Nail Shop Paris In the ninth episode of Nail Shop Paris, cross-dresser Bunny (Park Gyu Ri) is reported for sexual assault by a female stalker customer. Here's what happened: Bunny accidentally bumps into Jung Ah in the streets, apologizes, and gives her a business card. Afterwards, Bunny finds out that Jung Ah, who enters the nail shop, is feeling self-conscious about her appearance. Feeling bad, Bunny gives her a hand massage and comforts her. Impressed by Bunny’s courtesy, Jung Ah invites Bunny to her house in order to get closer to him. Jung Ah tries to hug Bunny at her house, but Bunny refuses and runs away. Unfortunately, Jung Ah then reports Bunny to the police for sexual assault. Fortunately, Alex (Jun Ji Hoo) confesses to the police that Bunny is actually a girl dressed up as a guy, helping avoid the crisis. The last episode of Nail Shop Paris will be airing on June 28, concluding Bunny and Kay (Song Jae Rim) and Alex’s love triangle. (source: nate news)