Ryu Soo Young Actor Ryu Soo Young recently revealed that he has hidden cooking skills, making him everyone's number one fantasy husband. An episode of MBC's Sunday Night Real Man will feature Ryu Soo Young and Sam Hammington as day chefs. Ryu Soo Young demonstrates his cooking abilities as a day chef at the Hwa Ryong Battalion. In order to make food for all 300 members of the Hwa Ryong Battalion, Ryu Soo Young and Sam Hammington had to complete basic tasks like chopping onions and washing rice, and more advanced tasks such as stirring and frying. Ryu Soo Young attempted to make a large portion of a sweet and sour pork dish, and he received many compliments on his work. Sam Hammington, on the other hand, battled with the "shovel" in the kitchen and began to make the dangerous dish of a lifetime. Not only that, he even caused an accident while cooking, in contrast to Ryu Soo Young. What do you think of a man who can cook? Tell us in the comments below! (Source: nate news, star news)