Episode 6 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon came to give us more hilarious moments between the leads and the funniest love triangle I have watched, plus some big revelations. Ready to recap it with me?

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 6: Happy Together

      With Gook Doo in the house, determined to get in between (which makes Bong Soon deliriously happy and Min Hyuk annoyed and jealous), the leads have to decide sleeping arrangements. In the head of each one of them a similar yet different fantasy plays. Each one imagines the other two having a cosy and romantic moment, scarring every one of them. The solution is no one sleeps that night. Min Hyuk takes the lead and that's how they end up in a bar, having all sort of competitions. Billiard, darts and ultimately drinking while Bong Soon, bored out of her mind, watches them.

They drink until they pass out and Bong Soon has to, literally, carry them over her shoulder. Comatose-like as they are, some thugs want to take advantage of them and Bong Soon has to come to rescue them and teach the nasty men a lesson, while Gangster Boss watches the scene, surprised and confused. Bong Soon finally drives the boys home, muttering the whole time at the absurdity of the situation. She's all kind with Gook Doo and grimaces when she looks at Min Hyuk.

In the middle of the night, Min Hyuk wakes up to find himself on the floor and Gook Doo peacefully sleeping. The CEO takes his blanket in his classic petty attitude and walks away, to go check on Bong Soon who also sleeps peacefully. While she stares at her he is reminded of the pink hoodie girl, but dismisses his own thoughts soon afterwards.

The next morning, while Bong Soon offers a very spicy hangover breakfast, the men bicker about the same topic: "I can't leave Bong Soon with him." But honestly, it's Bong Soon who can't leave them alone. Confused with the remark, she proceeds to tell them what they did in their drunk stupor. She relates how Gook Doo started the sexy dancing he pulled to catch the corrupt politician in episode 1, now for Min Hyuk who follows him and soon they start dancing, closely and flirtatiously. Oh my God! Gook Doo taking the lead pulls a move and aims for a kiss, but Bong Soon jumps forward and stops them, slapping them in the mouth. Yet they don't react much and Gook Doo, thinking himself Cinderella, gives his dramatic farewell before going to sleep on the billiard table, and Min Hyuk follows them.

They are my favourite couple, I swear.

Back to the present, they get really awkward but before anything else, Min Hyuk gets called by the stalker, whom he threatens back. Gook Doo, upon hearing his end of the conversation, advises him to get the help from the police, but Min Hyuk refuses. Then Gook Doo gets called to work, but before that he cooly request from the CEO to really look after Bong Soon.

In the kitchen there's more bickering between Min Hyuk and Bong Soon, whether she is trying to kill him with spicy food and add to the list of injuries she's given him or protect him, and subtly threats to injure him further. After than, they continue with their routine. At work Min Hyuk is informed the stocks dropped due to the gay rumours, but he doesn't seem too troubled, he just makes a call to get all the bad comments down, and by overhearing Bong Soon finds out he took care of the pole dancing video incident.

 Min Hyuk has found a new and more promising lead for his stalker, someone that works for a thug company that used to be connected with his father, and whose CEO is no-one but Gangster Boss. Bong Soon promises to catch him for him, which makes our CEO smile.

Later, while driving home probably, Min Hyuk and Bong Soon witness a small collision, but the man involved is a real douche and ends up yelling at the woman, thinking that makes him a man. Bong Soon can't stay put and goes to intervene, but the man also sass her and belittle her. The man only stops when Min Hyuk gets involved. However, when Douche Man is driving, from behind Bong Soon appears, who couldn't just let him walk away. The man thinks she wants sexy times and takes her somewhere private, however she just wants to teach him a lesson and makes use of her powers to spin the car like amusement park ride.

All the while Min Hyuk has been following them, worried for Bong Soon but after seeing such display, he only looks intimidated when she's back to his side.

At the police station, the detectives keep following clues, understanding the kidnapper impersonated the designated driver and through some CCTV footage, they also confirm the man who pretended to be the doctor and the one who pretended to be the designated driver are the same.

Back to Min Hyuk and Bong Soon, they go take a break watching the sunset by the riverside. She explains her powers come in the family, so if she has a daughter (for instance with him, although he is not implying they should marry… yeah right) the baby girl would also have the powers. Min Hyuk freaks out a bit, but after seeing how sad that makes her, he tries to cheer Bong Soon up, after all she didn't ask to be strong, it's not her fault. Then he proposes to help her for brute strength isn't everything and she needs to evolve like a game character. 


At work, Gook Doo receives a visit from his girlfriend to confesses to like someone else, so that's the end of their relationship. Looking a bit gloomy, Gook Doo receives a call from Bong Soon to tell him not to worry, she is stronger than she seems. However Gook Doo replies that in his eyes she'll always be a fragile woman. It sounds so chauvinist but kind at the same time. How conflictive.

Min Hyuk is actually driving Bong Soon to his home, needing her help in return for the training he'll do for her. It turns out that the help is using her to excuse himself from the arranged marriage, telling his family that he'll be marrying Bong Soon. Boy, you'll see how that really happens. His family is shocked but not as much as Bong Soon, who scolds him and claims that would never happen. Wanna bet on that? 

The next day training begins and Min Hyuk makes her do things that should be difficult, but Bong Soon masters them effortlessly, only shocking him further. After all that, she goes to give her statement regarding her friend's assault, being as detailed as possible with the smell and such. Gook Doo writes down all carefully. Then he's walking her out and she asks what's wrong with him, so he confesses Hee Ji broke up with him but he doesn't feel as sad as he should, and that makes him feel bad. Bong Soon jumps to reassure him and try to make him feel better, which only makes him look and smile at her with such fond eyes. Gook Doo ends up asking "why are we just friends?" with the sweetest expression that makes Bong Soon melt inside.

Min Hyuk watches from afar, sulking and claiming he hates police stations, but he hates that one the most. Jealous puppy, I insist.

At the neighbourhood, the thugs keep patrolling but they end up scaring the women they try to help. One starts crying for help and then, out of the blue, the thugs get knocked out by a granny. BONG SOON'S GRANDMA! She's come to visit, and she's as strong and badass as anyone can be, treating everyone else as weaklings. 

I love her already.

At the pharmacy, where the woman that's been looking as the next target works, a young man comes to get something to sleep. They have a casual conversation where she even invites him to church. It all seems harmless until later we go to the Creepy Mask Guy's dungeon and here he finally removes his mask while talking to the ballerina, revealing to be the young man at the pharmacy. Oh boy.

Night time already, Bong Soon gets ready to sleep and remembers Gook Doo's advice so she locks the door and goes to bed with a smile. Meanwhile, Min Hyuk tries to put the pieces together and seems to struggle with everything.

At the neighbourhood, the pharmacist is walking home, oblivious to the fact she's being followed until it's too late.

Back home, someone tries to open Bong Soon's door, but as this is locked, she's left behind. But it wasn't Min Hyuk who wondered if she was asleep, it's actually the stalker who now is free to walk into Min Hyuk's room with a knife, pressing it against the young man's CEO. 


Now Bring the Rainbow!






Wow… Well that was a cliffhanger, but considering we had preview we can be certain he doesn't die… yet. I don't know what's going to happen, if they'll catch the stalker of if this will run away before that. I still have an inkling that it's Min Hyuk's brother.

I loved this episode so much, with all the scenes between Min Hyuk and Gook Doo. I hate love triangles but the fact they tease so much with those two and that Bong Soon is actually jealous of Min Hyuk is so hilarious. I don't remember if something like that has been done before, or at this level, but I love it. It makes it funny instead of just painful, however I'm torn between three ways!

We finally get to see the face of the kidnapper and isn't just me or does he look like the witness who supposedly saved the second victim? He's so creepy and even without the mask he gives the worst vibes. Kudos to the actor for that, though.

My favourite part was the drunk dancing between Min Hyuk and Gook Doo. What was yours? 

I'll see you all after episode 7!

I'm out~


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