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Is romance drama mirroring real life or vice versa? Noona romance refers to the relationship where the man is younger than the woman. Some of the most scintillating K-drama romantic comedies portray the noona romance, like in Madame Antoine, where Han Ye Seul finds herself pursued by three men, including two who are a lot younger. However, a recent Korean survey indicates that noona romances have been rising in real life.

Traditionally in real life, the age gap (where the woman is older) has been cited as a barrier to marriage. That situation is apparently different now with changing times and social views. According to a news report that quoted Seoul Metropolitan Government statistics, the first marriages where the man is younger than the woman rose to 15.8% in 2014.

Furthermore, for the fist time, the number of such "noona weddings" has surpassed conventional weddings where the couple is the same age. We're not just talking about an age difference of one or two years. For first marriages, the cases where the woman is 6 to 9 years older have risen from 297 to 457 in the past 15 years. By 2014, the number of cases where the woman is more than 10 years older doubled.

More singles are also willing to enter into noona relationships and do not consider age as a barrier, according to another survey polled by Duo, a matching-making company.

Some of these real-life noona romances can actually be found among K-drama stars, like Kim Woo Bin dating the 5-years older Shin Min Ah, and Jung Suk Won (Rooftop Prince), who married the 9-years-older singer Baek Ji Young.

Now that we know real-life noona romances are on the rise, will noona romance still be considered an appealing topic for a drama that wants to be different to attract attention? What do you think? 

Are you interested in a real-life noona romance for yourself? 

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