Real Man On a recent episode of MBC's Sunday Night Real Man, it was revealed that “Son Jin Young, who was interested in composing the military song, finalized it at the Hwa Ryong Battalion.” It was said that after eating and heading back, Son Jin Young suggested singing the military song "Real Man" that he had made, and the dormitory predecessors along with Kim Su Ro, Suh Kyung Suk and the other members all agreed to his suggestion, including the progressive principles squad leader, who willingly accepted, and they sang altogether. Son Jin Young’s military song consists of the following lyrics: "If you return from the army you’re a real man. If you don’t go to the army you’re just a man." One can really feel the emotions Son Jin Young had felt during his army days. An MBC representative commented, “Resounding loudly throughout Hwa Ryong Battalion, 'Real Man' has an unforgettable, addictive melody that captivates the soldiers’ hearts." They continued, “In addition to the version sung by the six members, we are planning to release an opera choir version as well.” (Source: nate news)