My Top Ten K-Pop songs of 2013 This year was a pretty awesome year for me mainly because I found my new love, k-pop. Coming up with my ten most favorite songs was a little hard, but here is my top ten K-pop songs of 2013.

10. G.I "Because of You"

I really like this group and can't wait to see and hear more from them. I love this song mainly because their singing sounds really good.

9. Nu'est "Hello"

I just found out this song had a video a few days ago, and it's just lovely as the song.

8. Bumkey "Attraction"

This song is really nice and chill. Its so nice and chill that my brain can't think of anything else to say about it.

7. SHINee "Symptoms"

I knew when I saw the teaser trailer for this song that I'd immediately love it and it's become one of my favorite SHINee songs.

6. B.A.P "One Shot"

This group is currently my new love. This video gets pretty intense. Jongup gets clubbed in the head, they rob a money truck, there's a shootout at the end and for some reason I found Daehyun's duel-wielding pistol shooting to be hilariously adorable.

5. 2NE1 "Falling in Love"

Really, really, really love this song. Of course CL's verses are my favorite part of the song because she says really awesome things like "Johnny Depp" and "Can’t nobody stop the fire let them haters sit 'n stare."

4. Taeyang "Ringa Linga"

I like Taeyang.

3. TOP "Doom Dada"

The video for this is a little crazy and random, that big-headed baby is creepy, but I love it. TOP is flawless. That last verse is so amazing.

2. UKISS "She's Mine"

This song is too cool. I was surprised to find out that UKISS isn't as popular or successful as I thought they were because they're pretty awesome and this song is really, really good.


This lady is too awesome. I love everything thing about this song and almost everything about the video ( GD not wearing pants?!).

And here's five more of my favorites because these songs were too awesome to not include: GD "Niliria feat. Missy Elliott," EXO "" target="_blank">Growl," Block B "Very Good," Seungri "Let's Talk About Love," Hyolyn "" target="_blank">Don't Love Me."

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