Episode 8 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon was as sweet and squeal worthy as we are used to already, while Creepy Mask Man, who is also a stalker fan of creepy play, levels up his game and is becoming a real and serial threat to our Bong Soon. Let's see how it went on this recap and then check out the gif-set I made.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 8: "One More Step"

     The episode starts with Min Hyuk watching Gook Doo jumping to save Bong Soon from Toohthless Thug, until Bong Soon stops them by pushing the detective. This man doesn't make much of a fuss as the girl makes sure both are okay, and then proceeds to call the police to report the thug. The man was beaten to a pulp but he is being handcuffed and threatened by Gook Doo who takes him to the police station, not making any remark about Bong Soon's strenght. At the police station, Gook Doo questions Toothless Thug who only cries as a victim of Bong Soon, claiming she's not a woman, which only infuriates the policeman.

At the neighborhood, Min Hyuk approaches Bong Soon, walking her home while complaining about how she makes him worry. When they are saying goodbyes, he instructs her to just show herself at his office the next morning and Bong Soon nags him for making promises he doesn't keep. She is upset because he took back his welcome to the Development Team and there she explains she really, really wants to work there like a normal person, wearing the ID and all. Min Hyuk reassures her he is on her side and she ought to trust him. Reluctantly, she accepts that and walks home, but the grimace doesn't leave her face.

At home, Bong Soon's family are worried about her downcast expression and how she laments for not doing anything well, like studying or even making her crush like her back. Her mother is all sweet and caring (it seems the outburst worked!), presenting her with her favorite food. Slowly, Bong Soon approaches the food and starts smiling, however she laments being so simple minded.

The next morning before she heads to work, Bong Soon muses how now her will to catch the kidnapper is stronger, more than even working at AinSoft. It seems the kidnapper's will to stop Bong Soon has also grown stronger because he follows her, watching her with that creepy expression. This man is terrifying because he's just so clever, he won't use brute force to subdue Bong Soon, and that's extremely worrisome. 

At the office, Bong Soon encounters a new computer on her desk. Wondering if it's for her, she opens it just to get startled with a winky picture of her CEO (HA!). She immediately closes it just when Min Hyuk slides in the room, in an excellent mood and all smiles. He says he got her the computer and clearly lingers around to check her reaction to the desktop he set for her. He doesn't see how she changes the picture until later, just for him to change it again. What a beautiful idiot.

At the police station Toothless Thug is released, not after Gook Doo threatens him (mate, you can't do that, especially in a police station. It's abuse of power!) but the thug doesn't seem really concerned, if anything he looks angrier.

To make more trouble at the station, news of the new victim are out so the case has become a public one. Now everyone can see what's happening and the more pleased with it is the criminal, who grins at the news while Bong Soon laments how no matter how many years have passed, stronger ones keep abusing the weaker ones. Luckily, she won't allow that anymore.

Min Hyuk's father comes to see him, asking him to announce the engagement quickly, and to take the girl home again, soon. 

Now with the open investigation we get a parallel of the meeting at the station where they expose every lead they have about the case while the ladies at the neighborhood make the questions that are answered in the station.

At AinSoft, Bong Soon stares dreamily at the Development Team, until Min Hyuk comes to tease her as the cute puppy he is, but soon he gets dragged by her to catch the culprit. So they go back to training, and now they focus on self defense movements that combined with her strength make it easy for her to wipe the floor with Min Hyuk's bum. But the training works, we can see through time lapses how she practices and practices until she has better control, claiming that there must be a reason for her power and she'll make sure to use it for the greater good, after all she is the Strong Woman, Do Bong Soon.

Bong Soon's high school followers get in trouble with the neighbor patrol, so they call her to defend their honour. They cry and point fingers, like little kids. The gangsters obviously look down on her, although they have heard her name, so they challenge her. They didn't count with Bong Soon's now faster reflexes and she takes a few seconds to get rid of them.

Gangster Boss is outraged when he finds out Bong Soon has beaten more of his lackeys and declares her their enemy. Uh-oh.

Somewhere else, Gook Doo goes to see his ex-girlfriend to take the blame for what happened, because he never reassured her and now he realizes he's always liked Bong Soon. Mate, aren't you a bit late to the game? Hee Ji doesn't get upset or anything, just comments on how it seems he really likes her.

Meanwhile, Bong Soon goes to see Kyung Sim, who notices the difference with her strength that she can now control it. Bong Soon mention the love triangle between Gook Doo, Hee Ji and Bong Ki, and instead of taking her side, Kyung Sim says it's just normal, that's how love is and that she should try it, too. She suggests Bong Soon to date Min Hyuk and I totally agree. Yes, yes, yes.

The next day, said CEO comes to pick Bong Soon and obviously her mother scoops him inside, providing a royalty-worthy breakfast that shocks everyone, but ultimately the awkwardness goes away and it's a delightful moment. And then they are at Min Hyuk's place to have breakfast again. His father questions Bong Soon, why she likes his son. At first she just says because he's handsome but clearly that isn't the answer so she speaks honestly: "he's crazy." It seems the man will go crazy but instead he laughs out loud, agreeing with her and clearly approving of the girl. 


Min Hyuk's father has a talk with Bong Soon, taking the blame because his son suddenly stopped seeing girls when before he would always have a different one hooked to his arm, this also caused worrisome rumors. This makes Bong Soon realize that the CEO can't be gay.


Min Hyuk takes her to see someone important, his mother, because he wanted to show her the girl he likes now. Then they go to the Han River again. Bong Soon mentions how it's good to be friends and Min Hyuk then speaks about how her friend likes her, which at first can be interpreted as Gook Doo. It seems Bong Soon thinks he's talking about the detective but then when the CEO starts talking how it's really hard to be just her friend and that to change from friends to lovers it only takes one step, Bong Soon has to realize it's him, after all he literally takes that step. But soon he walks away, yet Bong Soon watches him realizing that's the difference with Gook Doo, in her relationship with him there was never just "one step", whereas Min Hyuk already took that step closer to her heart.

Oh boy, my poor weak heart!

Back to the ongoing case, the detectives retrieve some CCTV while the actor comes to give a statement that doesn't contribute to anything., because there are never CCTV cameras when they need them. Gook Doo, connecting what they have with what Bong Soon said, goes back to the junkyard and questions the employee again, but this claims his boss is out for business. Odd.

And then we see the culprit who is monitoring the police station. When he went to give that fake statement he bugged the station. Clever, he's too clever.

On the gangsters's side, they have brought an expert to tell them how to deal with their greatest enemy and this suggests they just gave to get back at Bong Soon, all against her.

Before the trap is set, Bong Soon's high school followers end up uploading the video of her beating the thugs while Bong Soon herself visits her brother to give him an allowace now that she got paid, he confesses to like Hee Ji, but he asks if he really can't date her. Bong Soon replies that of course he can't, Gook Doo is his friend and doesn't deserve that. I'm glad baby brother understands it's just not right to do that.

At home, Bong Soon reads the letter Grandmother left for her where she encourages her to embrace her strength and not be ashamed, so Bong Soon gets from a box that pink hoodie. Is she going to tell Min Hyuk it was her the one who saved him?! Oh dear!

But then Bong soon gets a call from people the gangsters got, doing voice pishing that make her believe her mother has been kidnapped. Obviously, Bong Soon runs to where she was summoned, just to figure out for herself it was a trap; however she is ready to fight, confident against all the thugs. Some where else, both Gook Doo and Min Hyuk are informed about the situation too, and rush to get to the girl. Who will get there first?

Now Bring the Rainbow!

    Ah man, that's an unfair number of gangster against one person, no matter how strong she is. At least they don't have weapons with them, that would've been impossible. Bong Soon now has training, but I wonder if it'll be enough. And what will happen when one of the two male leads get there? I wonder when Gook Doo will find out about her powers.

You know what I'm curious about? The pink hoodie. Bong Soon has kept it and I would like to know why? After all it's been many years, so does it have a special meaning or what? I wonder, I wonder...

I screamed so much when Min Hyuk hinted a confession, and I'm delighted that Bong Soon's heart is going to him. The CEO is cuter and cuter around her. I swear, this couple will be my end, I am going doing with this ship.

As we are just halfway through the K-drama I doubt something really bad will happen, my guess is that she'll beat the gangster and earn their loyalty somehow so they'll end up helping against the kidnapper. I hope so! That one is a scary thing, because he isn't just muscle as the thugs, he is mostly brains and that's more dangerous. I don't want our Bong Soon to get hurt!

We have to wait to see how things go, so let's be patient a bit more. I'll see you all soon.

I'm out~


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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