Sunday evening, BTS' Episode II: The Red Bullet tour made their last U.S. stop in Los Angeles! Excited fans lined up hours before the doors opened to give BTS a big California welcome. When the doors were finally opened, concert-goers quickly found their spots and excitedly chanted for BTS to appear. 

When the concert got underway, the audience was treated to some of BTS' most popular songs. The fans sang along and created a sea of glittering light sticks as the boys performed with charisma and energy. Perhaps they were feeding off of the love that their fans were sending their way? As a way of thanks, BTS made their concert unforgettable, with flawless performances, having conversations with their fans (in English!) and even hosting a sing along! 

At the end of the concert, BTS showed their sincere gratitude as they gave an emotion-filled goodbye along with a surprise encore performance. We hope to see them again soon! Check out more of the photos from the concert below. A RECAP VIDEO of the concert will be up soon as well, so stay tuned! 

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