Valentine's Day is just around the corner for lovers all around the world, many of whom will make reservations for a special dinner for two at some romantic dining spot. In Japan, however, many hungry lovebirds will be lining up at a little ramen shop in Tokyo, where they can get themselves a hot bowl of delicious chocolate ramen. 

Apparently, this menu item is no gimmick. Served at MENSHO TOKYO in the Koreakuen section of Tokyo, this bowl of noodles took nine years of research and development. That sounds a bit much, but many ramen chefs are known (some notoriously) for the dedication and focus they put into their craft. The chef who created this odd combination claims that the years spent creating the perfect flavor for the chocolate ramen was about specifics regarding the anchovy broth and type of pork. He recommends letting the chocolate melt in the broth first before slurping the noodles up and enjoying the overall flavor. If you just eat the chocolate as it is, you'll be missing out on the magical flavor of this special bowl of ramen.

Unfortunately, the world's only chocolate ramen is offered for only a limited time, from February 1 until February 14. The price is a very reasonable 88 yen, which is about 9.60 US dollars. That's a lot cheaper than what you would pay for a Valentine's dinner anywhere else, that's for sure. And if you and your sweetheart loves ramen anyway, why not? For those of us not in Japan, we can always try making our own chocolate ramen at home.

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