Just yesterday, Rain announced to his millions of fans around the world of his plans to wed longtime girlfriend Kim Tae Hee as featured right here on Dramafever. And now, it has been revealed that his newest single "The Best Present," a collaboration with PSY, is essentially a love letter to his future wife, full of Rain's amorous feelings for his future wife.

One of the perks of that comes with being a singer-songwriter is that you can present the love of your life with a song dedicated only for them, which is what Rain has done with his latest comeback single, "The Best Present,." which was released on January 15th. The much-anticipated R&B song, which rose high up in the charts quickly after its debut, looks to climb even higher following Rain's announcement that he was indeed getting married to his sweetheart Kim Tae Hee. The song, according to PSY, is full of words and emotions that Rain wanted to express to his girlfriend of almost four years. Rain himself had already admitted to having Kim on his mind constantly while working on the song, but now his lyrics show exactly what he's been feeling this whole time.

With lyrics like, "Whenever I’m tired and in distress, when I start to give up on everything – it was you who caught me. It was you, who caught me," it's pretty obvious who the words are meant for, especially considering how close the two have been. But even more, there are hidden messages from Rain to his fiancé, hinted in the line, "Your name forever will be the biggest happiness." Written in Chinese, "Tae" can mean big, and "Hee" happiness, so the line actually translates to, "Your name forever, Tae Hee." The couple is obviously very much in love, and are planning on having a very private and intimate Catholic wedding ceremony with family and friends. Looks like 2017 and beyond will be full of love and happiness for one of Korea's biggest celebrity couples.