Rainbow‘s leader Jaekyung has treated her fans to an unusual, yet hilarious selca. On January 1st, the idol tweeted, “I want to eat Bungeoppang!(>_<)  Why can’t I find Bungeoppang shops these days?  Does anyone know where a Bungeoppang shop is?” For those wondering what the heck a ‘Bungeoppang’ is, here is a brief description! Bungeoppang is a famous Korean pastry that is made similar to a waffle. The batter is poured into a fish-shaped mold and red bean paste is added as a filling. Finally, more batter is poured on top and the cast-iron lid comes to toast the treat. It’s a favorite street snack among Koreans, as the fresh and warm bread melts perfectly with the hot bean paste in your mouth. Read more on Allkpop.