The newlywed actress Kim Tae Hee seems to adore her married life with singer Rain! In a quick interview on March 15, Kim Tae Hee updated the fans on what it’s like to live with the in-laws and when they plan to have a baby!

The Rain and Kim Tae Hee couple is not expecting yet, though Kim Tae Hee wishes to get pregnant very soon. “I honestly wish (the pregnancy rumors) were true, but they’re not,” the actress explained. The couple currently lives with Rain’s father and younger sister.

“My father-in-law is so nice to me. (Rain and I) are planning to stay with his family until we get our own place,” Kim Tae Hee said. The four of them start off the day with a family breakfast and then do their own things during the day.

Kim Tae Hee enjoys cooking for the family and has made delicious pork lettuce wraps!

Rain and Kim Tae Hee were spotted shopping for furniture back in February, possibly for their new house.

Congratulations again Rain and Kim Tae Hee for your marriage!

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