropriately question her regarding her powers, ending up with the conclusion that she might be a man. She is so fed up that she only snarks at him and hangs up, too. 

After that there's a knock on her door, Gook Doo coming in all his uniform glory calling for her, but before Bong Soon can reach his hand, someone slaps it away. MIN HYUK IN DRAG! And he looks so fine! Glaring at Bong Soon, he (she?) turns to Gook Doo to grab him in his (her?) arms and spin together, making sure to display for Bong Soon how to grab the detective's butt. Bong Soon screams in horror, waking up from the horrid dream.

At the police station, the officers try to join the dots based on examples from the TV show, but they are nothing alike so it's pointless. 

At the walnut shop the ladies keep discussing the oncoming construction of the building and it happens that one of them has connections so she suggests helping the other two. Bong Soon's mother can only agree after talking to an expert, who turns to be a shaman. Figures! The shaman tells them that fighting the project won't do so they better bride them and then they'll make four times their investment. Delighted with those news, Bong Soon's mother uses the opportunity to also ask for her daughter, hoping she'll sleep with her boss already. Oh dear~

Said daughter goes to see Min Hyuk, curious about what does the P mean in his schedule, which is Privacy that translates in whatever he wants, time for himself and that's the most recurrent thing in his schedule. He's living the dream and just like I mumble to myself that I also want that, Bong Soon mumbles about his easy life. Then the CEO demands for food, guilty tripping her to make it for him. At first she just squeezes fruits with her bare hands but Min Hyuk wants proper food, throwing a tantrum and everything. 

Child. He is a child and I love him.

Back to the ladies, the shaman told her that her daughter would have a very good marriage but if she marries a gay man, then someone is going to be constantly hit. Obviously, Bong Soon's mother assumes that can only be the CEO. Later they continue talking about the construction project and how this might be financed by gangsters, however Bong Soon's mother is more worried about the prospect of her daughter's boss being gay. 

At home, Min Hyuk finds a proper breakfast waiting for him that tastes exactly like his mother's cooking, which touches him deeply. No wonder he nagged so much about the food to Bong Soon, who by the way is waiting in the car. There, she complains to her dear friend how "this person" keeps asking her odd tasks and she's so fed up. I mean, he even gave her a walkie-talkie, which in perfect timing buzzes with her boss's voice calling her over. When she goes inside, he shows her evidence of her talking behind his back, which is a violation of contract. Obviously, she denies the accusation which ends up in more and more bickering. 

With no real winner, they leave the house, Min Hyuk still dramatising with his broken toe but he has no problem going on his hover board with Bong Soon running after him. It's funny how he's so petty to keep nagging her, calling her "this person" just like she did. As she complains about being tired and not wanting to keep doing this, the drone is shot and falls. Min Hyuk searches around and finds the shooter, immediately grabbing Bong Soon after that to take cover behind a tree. The man shoots metal pellets and one reaches Min Hyuk on the arm, making him collapse. Alarmed, Bong Soon just grabs him in her arms and carries him bridal style while "I will Always Love You" from the classic "The Bodyguard" plays in the background. Well done. Min Hyuk isn't really unconscious, he just pretends, apparently enjoying being carried.

She carries him to the car where she just drops him, causing him to slam his head. Talk about being gentle, ha. She promises to take him to the doctor but he just wants to be taken home. There, Bong Soon can treat his wound while Min Hyuk stares at her with smitten eyes. As the situation gets tense with such proximity, Min Hyuk starts talking and what could be better to break the tension than nagging her about her strength and coming up with a new option: alien.

Min Hyuk then receives a call from his stalker, accepting being behind the attack and threatening him to not accept the company or AinSoft software will be released. Although he tries to sound nonchalant, when the stalker hangs up the CEO is clearly worried and Bong Soon suggests to stay with him, but he refuses and sends her home while he goes to his closet, appreciating the painting of the pink hoodie girl (we all know it's Bong Soon right?) while reminiscing the time he left the house, done with his brothers and wanting to live his life how he wanted.

Bong Soon visits her father who upon seeing her downcast expression starts taking money out of the most unexpected places in his uniform, giving it all to her daughter for her to buy a pretty outfit and lift her mood. Aw, cute appa. She does so, looking brighter now, until she receives a call from the high school thug, asking her to meet. Obviously she goes and instead of a fight, all of them ask her to take them under her wing. 

Awwwww! I love this.

From the soccer field a ball comes to hit Bong Soon on the leg. Her new followers jump to defend their noonim from the insolent player, but that's uncalled for, she can take care of it herself, kicking the ball where it will be never found, reinstating her status as Badass Boss.

As she walks away, she remembers how it was in school and how her super strength caused so many mishaps, for her and her surroundings, so she did her best to hide them, especially after hearing Gook Doo saying while passing by that he liked fragile girls he could protect. Is it just me or did he say that while looking at her, like wanting her to hear him? Obviously, Bong Soon knows she can't ever be that so when her mother takes her to a temple to pray, instead of worrying about school, she just pours her heart to ask to become Gook Doo's girlfriend. Yet this doesn't happen because the boy starts dating the prettiest girl in school, breaking Bong Soon's heart. Next time they visit the temple she gets her revenge at Buddha by turning the statue over, claiming he turned his back on her first. Ha!

In the present Gook Doo calls her to ask her to listen to an audio of the kidnapped victim's fiancee to see if it's the same voice of the kidnapper, which isn't the case. Bong Soon really wants to catch the culprit but Gook Doo tells her to leave it to him, after all she's just a defenceless girl. To change topic she asks about his girlfriend who is out of town.. but wait, didn't she just had a date with Bong Ki that same day? So she lied to Gook Doo? Hmmmmmmm... Anyhow, when Gook Doo is leaving she calls for him to be careful. Then she goes home where she confirms her brother met with Gook Doo's girlfriend that day. In a terrible mood, she asks her friend to go watch a movie together, inviting Bong Ki to join them.

Back to Min Hyuk, he is thinking deeply about the situation, calling the middle brother, apparently the only one on his side (but he gives me a bad feeling) to tell him about the threats and to help him. Min Hyuk promises to catch the stalker and make him pay.

To lift his mood, he texts Bong Soon and after hearing her plans, he tags along and offers to pay so he ends up going to watch the movie with them, but it's a superhero movie and Bong Soon always cries in those movies because these are the saddest ones. Perhaps she can really relate to them. To cheer her up, they end up going to the club. By the way, all the time they are being followed by Gangster Boss and his right hand, shocked at Bong Soon's oddity but also interested, even deciding to invest in the neighbourhood.

At the club, they get drunk so Bong Soon goes to dance while Min Hyuk watches her with fond eyes. Drunk as she is, Bong Soon ends up pulling out one of the dance poles causing a scene, so her friends have to quickly take her away and back home. The next day she wakes up, not remembering anything but her mother helps her there to reminisce the scene she caused, insulting her boss and threatening him to take his butt out of his body if he dared to touch Gook Doo's bum. Buahaha!

Meanwhile, Gook Doo informs they have a new victim that fits the kidnapper's MO and then we get to see the man with the ballerina, being creepy as usual, calling her his second bride and claiming how he loves skinny girls, and that she needs to be skinny to fit her wedding dress. In another cell, the other bride watches helplessly. This is so creepy, how the woman screams while the other just eats the pathetic meal she's been given. Poor girls.

Horrified with her actions, Bong Soon debates her options, either beg for forgiveness, pretend not to know, blame the alcohol or introduce Min Hyuk to another male friend. Kyung Sim makes a comment that after their night clubbing she doesn't think the CEO is gay, but Bong Soon ignores that. And then the man in question calls her, acting as if nothing happened, smiling to himself, so amused with Bong Soon and her cute behaviour. She's delighted and takes back everything bad she's said about him, calling him a great man now. Ha!

Kyung Sim insists she doesn't think Bong Soon's boss is gay, but our girl dismisses that, saying that what really matters is a person's personality and Min Hyuk's is great. She's so cute. 

Beaming with happiness, she leaves home and while crossing the street she bumps into someone. They apologise to each other and as she takes another step she gets a flashback of the time when the same happened in the hospital, recognising the voice. The turns around, knowing that man is the culprit.

Chan chan chaaaaan!

Now Bring the Rainbow!







  Well, now we know for sure the Creepy Mask Man is totally mental, but at least he's not killing more girls so there's a chance to rescue them. Regardless, every time there's a scene with him I get the creeps, which is such a strong contrast with the rest of the drama, especially this episode that was so comical. My favourite part was Min Hyuk in drag. God, how I laughed at that, and I'm also jealous because why is he so pretty?

About Gook Doo… I think he liked Bong Soon at some point, in school, but miscommunication made it so they never got together. We know he thinks of our girl as this helpless flower he needs to protect. It makes me curious about how he'll react when he finds out about Bong Soon's powers. 

Is it just me or do you also think that Min Hyuk is already crushing on Bong Soon? I love that he finds her toughness cute and sexy, because I agree. But the way he looked at her during this episode was heart-eyes most of the time. I can't wait to see how that develops. 

It's too early to say they'll catch the culprit, but I'm sure Bong Soon will chase the man and something has to happen there. What? I can't guess but I'm dying to know! Luckily it's Friday and we just have to wait a bit more before episode 5. We can do this, guys!

What was your favourite part of the episode? Let's share our thoughts on the comments bellow and I'll see you for the next recap.

I'm out~


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