It's time to say good bye to one of my new favourite K dramas: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. This episode ties the loose ends and gives us closure, nonetheless I'm still sad to say goodbye. Let's see how episode 16 went.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Episode 16: Final

     Min Hyuk drives while an exhausted Bong Soon sleeps by his side as he keeps babbling. The man can't get upset for this when she's adorable and she worked so hard. 

At the police station the scene is different. Jang Hyun is arrogant and his replies only infuriates us all. Gook Doo can't take it any longer and sprints forward to be stopped by Team Leader, but thankfully it's the older man the one kicking the psycho. Well done, Team Captain.

The next day, Bong Soon has to prepare for the game presentation and she does quite well. When Secretary Gong asks her about the goal of the game she says the main character saves Prince Min Min and they live happily ever after. I'm not the only one giggling, real Min Min is dying, too, and even more when they talk about a sequel with marriage and a family. 

How can a grown up man be this cute? Save me.

Later, Min Hyuk takes Bong Soon away and she shares her worry for her father who has still not come back. He promises to help, although he has no idea how, and just makes sound effects that are too adorable for a K-drama character. Please, stop him. For my heart's sake.

Min Hyuk finds Bong Soon's father and has a talk with him, begging him to come home so he can give him his blessing to marry Bong Soon because he's crazy in love and he is so lonely without her, especially at night. Oops, that slipped. Dad asks the young CEO why does he love Bong Soon so much and Min Hyuk answers that she's like him and he only feels alive when she's around. Dad is as surprised as we are that Min Min loves Bong Bong so deeply.

Dad agrees and after getting drunk, Min Hyuk delivers him home. Mom is happier about the CEO's presence so she tells him to stay over and go to Bong Soon's room. He thinks Mom won't come yet and tries to make a move, just to be interrupted. But he tries again and now it's Bong Ki walking in and interrupting. 

It's not his night.

Min Hyuk accepts he has to leave, but not before overly cute "no, you leave first. / No, you leave." I'm dying here. Why are they like this?

With Jang Hyun caught, he is put to trial for all his crimes and the damage he caused. In voice over we hear how he's sentenced to death penalty and his doom causes him to scream and roll on the floor, defeated. That's great.

To cover for Bong Soon's awesome work, Min Hyuk takes the "blame" and is awarded by the police as Brave Citizen. Ha! The CEO is ashamed and horrified this might happen again. Why is his luck like this? I find it beautiful. In other news, Gook Doo has been transferred to the Gangnam police station.

Bong Soon has to finally present and it goes well, Min Hyuk is proud of her as he recalls some of their moments together. 

At the neighbourhood, Gook Doo drops for a visit as they clear up their feelings. He confesses that when he said that about he liking girls like cosmos, he meant her and wanted her to listen. I knew it! He always saw her like that, someone he needed to protect. They think for a moment how things would've changed if she hadn't missed that hint. But they can't cry over the spilled milk and no matter what, they will always be everlasting friends. Gook Doo is beautiful for that, and it breaks my heart that he tears up in his car as he looks at the necklace he had bought for Bong Soon.

Why can't everyone be happy?!

Gook Doo and Bong Ki meet for a basketball match and they talk, the former asks the latter why he sent Ji Hee away and why he never told him about Bong Soon. Bong Ki thinks Gook Doo knew, but he confesses he didn't because he liked her and his own heart blinded him. Ouch. Bong Ki asks if things would be different if he had said anything, but there's no answer.

But there are fan fictions and the wheels in my head are spinning!

The next day, Flamboyant Doppelgänger comes to accept Bong Soon in the team, actually giving positive feedback that means her game will do great. So now Bong Soon has ended being an internet and her dream has come true, but she has also embraced her powers and decided to help. We see her in different situations, helping the ones in need but for that reason always being late or disappearing out of blue.

Something funny that happens in this episode is how everyone warns slash threatens Min Hyuk not to hurt Bong Soon. First her father, then her followers and lastly Gook Doo. Min Hyuk is flabbergasted because if anything, he might be hurt, but still. 

Min Hyuk is accepted as family and he can join a camping day, having lovely time and everyone looks happy. She tells him how she just wants to use her powers for the greater good and he promises to be always by her side. That includes accepting her back as intern when she's fired for constantly being late. We know who has the control in the relationship because with a bit of cutesy, Min Hyuk is a puddle of giggles and forgets everything. And they try to be professional at the office, but as soon as the cross the barriers they talk informally and are stupidly cute.

I'm dead. Min Min almost fell for running to Bong Soon and I'm sure it wasn't scripted. 

Bong Soon writes diligently her journals as Dad comes to tell her how he's happy there's someone who loves her as much as he does, and he can hand her to Min Hyuk now, hoping for their happiness.

That happiness comes under the cherry blossoms when Min Hyuk declares he wants forever with her and proposes. And yes, we get to see the wedding with all the characters we know attending and dropping to see the bride and groom, Gangster Boss even brought clean money. They take pictures with the couple and they are beautiful and I love them.

Then we see Mom once again visiting Buddha to ask for one last favour: for Bong Soon to have a son so Min Hyuk can have a break. But Buddha smirks and then we then find out they are having twins, and yes, both girls.


He calls for reinforcement: gangster nannies! But even these nannies run away after the babies keep abusing them. These girls are no joke, even hitting their own father when he tries to feed them. Black eyes for everyone!

He calls his wife, but she's busy saving the world with her powers. We finally see her watching over the city and promising to defend them all for as long as she can, after all, she's Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Now Bring the Rainbow!






Awww, it's over. It's over! What do I do now? 

God, it's been a while since I'm this satisfied with a finale. It wrapped everything so well without unnecessary drama, like a one year trip to the States without contact because I need to grow up as a person, blah, blah, blah. It was cute and lovable, funny as always and it gave me a sense of satisfaction with Jang Hyun's punishment. And we got to see a bit of their future! How great would be a sequel about Bong Soon's twin super strong daughters?

What broke my heart infinitely was Gook Doo. I am a fierce Bong Bong and Min Min shipper, but I love Gook Doo, too. He's a loyal and good friend, and he accepted Bong Soon loved Min Hyuk and that their timing was always off. He never fought for her or tried to make her change her mind, he accepted her decision and feelings and that made him beautiful and pure in my eyes. His love was always honest but he knew his place, yet he still hurt for it and I hurt with him. 

All the questions: 'how would it be?' made me think of a parallel universe where their timings match, just to see them getting together once. To give Gook Doo a happy ending, too. I guess I will be writing a special epilogue kind of thing… ummmm.

This show made me happy all the time, the main couple had such an amazing chemistry I believed they were really in love. I loved the balance of elements: romance, comedy, thrill. Sometimes they went overboard with the comic relieves, but I forgive them for that. The abuse of the gangsters's storyline was an example that too much is not good.

I'm going to miss this show terribly. Having a male lead that I love from the beginning, one that isn't a douche and that's a dork like Min Hyuk is hard to find. But K-dramas are always coming to fill the holes left in our hearts. Or we can always marathon and re-watch it all over again.

In case you are looking for something new, My Secret Romance has come to DramaFever, a coproduction! And I'll be recapping those episodes so I guess I'll see you all there.

And here I leave, with a last farewell to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

I'm out~


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