Episode 7 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon came with a big revelation that I'm sure we all knew already, and a bunch of super cute moments that made me scream until my throat hurt. I wasn't the only one, was I? Let's see how it went and the gif set I made this time.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 7: "Change"

     The episode starts with a Shakespearean fantasy, Bong Soon dreaming she's Juliet and Min Hyuk as Romeo. All fine and romantic until she steps on his toes and he walks away, horrified with her strength. She wakes up screaming, and thirsty so she leaves her room. Perfect timing because now she can defend herself when one of the thugs comes at her, and then save Min Hyuk from the one that's trying to kill him. And that's how they get the bad guys, tying them up as the CEO refuses to call the police. 

The next morning they awake with a call from Gangster Boss who called to check on his employees, just to get Min Hyuk to tell him it failed. Later, Bong Soon stays looking after the thugs while Min Hyuk goes to the appointed meeting to accept the role as new CEO, only because he has been threatened in such childish way that he refuses allowing such person take care of the company. He claims that if the other person hadn't acted this way he wouldn't have accepted the position. He also shows the thugs in his place as evidence and promises to catch the culprit behind for the next board meeting.

His father is shocked but Min Hyuk reassures him that he'll catch the person and that he's sure it's one of his brothers, so they need to do it quietly unless they want to jeopardise his father's image.

Gangster Boss gets an earful from the one who asked him this, which infuriates him, especially after hearing what happened to his lackeys, so he goes to meet Min Hyuk to reveal who's behind the attack. Heartbreakingly, the CEO finds out it was actually the brother he trusted the most, Dong Suk. He breaks down crying.

Bong Soon finds him depressed and lost and when he points out how the culprit was the one they least expected, she takes in her hands to cheer him up so they go to the amusement park. They go to different rides and she drags him around, even wearing kitty ears. They are adorable I ship them so much.

On their way to Bong Soon's home he tells her about the pink hoodie girl and Bong Soon looks at him as if recognising it's her the angel he's talking about. Then she receives a call to tell her Grandma is visiting. Min Hyuk goes with her and is introduced, and now both Strong Mamma and Strong Grandma treat him as the future son-in-law. I'm sure Min Hyuk secretly loves that.

After the CEO leaves, the three women have a touching moment where they talk about the chain from daughter to mother and grandmother, how they are connected by something special. This makes Bong Soon re-connect with her strength and not be scared of having a child like her anymore.

Meanwhile, Min Hyuk goes home and his heart aches as he has flashbacks of Dong Suk being the only one kind to him when they were kids. That's why he doesn't beat around the bushes and tells his brother he knows the truth, for which the older brother apologises and explains he just wanted to scare Min Hyuk. The CEO agrees to keep it between them but warns him to never do such a stupid thing again. Their father watches them with what looks a content look in his eyes.

The next morning Bong Soon runs into his high school followers and scolds them for skipping class, making them go back but one of the neighbour ladies watches thinking Bong Soon looks more like a a gangster boss, telling that to Bong Soon's mother later.

Then, Bong Soon meets Min Hyuk for more training, which goes basically the same. She's still strong and hurts him at times, but Min Hyuk can catch her off guards at time, cornering her and even ending up pinning her against the floor, declaring they should do it... "us." 

Am I the only one screaming here?! 

When Bong Soon asks what he means by "us" he only says the training and rises to his feet again for more training.

Be still my heart.

The training continues to make Bong Soon control her strength so she doesn't end up sending pieces as projectiles anymore, able like that to smoothly join society. Once she does, he welcomes her to the Game Development Team, although he takes it back when in her excitement she breaks the game board.

At the hospital Gangster Boss checks on all his injured employees, getting angrier at Bong Soon. The toothless thug promises to avenge his name and pride.

The neighborhood ladies go to see the shaman again to ask if they should get rid of Gangster Boss, and after paying the fee, this one connects with whom seems to be Bong Soon's Great-grandmother, who warns them that no matter what, they can defeat that man. They go home scandalized and a shocked for what happened. At home, Bong Soon's mother scolds her daughter, accusing her of stealing kid's money. Bong Soon has had enough and this time demands to know why her mother treats her like that, with so much disdain and disapproval, showing clear favoritism for Bong Ki. Our girl cries and screams, heartbreakingly, while her mother can't say a thing.

Later, awkwardly, Bong Soon just comes to take food for her brother and Kyung Sim, but the mother doesn't say anything else while watching her. At the hospital, Bong Soon walks in while Hee Ji is confessing and as it's about her childhood friend and twin brother, she thinks she has some right to speak. Bong Soon tells them both they are being bad people, Gook Doo is their friend and she can't be like that. Bong Ki is also at fault because he shouldn't have kept seeing someone who was dating, that only encouraged her feelings. She tells them she hopes they'll stop being this way.

Following the lead of the lost shoe when the kidnapper attacked Kyung Sim, they get to an actor for a play exactly like what's happening with the kidnapper, so they suspect him, especially when they hear he's lost a shoe. However, the actor has an alibi and they don't even think the real culprit is also enjoying the creepy play.

At the hospital Bong Soon is playing a visit to Kyung Sim and she is in the room when the kidnapper comes for her as a fake doctor again, after causing a fire distraction for the police. The culprit makes a run for it and even with the policemen and Bong Soon chasing after him, he escapes by using another costume. It's so upsetting!

Gook Doo comes then after hearing that, just to scream at Bong Soon for going after the culprit, being overdramatic. They keep fighting so Bong Soon leaves alone, angry with him.

At the neighborhood, Min Hyuk drops by the walnut shop, ending up talking to Bong Soon's father who thanks her and asks him to please look after his daughter, after all he adores her. Min Hyuk reassures the man he also deeply cares about her and the man smiles content, glad such young man is around her daughter.

Later, Gangster Boss drops Toothless Thug, who goes after Bong Soon, determined to get his revenge. Min Hyuk, who is around, spots them when the thug approaches Bong Soon, but before the CEO can do anything, out of nowhere, Gook Doo shows up to defend Bong Soon, beating the already bruised thug. Bong Soon screams to them to stop, ending taking the matter it in her hands, grabbing Gook Doo and literally throwing him away.

Now Bring the Rainbow!






     With every passing episode I ship the main leads more and more. They have great chemistry and it's beautiful to see Min Hyuk falling for Bong Soon, who is a hundred percent herself when she's with him. She hides nothing with him and shows even her less "appealing" side, and I adore that because it makes it so real and pure. Ji Soo is her childhood friend yet she is a completely different person with him and he doesn't know something that is a big part of who she is. I guess this is why I ship Min Hyuk and Bong Soon more, because it's an honest love. And we can see more clearly now how Bong Soon's heart is going to our CEO! Yes, I am still squealing.

I am impressed with the kidnapper, how psychotic he is, actually imitating the character from the play and enjoying his work. Bong Soon seems to be the only thing actually getting in his way and I am scared for what he'll do to her, because as the shaman said, strength can't beat the knife. No matter how strong Bong Soon is, she would still die with a bullet, right? This psycho is far too clever and that makes him more dangerous.

You know what I loved about this episode? When Bong Soon yelled at her mom. Sure, the lady is a comic relief and very funny all of the time, but she's infuriating in the way she treats her daughter. She should really understand Bong Soon instead of making things harder and hurting her so much. And how our lead girl said it, her physical strength comes with a weaker heart and she hurts a lot, too. I'm so happy she made herself be heard and said what was causing her so much pain. I hope her mother opens her eyes and changes, to be a bit more like Bong Soon's grandmother.

Episode 8 is out and I'll see you all for that recap.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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