next_newsJang Shin Young (The Road Home), Ryu Soo Young (Bad Couple, Lawyers of the Great Republic Korea) and Lee Jong Soo (Yi San) headline Rebirth – Next, a bittersweet story of fate and destiny.

When promising young stage actress Kang Jung Hwa (played by Jang Shin Young) and brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Min Ki Beom (actor Ryu Soo Young) have a chance meeting on the subway, the encounter will spark a spiral of events that will change both their lives. Soon after, Jung Hwa inexplicably collapses, and begins to experience a series of memories from previous lives. At the suggestion of her boyfriend Min Ki Soo (Lee Jong Soo), she begins undergoing treatment for insomnia in the form of hypnosis with psychologist Lee Soo Hyeon (Park Ye Jin). What she doesn't realize is that the lives of the four are intertwined - Dr. Min is her boyfriend's brother and her psychologist's fiancee.

When Jung Hwa delves into her past memories, she discovers a bittersweet, terrifying truth - that the four have always had intertwining fates, having collided in all of their past lives. As she searches for the key to discovering why they are born over and over only to be drawn together again into a cycle of misfortune, she fights the powerful attraction between herself and Dr. Min...

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