Oh My Ghostess, the quirky new romantic comedy from tvN, is already winning over DramaFever viewer hearts, leaping up to #5 in the weekly top ten just one week after its premiere. As one of those viewers who has fallen head over heels for this cute cable series, let me share 7 reasons why we're counting down the days until each new episode!

1. Park Bo Young acting as Kim Seul Gi

Park Bo Young hasn't done a drama in years, but she has a very successful film career in South Korea with hits like A Werewolf Boy. If you haven't had the chance to see her skills in action, this is the perfect time! As Na Bong Sun, the timid kitchen assistant who can see ghosts, Park Bo Young has the opportunity to play not just one, but two interesting female characters when her character is possessed by the ghost of Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi).It's shocking how well Park Bo Young nails Kim Seul Gi's speech patterns and mannerisms!

 2. Jo Jung Suk 

Jo Jung Suk slayed my heart with his performance in King 2 Hearts, and he's doing it again in this role. Chef Sun Woo is an interesting blend of gruff and caring that Jo Jung Suk masters well, and I expect we'll peel back even more layers of his personality as time goes on. He also has excellent chemistry with Park Bo Young already. That kiss in episode 4 was Park Bo Young's first onscreen kiss ever, and it looks like Jo Jung Suk definitely "guided" her well...

3. Laugh-out-loud comedy

This is the perfect summer series because it's legitimately funny. From Soon Ae talking to her imaginary ghost friend at the jjimjilbang to her absurd attempts to seduce Sun Woo, it's filled with funny moments that are sure to brighten your mood.

4. ...But it also gives us all the feels

With Kim Seul Gi as a lead, I expected a fair amount of comedy, but what I didn't expect was to be laughing in one scene and crying in the next. This is a series where all of the characters face feelings of longing and loss in one way or another, and that sorrowful side balances out the humor and gives depth to our characters.

5. Gender role reversal

K-dramas often portray male characters as being forward and female characters as being timid, but that's not the case here! While we definitely don't condone trying to seduce someone using a body that isn't yours, there is something refreshing about having a female character who isn't afraid to make the first move for once.

6. Im Ju Hwan as the too-nice nice guy

IS FRIENDLY COP ACTUALLY EVIL???? That's pretty much the question on everyone's minds right now. Im Ju Hwan is pure perfection with his sweet smile that's maybe a little too sweet.

7. Mystery

In addition to all of our questions about Friendly Cop, there are so many other unanswered questions at this point. How did Soon Ae die? Is Sun Woo's dead friend connected to the story somehow? Is there an evil spirit lurking around, possessing people? Whyyyyyyy is it not Friday already so we can all find out?

Are you counting down the minutes until you can see the next episode of Oh My Ghostess like I am? What do you enjoy about the series so far? Are you excited to see what happens now that Bong Sun is back? Share your thoughts in the comments, and don't forget to check out new episodes every Friday and Saturday! If you haven't started this series yet, check out the first episode below: