Red Bean Ice Cream Let’s learn to make Red Bean Ice Pops! Yummy, yummy,yummy red bean ice pop in my tummy! That’s what you’ll be singing after you’ve tasted this icy treat! Maybe you’ll actually be saying “eww,” who knows right?! This is actually where children come in handy; consider them your personal taste testers and have them try this sweet treat out first. Actually the recipe is simple enough where if you have kids, they can help you make these pops. It’s like those scenes in K-Dramas where the family is all together laughing and making 5 million pounds of kimchi, except we’re not making kimchi o_0. Last week we whipped up some patbingsu which also included the use of red beans. Who knew red beans had so many sweet uses! If you missed the patbingsu recipe, you can click HERE and if you’re still on the fence about making it click HERE to read a fellow DF besties review! Ingredients and supplies you’ll need for this recipe: A large bowl, a blender, Ice pop/cream molds, ice cream sticks, red beans (Adzuki beans to be specific but if you can’t find those regular red beans should work just fine.) Heavy cream, whole milk, fine salt, and granulated sugar. Directions Note: The recipe calls for “canned sweetened adzuki beans” however; if you can’t find them in a can don’t worry, just refer to the Patbingsu recipe HERE and follow steps 1 through 3 to make the sweetened beans. Red Bean Pops Step 1- In your large bowl mix 1 cup of beans with a ½ cup of heavy cream all together. Make sure everything in the bowl is coated and evenly mixed. Set the bowl aside and move to step 2. Step 2- Put into your blender another ½ cup of beans, add 1 cup of whole milk, ¼ cup of the granulated sugar, and finally 1/8 teaspoon of the fine salt. Blend the ingredients until it looks smooth. Step 3 – Pour everything in the blender into your bowl from step 1 and stir it all up until it combines. Because the beans are on the heavy side they will automatically sink to the bottom of the bowl. Red Bean Blender Step 4 – Pour the mixture halfway into each of the ice pop molds and add the beans that have sunk to the bottom of the bowl evenly into each mold. Popsicles Step 5 – Place a stick into each mold and place into the freezer until everything is frozen. Step 6 – Snap a photo of your creation and enjoy! If you’re brave enough to attempt this recipe send me your photos and taste review to or tweet it to me @K_Kisses_KrisE I’ll include your photos and reviews in a follow up article! KrisE! (Recipe and Bean Pop photo via Omer Babaoglu