The Creepy Mask Man is lurking in the shadows of the neighborhood and Bong Soon is the one to bump into him all the time. Can our heroine use her powers to catch the criminal while she's being pushed and pulled by her boss and her childhood friend and one-side love? Let's see how Episode 5 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon went.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
5: Seems as if They Are Friends, Yet They Are Not

       The episode starts with our Bong Soon riding the subway while she thinks about the morning encounter with the Creepy Mask Man. She went after him, but it was too late and that makes her angry, so angry that when she sees a pervert riding the subway too she can't help herself this time and breaks his pervert fingers. Wondering whether using her powers would make a difference or not, she continues her routine. At the office she stays staring at a poster for the new game, relating with the female heroine and picturing herself being like her, just to have her bubble burst by Min Hyuk.

After such cruelty, the CEO takes her for hangover soup, and in the restaurant he makes sure to guilty trip her for what she said to him. He couldn't act all nice all the time, it's his hobby to torture the poor girl. He also asks about the pager on her wrist and Bong Soon changes to her complete-and-utterly-in-love persona, swooning because it was a present from Gook Doo to keep her protected. Min Hyuk loses the smile at that information and just comments how he hopes she won't have to use it and also corrects her wrong use of English, yet again. Bong Soon then tells him bout her encounter with the criminal and Min Hyuk suggests to get Moree bodyguards, yet the girl reassures him she'll protect him. Such promise, and in such cute way, brings back the smile and happiness.

At the office, Min Hyuk has prepared a present for the girl: A desk for her to study! But this looks like a dog house and I can't stop laughing. He tells her to use her free time to learn English, although she wants to be part of the development team for the new game. Min Hyuk refuses, she needs to fulfil her part of the contract first: catch the stalker.

While they dive in their routine, a video of her at the club goes viral. Her friends and followers are horrified, her mother yells at her and Bong Soon wants the earth to swallow her whole. Min Hyuk doesn't make it easier when he starts teasing her about the video, yet he secretly makes sure to pull strings to get rid of it.

Secretary Gong is back and he comes to badmouth Bong Soon who is there, listening. The horror on his face when he realises that is priceless, and Bong Soon enjoys keeping people scared with subtle threatening comments. While Bong Soon is out reporting what happened to Secretary Gong, Min Hyuk calls Gook Doo to tell him about the criminal and Bong Soon in the morning, which makes the detective more frantic about her safety, and also angry she didn't tell him.

Bong Soon is bak in the office and snoozing, while Min Hyuk stares at her with big loving eyes, while recalling how at the club she cried because she didn't ask to be strong, it isn't her fault. Awww. But then Gook Doo comes to demand he'll be taking Bong Soon back home. Min Hyuk fights back that he'll drop her and they start another push and pull that makes the girl swoon, and when she comments on that making it sound like she hates it when it's the opposite, both guys stop passing the ball to the other, not wanting to take the girl.

Ouch to the ego!

Min Hyuk ends up driving her because he also wanted walnut pie, yet they bicker all the way. At the shop, the mother is all cosy, making comments that both scare and embarrass the young CEO. 

At the hospital, the gangsters have seen the video the and the toothless one promises revenge while Bong Ki is changing his bandages, so he ends up covering his whole face and walking away. Take that! Outside, Hee Ji is waiting for him, to have yet another flirtatious conversation that is cut by a text message from Gook Doo. Yes, feel bad, you bad woman!

At home Bong Soon is searching for the video just to find out it's been deleted, then Kyung Sim suggests a better way to spend their time: food. She goes to the supermarket while Bong Soon prepares the rest, but this is a bad idea in a neighbourhood haunted by a kidnapper. Obviously, the Creepy Mask Man stars following Kyung Sim until he gets to her, hitting her as she was trying to call Bong Soon. We don't know if she reached her, but before the man can give the final blow, a hand stops him.


She stops him and hits him, but her focus is Kyung Sim who is badly hurt. Crying nonstop, Bong Soon takes her to the hospital and luckily she's just badly injured but she'll recover quickly. Bong Soon is terribly sorry but Kyung Sim reassures it's all right. This makes Bong Soon angrier and more determined to catch the culprit.  The ladies at the neighbourhood decide to do patrols, but then the gangsters offer their help for that, which is more unsettling as they look like criminals themselves.

The next day, Min Hyuk feels so empty without Bong Soon there, wanting to fill the empty spot with anything, like Secretary Gong who also receives the White Day chocolates. HA! He's also worrying about Bong Soon, just like Gook Doo who in order to protect her, he swallows his worries and asks the CEO to keep his friend at his house and protect her. 

Bong Soon's mother is delighted and packs all sort of things, hoping they'll help her daughter seduce the CEO and make them sleep together. I agree with her father, she should be sorry for selling her daughter like that, yet that woman is hilarious.

Gook Doo drives her to work the next morning, acting rough but sweet, making comments like "don't go looking so pretty" that leave Bong Soon in cloud 9 all day, annoying Min Hyuk. Cute jealous puppy.

At Min Hyuk home, they are both shocked by the things her mother packed, but they ignore it and-pretend nothing happened. Bong Soon calls Kyung Sim and her mother gets in the way, asking if they are sleeping under the blanket she sent. Is that a baby maker or what? After that conversation with her dear friend, Bong Soon is restless and can't sleep, neither can Min Hyuk.

At the neighbourhood, the patrols walk around, so do the police but the Creepy Mask Man seems to have a new target, he's just waiting for the right moment. Bong Soon then goes tot he neighbourhood, walking to lure the criminal to attack her, but the only one behind her is Min Hyuk who asks her what she's doing. Bong Soon declares she's done hiding her powers and she's decided she'll finally use them for something good: catching the criminal. Min Hyuk is surprised and I guess proud of her, but for now he takes her home.

At the police station Gook Doo can't stay put, he doesn't even listen to the other detectives and ends up running to Min Hyuk's house, stating it seems he'll also have to stay. Ohhhh, the boy couldn't endure the thought of Bong Soon and Min Hyuk alone~~

Now Bring the Rainbow!






  With every episode I love this K-drama more and more. I just laugh so hard, scream and cringe at so many things, but I'm also on my toes because that creepy kidnapper is horrible.

I'm infinitely glad Bong Soon has made a choice about her powers. Yes, it's dangerous but it finally seems that these have a purpose. She might lose them, but it'll be worth it and not something selfish like just making money. It's sad she had to see her friend being beaten up to make that choice. I was screaming horrified at that part, feeling Hyung Sim's pain.

I think it's more evident Min Hyuk is crushing on Bong Soon every time, he looks at her with heart eyes and his jealousy is so cute. What do you think about that? What are your feelings regarding this episode?

I'll see you all soon, for the next episode recap.

I'm out~


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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