url Trainee A, who claims to have been sexually assaulted by actor Park Shi Hoo, has released a formal statement through her lawyers. This is the first statement she’s made to the public since filing the lawsuit on February 15th. The decision can be seen as a defensive move in response to Park filing the lawsuit against her on the 4th. The Kakao Talk chat between Trainee A and Park’s friend Kim was also revealed in its entirety. Kim writes in his conversation that was revealed on the 5th, contradicting his statement that he did not drink on the night of the incident, “I was drunk last night too. I’m never drinking again.” Additionally, in regards to his claims of having slept in the living room, he messaged Trainee A “I was going to sleep in the bed with you, but it was too small so I slept in the living room.” As for Park’s original statement of having had “mutual interest,” Trainee A wrote, “What surprised me more is why I was with Park Shi Hoo” and “Man it was so unexpected…dang.” According to Trainee A’s lawyer Kim Soo Jung, Trainee A met Kim for the first time on February 5th. Kim contacted Trainee A on the 14th, the night of the alleged assault, and told her, “I’m going out with celebrity Park Shi Hoo.” Moreover, in regards to Park’s statement that “there was mutual interest as man and woman” and that “all relations were consensual,” Trainee A’s party emphasized that “Park Shi Hoo suggested playing a drinking game and after a few shots of soju cocktails [Trainee A] lost consciousness. There was no way that they could have developed any sort of interest in each other.” Trainee A also stated that Kim only revealed parts of the Kakao Talk chat that were in his favor, and so revealed the chat in its entirety. With claims that Trainee A conspired with Park’s former management company’s CEO, Trainee A argued that “While it is true the company’s CEO called me multiple times asking me to agree to a settlement, I never conspired with him in any way.” Meanwhile, Park and Kim filed lawsuits against Trainee A, her friend “B,” and Park’s former management company’s CEO, Hwang, on the 4th at 6PM on various charges including false accusations, blackmail, and defamation of character. “B” claims that Trainee A reached out to her following the night of the incident and told her that “Park and Kim sexually assaulted her.” Park’s party has also claimed that Trainee A, “B,” and Hwang conspired together with the intent of extorting money from Park. Following is a translation of the complete Kakao Talk chat: Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 2.16.29 PM Kim: Sorry I left early yesterday. Something came up at home. Call me when you get home. Kim: Are you feeling okay? Trainee A: I’m still drunk… Trainee A: I must have been out of my mind yesterday Trainee A: AAHHH! Trainee A: The biggest mistake of my life Kim: I didn’t think we’d drink that much last night either… Kim: I got so carried away in the moment Kim: Take some medication to help you feel better Trainee A: Plus… dang… Trainee A: Sorry I wasn’t a good friend last night Kim: You didn’t do anything wrong Kim: It’s okay as long as you had fun Kim: Let’s go clubbing later Trainee A: Dang haha. You said you’re going to club [insert club name] right? Kim: Yeah Kim: You have a bangin’ body Kim: I was so surprised Trainee A: hahaha Are you making fun of me? Trainee A: What surprised me more is why I was in bed with Park Shi Hoo Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 2.16.36 PM Kim: Were you expecting it to be me? Kim: I was going to sleep in the bed with you but it was too small so I slept in the living room. Trainee A:  Man it was so unexpected… dang. Kim: I was drunk last night too. Kim: I’m never drinking again. Kim: You don’t drink again, okay? Trainee A: I don’t usually drink anyways. I drank last night because of you!!! Kim: Is that so? Kim: Well get some rest for now. Kim: Let’s play later haha Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 2.16.45 PM [Source: news.nate]