Anyone watching Rain's social media knows that not often but when the mood strikes he shares his beloved pets with his fans. Last week, the über-busy entertainer took to his Instagram with an update on his little bitty dog Janggoonie (장군이, "The General"). Looking at General's rather dignified pose, "Are you a human being..." was the only comment Rain could make. LOL

Janggoonie is a man now and fully grown, but when he was the newest member of the Jung family in the summer of 2011, he was a baby ball of fluff and little else on Rain's Twitter. Precious!

Relaxing in Rain's lap. (Yep, those are Mickey Mouse shorts.)

Rain also Instagram'd a picture last week of his second dog, giant poodle Sarangie (사랑이, "Lovey"). Sarangie looked full, happy, and in need of a nap, don't you think? 

Rain thought so. "Did you have a meal..."

The last time Sarangie made an impression was during Mnet's reality TV show "Rain Effect" in December 2013, when Rain came home from his ZEPP Japan concerts to find that the naughty pooch had deposited "care packages" (piles of poop) in dang near every room of the house. Yikes! Rain and his manager had to scrub that hot mess up. And into the shower Sarangie went, gently.

Rain: "You $#!* more than I do! It must be a blessing to live as a dog." LOL!

There's no telling what these two canines will get into next (hopefully not trouble, I'm talking to you, Sarangie, haha). 

One thing has been pretty clear these past years, though. No matter what they do get into, their papa Rain loves and cares for them unconditionally and they love him right back.

In other news, Rain was in Shanghai on January 22 for the official press conference for his upcoming Chinese TV drama "Diamond Lover." This is Rain's second Chinese role (President "Xiao Liang"), the first being the lead in movie For Love or Money in 2014. The drama has been filming episodes in Shanghai, Nanjing, Belgium, and Seoul since December.

Images: Rain / CJ E&M / Mnet

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