"The Hunger Games" movie is epic. The books has its fans, but don't count me among them. However, that's not going to stop me from wondering what that film would be if we cast K-drama stars in it. Keywords: WHAT IF. In the nature of good fun, and also because I've written up a recasting scenario for Downton Abbey, here are my picks for who's who in "The Hunger Games" - Korean version.

Katniss Everdeen

Played by Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss is a huntress with lethal archery skills, but at total loss in social skills. OK - not a total loss, but she doesn't make friends easily with her guarded personality. When her sister Primrose is chosen to participate in the 74th Annual Hunger Games, she bravely steps forward as a tribute and takes her sister's place. Brave, but socially awkward. Lethal, and beautiful. I'm gonna go with casting Im Joo Eun - she's got a rough, outspoken personality seen in What's Up, a sweet awkwardness in Wild Romance, and can be introverted, as seen in Soul. HG Katniss Runner Ups: Ha Ji Won, UEE, Park Min Young

Peeta Mellark

A.K.A "The Baker Boy," Peeta is muscular, and fiercely protective of his longtime crush Katniss. He uses his charm to manipulate the crowds at the Capitol, but the manipulation is rooted in his desire to protect Katniss. He may be played by Josh Hutcherson in the film, but I can think of no other Peeta than Song Joong Ki. Awfully cute in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, he also has a darker, fiercer side in him seen in Tree with Deep Roots. Plus, who can't love his winning portrayal of an immature spender in "Penny-Pinching Romance"?  HG Peeta Runner Ups: Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Soo Hyun

Gale Hawthorne

Now this is a tricky one. Liam Hemsworth is mighty fine in this film as Katniss' best friend who practically gets friend-zoned, even though he's totally in love with her. He too is a talented hunter, with a large family to support. While he does not get chosen as a tribute, he probably does wish he did when he sees the romance between Katniss and PEeta blossoming on his TV screens during The Hunger Games. I personally wouldn't mind watching Lee Min Ho in this role. Yes, Lee Min Ho, the City Hunter. Tall and awesome fighting skills, and imagine - he would be the second lead role!!! That would be totally unexpected now! HG Gale Runner Ups: Im Joo Hwan, Taecyeon, Siwon, Lee Ki Woo

Effie Trinket

Horrifying style and crazy high-pitched voice, this chaperone of District 12 tributes is terribly self-absorbed and cares about the important things, such as manners and punctuality (instead of things like, oh I dunno, survival skills?). Her thinking reflects many of those in the Capitol, where the residents enjoy the blood bath as a form of entertainment, rather than understanding the horror of it. Nevertheless, I find her quite the comic relief, and I'm sure that because Elizabeth Banks was playing the role, she was even funnier. In a grim way. Somehow, I really want to see Lee Yoon Ji in this role. I know she can be gloriously vain while being hilarious and sympathetic at the same time. She can do it. HG Effie Runner Ups: Yoo In Na, Kim Sun Ah, G-Dragon

Haymitch Abernathy

This is a tough one too. Woody Harrelson plays Haymitch with a good balance of being a drunkard, and being a a completely sharp mentor set on saving his two tributes. He can be a garrulous drunk though, and I would love to see it played by Jung Woo Sung. Jung has a quiet intensity, but his role in Padam Padam also showed him unhinged and lashing out. If Jung were my mentor, I'd feel like I would be able to survive the Hunger Games. HG Haymitch Runner Ups: Cha Seung Won, Kim Sang Ho, Song Il Gook

Primrose Everdeen

The girl who started it all. Well - not really, but because she was Katniss' little sister and was chosen to be a tribute during her first Reaping, she's the one that propels Katniss to volunteer for the Games. Special shout out to the actress Willow Shields, who made quite the impression in the ten minutes that she appeared on screen. For someone who can be sweet and also emotional, I think Kim Yoo Jung would be a great fit. She has the gravitas for the role, and is so talented that she's definitely an actress to look out for in the future. HG Prim   Runner ups: Jin Ji Hee, Kim Sae Ron

Mrs. Everdeen

A very small role in the film, but Mrs. Everdeen is important nevertheless. Her depression after her husband passed away rendered her completely helpless, and Katniss became the head of the household. That responsibility helped make Katniss the protective caretaker she is. Paula Malcomson plays her with a certain fragility, and I think Kim Mi Sook can do the same. When she's not playing a crazy mother (like in Shining Inheritance), she's also the loving, frail one (like in City Hunter). HG Mrs. Everdeen Runner Ups: Kim Mi Kyung, Song Ok Sook

President Snow

He's the big baddie - the real big baddie - despite not showing up a lot in the book. I initially thought Donald Sutherland was too kindly for this role, until the last second of the film changed my impression of that. Despite having been in power for a long time, his mind is sharper than ever and he can foresee the ramifications of Katniss' actions. In that way, I feel like Kim Young Chul could do that. He may look mild-mannered, but wait til he threatens you and then backstabs you. HG President Snow Runner Ups: Kim Gab Soo, Kim Sang Joong 

Seneca Crane

The game-master of The Hunger Games, I'd like to compare him to the directors of the Academy Awards, or some awards show, because he pretty much orchestrates the entire show. He knows what audiences want, and he gives it to them. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the long-sightedness that President Snow has; when he makes decisions based on what he thinks is good television, he actually helps ignite the flame for revolution. I could see Lee Joon Hyuk taking over from Wes Bentley here. HG Seneca Runner Ups: Kang Ji Hwan, Joo Won


Katniss' awesome stylist is the only one who is really on her side at the Capitol. He's not all about the vanity, and he's not interested in the blood and gore that comes with the Hunger Games. He's an excellent designer, and uses his talents to help Katniss make a real impression so that she has a chance of survival. Lenny Kravitz was sorely underused in the film (I would have loved to see more of that gold eyeliner), but I'd say that it's a toss up between fashionista G-Dragon or talented-and-crazy Jung Il Woo for this role. (And the thought of Jung with gold eyeliner is now filling up my daydreams~~) HG Cinna Runner Ups: T.O.P, Kim Bum, Jang Geun Suk

Caesar Flickman

The Ryan Seacrest of his world, Caesar Flickman is the TV Personality and main host of the Hunger Games. He sure knows how to work the crowd, but his role is more or less on the shallow side. He gives the audiences what they want, but his actions don't have the same ramifications as Seneca Crane's. Caesar's job is to promote and highlight every single one of the tributes; Seneca's job is to crush the brightest star - and he didn't. While Stanley Tucci is such a great chameleon in every role he plays, I'd also love to see Lee Han Wie in this. He's got a history of comedy in his filmography, and so I would love to see him even more outrageous - and with blue hair!! HG Caesar Runner Ups: JYP, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Seung Woo


And last but not least Rue, the tribute from District 11. She's a swift climber, and an adept thief. Rue and Katniss become unexpected allies during the Games, and had Rue not been killed, I seriously wonder what would have happened if she or Katniss were left in the Game. Amandla Stenberg was a charming Rue, and so to find someone equally as sweet, I'd suggest Jung Da Bin (Manny). HG Rue Runner Ups: Seo Shin Ae, Joo Da Young And now that I've recast The Hunger Games, it's time to do a little reaping and announce the 6 winners, who will each receive a kpop idol postcard pack! You can get up to speed by reading everyone's casting ideas here! Now I'll just read the names from this card...

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