This Thursday, Nov 11, READ Philippines will host Write to Our Culture in New York City. The event focuses on the talents of Filipino American artists donating their time and talent to support the READ Philippines program and its efforts to advance Philippine cultural literacy in the New York City area. In the fundraiser's seventh year, the artist lineup will feature a diverse selection of Philippine rondalla music, babaylan arts, R&B, rock, spoken word, fiction, and comedy. As in past years, the 2010 Write to Our Culture event features gifted and creative Filipino American artists, all of whom will be donating their time and talent for the fundraiser. The performance showcase provides a venue for new and emerging Filipino American talent to share their performance art, whether it is spoken word, music, comedy, literature or dance. The event also raises awareness and funds for the READ Philippines Program, a program that establishes collections of Philippine books in various libraries throughout the tri-state area. Performer Lineup: John Gonzales - comedian & host Michael Dadap - guitarist, composer, & conductor Luis Francia - poet & scholar Michael Christian - singer/songwriter DJ Yoshi - DJ Lianah Sta. Ana - vocalist MJ Cruzada and the Magnolia Project Rosalie Zerrudo - performance artist John-Flor Sisante - singer/songwriter JJ de la Cruz - playwright Write to Our Culture will be held at Je'bon Lounge, 15 St. Marks Place, New York, NY Thursday, November 11 · 6:30pm - 11:00pm For more information and to purchase tickets: Proceeds go to READ Philippines' upcoming book turnover at St. Raymond's Elementary School, Bronx, NY in 2011.