Finally, episode 9 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon came to let us know how that epic-looking fight went. After this, no one can defy Bong Soon anymore, she's the neighborhood's real boss. Let's see what else happened and the gif-set I made.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 9: Life-risk Love

We were left with Bong Soon realising it was all a trap but facing the gangsters head on. With her new training, she moves more precisely and deadly. In no time, our girl gets rid of every thug, reinstating once again she is the real boss. Gangster Boss is shaking even when he tries to look unfazed.By this point, Min Hyuk and Gook Doo have arrived but Bong Soon hasn't noticed them, or any of the other people in the fight. Toothless, the one that was told to stay behind, uses the chance when Bong Soon is talking to Gangster Boss to attack with a knife. Our girl doesn't notice, but the men do and run forward, screaming her name to alert her. 

Min Hyuk is faster and reaches her first,taking the blow instead of her. Bong Soon screams and scared out of her mind as Min Hyuk loses consciousness.

Min Hyuk is taken to the hospital where they try to ease Bong Soon, but she's too worried at at the edge of a mental breakdown. She is guilty and can't leave his side. Luckily, it wasn't so serious and he'll recover, yet when the CEO wakes up and sees Bong Soon, safe and sound next to him, he makes sure to tease her and guilty trip her. Ah, our Min Hyuk, not even after being stabbed he changes. Talk about character consistency. He makes a whole fuss, dramatising his condition and obviously making Bong Soon feel guilty, yet still like that he makes sure she is eating and taking care of herself.

God, he makes me love him so much.

Somewhere in the hospital Gook Doo goes over what he saw Bong Soon doing and connects all the dots from the past, the many instances she did peculiar things but he never put together. Now he's more tormented for not having it figured it out before so he goes to see Min Hyuk, asking if he knew. The CEO claims Bong Soon doesn't want him to know so to please act oblivious, but Gook Doo can't unclear the truth. Then he proceeds to ask if the girl's powers are why he hired her as bodyguard. Ultimately, the detective asks the other man why he took the shot for Bong Soon and the CEO only echoes the question, the look in his eyes answer enough.

*insert high pitched squeal*

Bong Ki finds Gook Doo and they talk about Bong Soon. The younger brother asks the detective to keep quiet to protect Bong Soon, but the stubborn friend only wants to put Toothless Thug behind bars. However, at the end Min Hyuk is the victim and he won't press charges.

Talking about the victim, he receives new visitors: Bong Soon's family. These are grateful and the mother wants to do anything to repay the CEO, so she ends up offering her daughter. Why am I not even surprised?

Now we go to our creepy criminal, the kidnapper. In his dungeon the brides have decided to work together to get help, screaming in unison. But the kidnapper has them monitored so he goes back and beats up the initiator if such ideas. At least he didn't kill her.

The mother of the third bride cries in sorrow because her daughter has not been found yet while the head detective apologises as the woman will have to give her statement again since they were removed from the case. In frustration, Gook Doo goes over Bong Soon's description and thinks back of the junkyard, his guts telling him that's the right place.

Back at the hospital Hee Ji comes to visit Bong Ki, explaining what happened with Gook Doo and now she feels more free to pursue the doctor, yet the man still feels reluctant but she pushes, talking about timing and such. I still don't like her.

Gangster Boss comes to see all his underlinings and to beat Toothless Thug, not without making a mistake first. But before the boss can really punish the idiot who brought a weapon, Bong Soon's mother comes to do the same. She makes the same mistake and when she realises the real culprit is too damaged already, she suggests to hit the boss. Yet Min Hyuk's father beats her to it.

Same father then goes to nag his son, instead of comforting him, ending in a nasty fight that Bong Soon overhears, seeing how broken and sad Min Hyuk ends up.

Gook Doo goes to the junkyard and this time meets the owner, recognising him as the witness. To give himself some time, he asks the kidnapper to take a look at his car. With this chance, Gook Doo finds a door that leads exactly to the dungeon! But the kidnapper comes and stops the detective before he can actually get to the basement. Yet Gook Doo goes to the police station to share his findings and his suspicions, so now all the police officers are behind the real culprit. YES!

Bong Soon doesn't want to leave Min Hyuk alone, and actually tells him it's enough of pushing her away when he's sad. So she stays and offers to give him what he wants. They also talk about the buss accident from which she saved him. She accepts to be the girl and that was the first time she used her powers to help. While talking she realises he isn't much older, maybe even younger! But Min Hyuk escapes her scolding by faking pain once again. That cunning man.

Later, Bong Soon's mother comes with food! But even if he's salivating like a puppy before his meal, Bong Ki comes in and stops him before his first bite, because the patient is in fasting. Poor CEO! He just wanted to eat homemade food.

While Bong Soon escorts her parents, Gangster Boss comes completely swollen, to apologise to Min Hyuk, saying he had forbidden any tools. Min Hyuk just warns him to stay away. Then the gangster runs into Bong Soon and also apologises, admitting defeat, so that war is over.

Min Hyuk is surprised when Bong Soon comes back, but he's also delighted. He asks her help to wash his hair and I smell chance for a kiss, people. Not very effectively but quite delicately, Bong Soon towel dries his hair and Min Hyuk just watches her, pulling her closer. Contain your squeals, the scene isn't over and they just stare at each other, hearts racing. Bong Soon embraces the moment, closing her eyes! But Min Hyuk stops himself (WHYYYYY?!) and Bong Soon has to awkwardly move away, pretending nothing happened. Aish these two! They go to bed but they don't really sleep, they end up staring at each other.

What a waste of a perfect romantic moment.

Gook Doo team are doing a stake out but there's been a fourth victim and their suspect didn't move. What the...Yet when he does go out, the police officers follow him, or try to but the kidnapper escapes them. And he goes to stalk Hee Ji now. I hate her, but I don't want her to be the next bride.

At the hospital, Gook Doo comes to tell them about the new victim and ask for Bong Soon's help. Min Hyuk is apprehensive and doesn't want her in fear she might get hurt, but she reassures him it'll be all right, and leaves. Gook Doo lingers inside and literally growls at the CEO, saying Bong Soon is his to protect. Possessive much?

Outside, Gook Doo joints Bong Soon and finally she brings up her powers, but the detective acts nonchalant. Then the conversation seems to change about feelings, but before something else is said, Bong Soon reminds Gook Doo the case. He informs they can't officially investigate, but he hopes she can recognise the voice of their suspect. 

So off they go to the police office and after hearing to the audio, she confirms they are the same person. But right then another detective comes claiming they got the real culprit but no, Bong Soon knows and tells them they got the wrong man.

Oh boy.

Now Bring the Rainbow!






Agh, when you think they are finally getting closer someone else shows up. Now who's that new criminal? A decoy or a fan? I swear the Bride Collector gives me the creeps every time. And I'm on my toes all the time because they are getting so close, but not quite yet! It's most frustrating.

But let's talk about happy and pretty things. THE TENSION IN THIS EPISODE! Gook Doo is realising he's really behind and he's losing Bong Soon for being being so oblivious before. Meanwhile, Min Hyuk makes evident his intention to his rival and Bong Soon is clearly getting closer and closer to the CEO.

I just want them to marry and have a beautiful family and be happy while I cry rainbows.

We are on episode 9, so you know what that means? The kiss must be around the corner, peeps! I have high expectations because the chemistry is great and the tension is nerve-wracking. I think I might pass out.

Anyhow, I'll see you all for the next recap.

I'm out~


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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