Hello everyone. Firstly, let me introduce myself. I'm Bel Watson and I normally write recaps using one of the character's voice to make it different. With Rain's comeback K-drama: Come Back, Mister I couldn't pick one or find the comic relief so I'll be using my own voice. Comments, fangirling and exclamations (sometime sarcastic) are all mine. I hope we can also discuss the drama and not only Rain's abs.

I'm a bit late with the recap of the first episode but this is only for this week (there were some issues), later the recap will come after every episode, as soon as I can write it. I'm not good with names so I might use nicknames for supporting characters.

With that said, let's embark in a new journey! 


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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It's a lovely autumn's day, there's this humongous three with yellow leaves in a soothing landscape… and an ahjussi (mister) lying on the ground. Totally normal, right? He's snoring loudly, even the tiny butterfly gets startled. He wakes up and doesn't seem to remember what happened or how he got there. He actually believes is just a hangover but wait, he didn't drink anything. He doesn't have money, his phone or anything, so he thinks he's been pick-pocketed. This is our ahjussi Kim Young-soo.

With nothing in his hands, he has to figure out where he is so he takes a look around. He notices the tree and seems confused because wasn't snow forecasted? But thoughts get interrupted when a coughing alerts him there's someone else around.

Lying on the ground, we find another ahjussi who doesn't wake up when Young-soo shakes him, so what does a normal person do? Tries to give CPR, but we know that's an excuse to make out, right? I mean, puckering lips? K-drama characters should be taught how to do CPR… now, if it were Rain the one lying there, I'd probably forget how to do proper CPR. However, this is not Rain and Young-soo isn't a hormonal fangirl.

Luckily for our second ahjussi, Han Gi-tak, he wakes up before lips can connect and demands to know who this human is. Then he pulls a judo move and pins him down, threatening to get that arm out of its socket.

Young-so has no idea where they are either, or what's going on. A third figure appear and Young-so asks where they are. The third ahjussi doesn't reply verbally, instead points to a sign that reads PURGATORY with two directions: Heaven and Hell.

Young-soo finally seems to recall what happened and gets flashbacks of what looks like a fall. Accident? Suicide? Gi-tak comes later, catching up on where they are and also having flashbacks of his own death, apparently, in a car accident.

The sound of a train coming is heard and both ahjussis accept they died, on January 25th, 2016 (this is when I should've written this recap!)

And let's go back in time! The clock goes back, two days before they died and we are back with Young-soo, extremely happy, all smiles and professionalism. He's at work, being efficient and controlling his expression and words all the time, even when unhappy costumers come to demand for refunds and even pull his hair. That must hurt.

This store Young-soo works at seem to be doing fairly bad recently and one of the higher-ups has to take a scold from the big boss, Chairman Cha, who talks through his secretary, not his own vocal chords, apparently.

Back to our first ahjussi, Young-soo is telling one coworker that women's clothing is all that's in his mind. The coworker points him to a woman whose back is to them, and Young-soo judges her based on what she's wearing, finding so many faults…

…until a little girl (Kim Han-na) joins and he can recognise his wife, Shin Da-hye. Oh shoot.

He tries tries to hurry them out of the luxury goods department before they can be spot and recognised, besides, Da-hye only came for a sale and we already know she made bad choices with her outfit. She points out that his behaviour is way more suspicious, but then little Han-na points out that even then no one would believe her omma (mom) married a man with such looks. Wow, small but brutally honest. I like her!

For his misfortune, he draws even more attention when he steps on a too shiny shoe belonging to the president of the department store he works at, the higher-up that was being told off before, Cha Jae-Gook. I've liked this actor only in one drama (that I've seen him in, Kill Me, Heal Me) and so far I don't think I'll like him in here either, especially because he wipes his shoe on Young-soo's trousers and the poor ahjussi has just to take in, even smiling brightly to his wife and daughter later. Ow, the things employees need to take in order not to lose their jobs. /sighs/

But you think the misery ends there? Hell no. His coworker points out the date in his calendar and guess what? It's there wedding anniversary, which he totally forgot about. Surely his wife and daughter came for that, right? And he didn't make plans. Oops, that's not good, ahjussi.

Good coworker that I'm starting to grow fond of, recommends him a good restaurant. Guess who runs it? That’s correct, the second ahjussi Gi-tak! And he has a whole army of equally tough staff. One of them takes the order from Young-soo’s table, which includes the favour to put a necklace inside a dessert as a surprise.

Every time someone does things, I can only think what if the person eats the jewellery?

Da-hye's face isn’t pleased when Young-soo complains about the prices, but then his phone rings and he excuses himself to go pick up the call. This doesn’t seem to be going well. When he comes back he informs it’s just that one of the higher-up’s uncle died. He doesn’t have to be there yet his expressions says differently.

Simultaneously, Gi-tak also received a call, but he did not pick up. Young-soo maybe should learn something from our though ahjussi.

Da-hye knows her husband and can’t stand his anxious behaviour, it’s evident the funeral is all he can think about so she gives up. He drags her with him, though. Such smooth date, wow.

Our tough ahjussi has a soft heart, though. He’s caring and kind with his staff. I mean, he offers to help them with college tuition if they get their GEDs first. Isn’t that cute? He considers them their family and is expecting them to take care of him when he gets too old and then the funeral. A real appa! (dad).

They are interrupted when a woman walks in, her face almost completely covered, however Gi-tak immediately recognises her. She’s Song Lee-yeon, who was calling him before and it’s shown she just got in a scandal with a male model only three months after her divorce with that ew higher-up, Jae-gook.

She talks to him comfortably, however he talks to her formally, coldly even if she tells him not to. She explains the scandal is a set-up by her ex husband. She states she felt he was the only one who’d believe her but Gi-tak understands why she’s there: to request his help.

He asks her if she wants him to beat up the model, and we get flashbacks of a situation like that where he then goes to prison and she ignores him leaving him to his fate, even when he did that for her. No wonder he’s bitter and cold now. If I were him, I would probably throw a kitchen knife at her.

She acknowledges he must think she’s a bitch, but she’s sorry about it but he cuts her in, saying that if she was truly sorry, then she wouldn’t have come. He doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in jail for her, like before.

During that, she receives a call from her son and he watches her tone change, the love in her voice.

Even after he sends her off, he worries. She said that she’d rather die that lose her son in a custody battle and guess why Jae-gook is creating the scandal for. Then, one of his staff members, Choi Seung-jae, suggests he should use this chance to rekindle his first love with Lee-yeon.

At the funeral, things don’t go well, both Young-soo and Da-hye get humiliated, ahjussi does not stand up for his wife, though, which makes things awkward at home the next day. But Young-soo has a spy who can help him figure out how mad his wife is: Han-na. I insist, I like her. She’s really cute in how she tells him her omma is really mad. She’d still try to help him, which is ultimately adores.

At work, Young-soo gets attacked by a co-worker with a fire extinguisher, blaming it on him the fact she was fired. He is flabbergasted but then he rushes to check and realises the store was moved without anyone giving him previous notice.

He has an argument with the head of the new line who says everything is fine, they signed a contract and all. But there has to be something missing, he’s the responsible of the store and he had no clue… but then the man mouths rice cakes (in Korean it also means bribe) and he calls Da-hye. She, innocently, took rice cake home, taking them as the only gift she got on her wedding anniversary. Well, it was a bribe, apparently. He demands her to bring the rice cakes immediately.

This conversation was recorded by the fire extinguisher master who sends it to the press. Now she’s also an insider. That woman and her many talents.*huffs*

Young-soo can’t return the rice cakes and he can’t do anything but continue the path that was set for him. He has to talk to his boss, beg for an opportunity and more. That means, all plans need to be cancelled. Well, this seems to happen too often and she’s tired of that. She’s tired of being the one who has to understand. He’s always late, drunk and she’s just exhausted.

He promises that next time, they’ll go on a trip. "Next time." That sets on her nerves because it’s always the empty promise. This escalates quickly, the argument, the shouting and it ends up with Young-soo raising his hand, Da-hye’s shocked expression and that frozen moment when he realises what he’s done, and was about to do.

He shouts, throwing a tantrum, kicking and throwing other things--away from her--while Da-hye just watches him in horror.

With our tough ahjussi, he’s threatening the model to stop this scandal and see the light. Ex husband has stopped the bribery news the fire extinguisher master leaked. Talking about bribery, Gi-tak offers the model money to make him give up Ex husband’s plan.

Back to Young-soo, he’s impressing everyone at the outing (“business meeting”) but he fails at wooing the director (he’s apparently gay and doesn’t drink alcohol). The meeting fails and they can’t stop the director from leaving, but when Young-soo receives a text from Han-na, telling him to come back to life (how foreshadowing) he sets running after the car.

I think for a moment he’ll get in an accident, but based on the flashbacks at the beginning, Gi-tak dies in a car, not him.

He finally reaches the car, although he’s like eighty-four percent dead by then. The director is so shocked as Young-soo explains he needs this chance, he failed his family, wife and everyone for this chance. That seems to touch the director who gives him said chance, he even gets out of the car and make sure he isn’t a hundred percent dead.

Gi-tak gives a file with the model's confession to Lee-yeon, that should help clean the scandal, right? He wants to leave now, he’s duty is done and hopes to never see her again, but she grabs his wrist and tries to stop him. Eyes are tearing up, lips trembling and her heart on her sleeve, she apologises. Technically speaking, he could set free easily, but he doesn’t, she stops him and finally, he gives in, catching her in his arms and hugging her tight…


Paparazzi have found them and he rushes after them in his car. But that isn’t even the worst part, the model when to the police and press and told them about the threat. Someone said scandal? I’d say a massive one.

Young-soo, and his like eighty percent dead self, are kicked out of the taxi when he’s about to throw up. Outside, he can’t even stand on his own feet when his Han-na calls him, mad at him for being late and sounding drunk, even if he’s not. She’s too adorable and my heart goes to her. Maybe I should’ve used her voice for the recaps. Too late now.

He’s about to go home when he spots the banner of the mall, with one end loose. What does a normal person do? Goes home. What does Young-soo do? Goes to fix it. I think his brain is more dead than his body by this point.

In a consecutive shot of small scenes, we see Young-soo shoeless, without harness, trying to reach the end of the banner somehow thinking he can do it when he’s still having trouble breathing and standing. He loses his balance…

Gi-tak is still chasing the paparazzi, but the van suddenly stops and in order to avoid it, he hits the signs and cones and ends up in the air, rolling and crashing…

Da-hye is with her gaze lost in the fireworks that light up the night sky as Young-soo is barely holding on to the ledge.

The guard arrives, asking if there’s someone there, but Young-soo can’t even talk and he finally slips and falls as Gi-tak sees the truck coming his way, the lights blinding him.

Death has come to them, simultaneously.

Back to the afterlife, they get in the train station to get their tickets, either to hell or heaven. Surprisingly, Young-soo gets to hell and Gi-tak to heaven. The latter made it up for his sins while the former committed suicide. Gi-tak has to agree with the lady that yeah, our Young-soo really screwed it up there.

But Young-soo didn’t committee suicide. Can he talk to the manager?

In fact, he can, the third ahjussi who pointed out where they were.

Young-soo tries to explain he didn’t kill himself, but the ahjussi just throws at him his suicide tendencies and how it seemed he was preparing for death with his drinking, bad sleeping habits and more. He’s flabbergasted, depressed and utterly sorry. After the numbers of his outrageous and irresponsible behaviour are exposed, he falls to his knees to apologise. Tears fall on the ticket as the ahjussi smiles and the words are changed. He’s now going to heaven with a brain haemorrhage explanation.

Young-soo, as he’s leaving, he wonders if his family will still believe he killed himself, but the ahjussi doesn’t reply, tells him to leave the matters of the living to the living.

And they get on the afterlife train that’ll take them to heaven. They formally introduce themselves, and seem friendly to one another. Despite the circumstances, it’s nice to meet each other.

As the train goes, the landscape goes changing. When they boarded it was winter, then the snowflakes turn into cherry blossom petals for then the summer to come with beautiful flowers until rain strikes. And as the landscape changes, they each are filled with memories that are precious to them. For Gi-tak is his undying love for Lee-yeon even after all these years. For Young-soo, his family: wife, daughter and father.

With he landscape change, the memories for Young-soo become more lucid, almost as if they were happening right outside his window and he starts crying. But the visions are shattered when the train flies up in the sky. Wow, I give visual effects a C.

Young-soo its destroyed and starts screaming, demanding the train to stop. That can’t be done, the train is in the air, literally. He rants, there’s so much he has left to do, his trip with Da-hye, his daughter is just eight, his father… he can’t just leave.

The guard is stoic and won’t help, and Gi-tak who’s holding a kid (and who the hell are you and how did you get there?) stands up for his new friend, throwing punches that surprise all the passengers but don’t even make the guard blink.

Reinforcements are called for the disturbance and when no punch can help, it’s time to run. But you know this thing about trains? They are not infinite, even the Afterlife Express. So they hit the end and Young-soo starts climbing the fence.

“The worst is that I die.” And well, Young-soo's dead already so what can he lose? So off he goes.

“You only die once,” Gi-tak says, which I hope it’s true and he follows hi new buddy. They fall and as they do, with the clouds looking on fire behind them, they scream they have to go back.

When Young-soo wakes up everything is different and here I get the abs I was promised (thank you, Rain). He takes a video-call from MAYA, the lady who gave them the tickets in the station, who asks if they arrived safe. Uh. 

When he replies he notices his voice is different. When he asks what’s wrong, I reply, you got hot. You also got a six-pack. Thank you, Heaven.

Young-soo looks at himself in the mirror in shock (is he really in his birthday suit? OMO!) as Gi-tak also wakes up in a hot and killer body, too. Female hot and killer body, though. And yes, both are naked!


Come Back, Mister's (can we use CBM for short?) first episode is somehow… confusing? For almost an hour I wasn't sure where it was going. I tend to be the type who jumps into a drama because of the cast, I don't even read the synopsis at times so it's really a surprise for me. I had a vague idea and I was trying to put the pieces together. In my mind I was constantly saying I was promises Rain. Where is he?

But aside from my very fangirl thoughts (can you blame me?) it is a very interesting episode, promising although some visual effects are very lacking. It does have a lot and although at first I wasn't really hooked in the story, I got really attached to them by the end. I don't know what to expect of this drama, but I hope to enjoy it and I hope the two ahjussis, in the new upgraded bodies develop and find a better future. No idea how that's gonna work, though.

I hope we enjoy the k-drama together, so what did you think of the first episode? The second is already available and I'll recap it shortly. Pinky promise!

Until then,
Bel, xx

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