Popular leading man Park Hae Jin has been single for 6 years now, but this incredible headline is based on a stunning revelation from the handsome actor of Cheese in the Trap, himself. What did he say? Why 2017?

Park Hae Jin admitted that he has been single since 2010 during an interview. He also said he has been too busy to date. 

Referring to his Korean age, he recalled having said previously that he'd be married at 35, saying, "I’m turning 35 in 2017. That goal [to get married then] already seems impossible,” he chuckled. “I’ve said in a lot of interviews that I want to get married at 35. However, isn’t it impossible for someone who is at 35’s door to get married right away? Of course, [there’s always the possibility that] tomorrow someone could appear and we could get married, but right now I’m not thinking about marriage.”

He also explained that because he liked kids, he thought 35 would be a good age to get married. However, he burst into laughter as he said, "Marriage is not something that I can do just because I want to do it. I didn’t know that I would reach 35 so quickly.”

However, there is another revelation that sounds almost like something straight out of a K-drama scene.

In a separate interview, Park Hae Jin revealed this stunning promise:

 “I broke up with a friend of mine a while ago, and made promises back then that if neither of us were dating anyone by the summer of 2017, we would get together and get married. I still remember that promise with her, and if she does show up at the promised location in 2017, I’ll propose to her on the spot. However, if she’s married with children by then, I hope that she will still come out to the spot so I can give her my blessing.”

Since it is still early in 2016, we fans probably don't need to worry yet about what the handsome actor will do in 2017. 

I'm sure fans just want him to be happy at whatever he chooses to do. (Can someone please remind him that he'd be only 34 in 2017 per Western age?)

The promise he made with his "friend," however, makes Park Hae Jin even more romantic than any of the romantic characters he plays on screen.



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