Kim Hyun Joong has been approved for an extension before military enlistment, so he has more time to relax before serving his mandatory military duty. While the Boys Over Flowers actor probably has a number of things to wrap up in his professional life, the reasons are endless as to why enlisting right now will be very difficult.

1. He has a growing family

Kim is patiently awaiting the birth of his firstborn. He never questioned that the baby his ex-girlfriend is carrying is his, and he probably wants to see the child's birth and early years.

2. He hasn't expanded his career to the South Korean silver screen yet.

SS501 and Boys Over Flowers helped propel him to super-stardom, but he probably wants a taste of his own Gangnam Blues or The Technicians fame right now.

3. He didn't hold an official world tour.

He traveled all over Asia, but have you seen a Kim Hyun Joong concert in the United States or Canada? I'll bet he probably wants to tour exclusively in the US and Europe for a while.

4. He needs to meet the Queen of England, the Princes, and Prince George's little royal sibling.

British royal events are something the world enjoys. Who wants to be doing intense physical training when Prince William and Kate Middleton welcome royal baby number two? 

5.. He probably wants to try out Hollywood.

Rain, Lee Byung HunBae Doo Na, and so many other South Korean stars have tasted stardom in glorious Los Angeles. The Playful Kiss actor wants his chance too! I think he would have gladly accepted that Brad Pitt movie. Plus, who could turn down the opportunity to star in The Divergent Series? He could be character number Five. 

6. He needs to try Chicago's deep dish pizza.

You are not living if you haven't tried Chicago's signature deep dish pizza at least once. Kimchi is great, but you gotta have some pizza to spice it up!

7. He hasn't become the next viral YouTube vlogger.

I don't know how to put on make-up like Kim Hyun Joong or repeat his great how-to projects. He needs to give Michelle Phan and Betany Mota a run for their views. He hasn't even tried the cinnamon challenge!

8. He didn't star in a Carly Rae Jepsen video yet.

Hollywood A-list actor Tom Hanks and popular recording artist Justin Bieber appeared in her "I Really Like You' music video. Why can't Kim be next? 

The list could go on and on. Which reason is your favorite? 

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